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Florida Primary: Your Reactions…

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Post your reactions to the Florida primary, and coverage thereof, here…

Herman Cain’s Almost MSNBC Walk-Off…

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The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein writes about Herman Cain not liking the heat and almost leaving the kitchen at 30 Rock…

When the crew went to commercial break, things combusted. Fellow panelist Ben White, the Wall Street correspondent for Politico, said that he told Cain during the break that when the panel returned he would press him on the fact that his 999 tax plan “raises taxes on 84% and 1000 percent on poor.”

The former presidential candidate, according to White’s twitter feed, “Said he’d walk if I did.”

A source who was there confirmed to The Huffington Post that Cain did stand up to leave after White asked him a question during the break.

Ultimately Cain, who had been booked to discuss the presidential campaign, was talked into staying for a second segment. But that part of the interview was conspicuous in that only one person got to pose questions to Cain: Wagner.

January Numbers: CNN…

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CNN is noting its January numbers…




CNN Tops MSNBC in Total Day Demo and Dayside

January 2012 Highlights:

CNN tops MSNBC in M-F and M-Su primetime in both total viewers and key demo
CNN tops MSNBC in total day demo and grows, while MSNBC loses viewers
CNN tops MSNBC throughout the daytime
AC 360 at 10p tops MSNBC in both categories and increases +61% in the target demo while MSNBC is down -18%
AC 360 at 8p grows +42% in key demo and +20% in total viewers; while MSNBC is down -29% and -12% respectively
Erin Burnett OutFront (7p) is up vs. CNN programming a year ago and at 11p tops MSNBC’s Ed Show in the key demo

In M-F primetime (8-11p), CNN topped MSNBC in both total viewers (976k vs. 942k) and in the target demo (329k vs. 225k) in January 2012. Compared to a year ago, CNN increased +58% in the key demo (329k vs. 208k) and MSNBC lost -14% of its primetime audience (225k vs. 262k). Without the debates, CNN still outperformed MSNBC in the key demo 25-54 (250k vs. 225k) this month.
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January Numbers: MSNBC…

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MSNBC is noting its January numbers…


MSNBC Continues to Top CNN in Morning and Evening as “Morning Joe,” “Hardball,” “Politics Nation,” “The Ed Show,” “The Rachel Maddow Show,” and “The Last Word” All Beat CNN

NEW YORK – January 31, 2012 – MSNBC topped CNN in total viewers in January. This marks the third consecutive month MSNBC has topped CNN in total day (6a-6p, M-Su), according to data from Nielsen Media Research.

In a month when CNN’s ratings were elevated by two debates, MSNBC continued to top CNN with all of its marquee shows: “Way Too Early,” “Morning Joe,” “The Daily Rundown,” “Hardball,” “PoliticsNation,” “The Ed Show,” “The Rachel Maddow Show,” and “The Last Word” all topped CNN for the month.

Excluding CNN’s two debates, MSNBC topped CNN in both total viewers (801,000 vs. 631,000) and among A25-54 (217,000 vs. 210,000) for the month in primetime (8p-11p, M-Su).
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Free for All: 01/31/12

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What’s on your mind?

CNBC To Use Rentrak Data For Upfront Deal…

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MediaPost’s David Goetzl writes about CNBC inking an upfront deal with MPG client Fidelity that will use Nielsen TV ratings data and, for the first time, Rentrak financial data…

This marks the first deal MPG has done using Rentrak data as a guarantee — a watershed for Rentrak, which has said the TV market has room for more than one data set. Nielsen is moving ahead with plans to offer ratings culled partly from set-top-box data on a local level. But it has no plans to abandon its traditional sample in the national market, despite cries for data to come from larger pools of viewers.

Robert Foothorap, a senior vice president in sales at CNBC, said that the network is open to “customizable” deals fitting client goals.

Fidelity CMO Jim Speros said that a dual-guarantee approach offers “another level of depth to our measurement, which ultimately provides greater accountability.”

In October, NBCUniversal researcher Sheryl Feldinger gave a presentation showing that Rentrak data can provide more stable performance data for CNBC — less volatility over a specified period — since it is culled from more homes than are in Nielsen’s panel.

Bill Shine Interview…

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The Cutline’s Dylan Stabelford interviews FNC’s Bill Shine…

What do you look for when you are courting on-air talent?

The main thing you want to know if they are smart, if they’re entertaining, if they’re intelligent, if they have a natural curiosity about the world. If that comes through in an interview, then it should come through on television. Roger always tells us, “Watch TV with the sound down. If you have the urge to turn the sound up, to hear what they’re saying, that’s someone you want to hire.”

According to a recent poll, Fox News is the most-trusted name news network. But according to the same poll, it’s also the least-trusted. When you see polls like that, what is your reaction? You obviously have a core of people who trust you, and a core of people who don’t. How do you approach the people who don’t trust you?

You don’t know me, but I’m not a cocky guy. And I don’t want this to sound cocky, but I don’t pay too much attention to them… I think the people who don’t trust us, some of them watch and just don’t trust us. But some may see something written about us on the Internet and latch onto it. What I find is that they don’t trust us, but have never watched us. I think if people just spent a little time watching us, they’d have a different opinion. But to be honest I don’t think much about them. I spend a lot of time thinking about improving what’s on the screen.

FNC’s 10 Years at #1….and Shepard Smith’s Weight Loss?!?!?

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In one of the odder news combinations I’ve seen lately, The New York Daily News’ Richard Huff manages to combine FNC’s 10 years of cable news dominance with Shepard Smith’s weight loss. I’m going to zero in on the newsy part of the story…

One on-air impression in recent months is that Smith has dropped a lot of weight.

“I’ve lost too much,” he says.

After years of eating cheeseburgers, Snickers bars and having a generally horrible diet, Smith was told by his doctor that he had sky-high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He’s since cut out the junk and plays tennis three times a week. “I’m in the best shape of my life,” he says, adding that his last medical report was great.

As for the ratings shape of the network, Smith says that’s equally good.

Keith Olbermann Current TV Ad (non?) Controversy…

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TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes about a Current TV ad in today’s New York Times…

There’s a full page ad for CurrentTV on B5 of the Business section of today’s New York Times. It’s what’s missing that interesting.

While the ad features pictures of hosts Cenk Uygur and Jennifer Granholm, there’s no image of Keith Olbermann, whose show “Countdown” is the network’s longest-running — since June — and most-watched live talk show since the network reinvented itself last year.

At first I thought there might be something to this. But then I got an email which filled in a few blanks. The ad in question was created by L.A. based ad agency STUN Creative as part of a new branding campaign for print, online, and TV under the “Politically Direct” slogan. The New York Times’ ad is basically the standard print ad created by STUN.

There is also a web/banner ad which STUN created that is sans Olbermann.

But there is a full HDTV video version of the ad, narrated by Common, that does feature Keith Olbermann.

So I don’t make too much of the fact that Olbermann wasn’t included in the print/online ads. If he’d been excluded from everything I would start reading a lot more into that.

Florida Primary: CNN Coverage Plans…

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CNN announced its coverage details for tomorrow night’s Florida Primary…

CNN Plans Comprehensive Coverage of Florida Primary

As the focus of the next Republican Presidential primary battleground zeroes in on Florida, CNN plans to utilize resources across its platforms for coverage on the ground and from the CNN Election Center. Anchors Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett and John King will headline the network’s America’s Choice: The Florida Primary coverage beginning at 7 p.m. A special edition of AC360 will air following the network’s primary coverage at 10 p.m. and a special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight will air at midnight. All times Eastern.
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Press Releases: 01/30/12

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CNBC (1)

CNBC’s Darren Rovell to Host NBC Sports’ Post-Super Bowl Hangout on Google+

NEW YORK – Jan. 30, 2012 — CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell will serve as host and industry expert for a NBC Sports Google+ Hangout discussion of Super Bowl commercials on Monday, Feb. 6. During the Hangout, Rovell will review the previous day’s Super Bowl commercials, dissect the talk around the ads, and interact with fans to find out what commercials worked best.

“The day after the Super Bowl is when people head back to their office water coolers to discuss what they loved and what they didn’t,” Rovell said. “Our conversation is about taking all those water cooler conversations and bringing it to a national, digital stage.”
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Anyone Want Some Red Meat?

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Greg Gutfeld Profile…

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The Orange County Register’s Peter Larsen profiles Greg Gutfeld…

“I got a phone call that said there’s somebody at Fox who wants to meet you,” Gutfeld said. “So we met in a bar, because that’s where all of my meetings take place. This fellow said, ‘Hey, we’re thinking about doing something in the middle of the night,’ and the fact that I was drunk enough made it easy for me to say OK.”

He might be joking about the drinking; we’re not sure. But the outcome of that night is the same regardless. Gutfeld got hired, and “Red Eye” started broadcasting its oddball blend of politics, debate and comedy into the early morning hours, eventually earning strong ratings for the time slot.

“I think a lot about it,” Gutfeld said when asked why the show has succeeded and who he thinks is watching. “What ‘Red Eye’ does is, there’s a lot of ongoing humor and subtle humor that you have to watch the show a lot to get. So the first stage is revulsion – what the hell is going on? The second is confusion, because now you’re starting to get it. And the third stage is obsession, because now you’re getting all of the jokes.

“We discuss issues the way you might at a bar when you’re buzzed on three beers,” Gutfeld said about th

FNC to Ring the NASDAQ Tomorrow to Celebrate 10 Years at #1…

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From the wires

FOX News, a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news, will visit the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City’s Times Square to celebrate its status as the #1 news channel in the U.S. for the 10th year.

In honor of the occasion, FOX News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren along with Lou Dobbs, Lori Rothman, Liz Claman and Melissa Francis from FOX Business Network will ring the Opening Bell.

Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Witt…

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Forbes’ Meryl Weinsaft Cooper writes about the Wharton Women Business Conference. This Alex Witt anecdote came up…

Another recurring theme throughout the day was how essential it is to know what’s important to you and where you should focus your energy. For example, MSNBC’s Alex Witt doesn’t let anything come between her and her top priority, her kids — not even being on air. The anchor shared that she leaves her phone on, even when she’s on camera, so that her children can reach her at any tie. Bottom line: Happiness at home translates to more productivity and success at work. Smart companies know this — and that’s the shift that we’re seeing towards supporting work/life balance for families.

Free for All: 01/30/12

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What’s on your mind?

Inside FNC Advertising…

Posted in FNC on January 30, 2012 by icn2’s John Ebbert interviews FNC’s Jeremy Steinberg, VP Digital Sales and Business Development, about FNC advertising… (via J$) Last May, you discussed with some of the things you were doing on the product side to address audience buying. How has it worked out?

JS: Really well, and – within the next couple months – we’re going to be rolling out a fully-revamped audience insights suite of services for our advertisers, which will provide enhanced targeting opportunities for audience, as well as context.

It’s equally important to marry the two together and is a key differentiator for us. This is a big investment in our business and in our future.

We’ve known for quite some time that we have by far the most engaged audience in news, and the numbers in comScore really speak to that. We’re investing in new technology because we want to prove it to our advertisers that our advertising works.

We’re doubling down and offering robust segmentation of our audience so advertisers can dive in deep to reach their targets, or, even better, to find out who their ads are performing best against, and then optimizing accordingly.

Bloomberg TV Taps Dan Arnall as Executive Producer of News

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Bloomberg TV announced this morning that it has hired Dan Arnall to be its EP of News…


New York, January 30, 2012–Veteran business news journalist Dan Arnall has joined Bloomberg as Executive Producer of News for Bloomberg Television. The announcement was made by Andrew Morse, head of Bloomberg TV in the U.S.

Arnall brings more than a decade of experience covering the economy, American business and the impact of financial regulation, among other major stories. Based in New York, he will oversee Bloomberg’s television newsgathering and editorial in the U.S. Arnall will also work to integrate video content across the company’s multimedia properties including and Bloomberg Mobile, which together reach millions of users per day.

“Dan’s extensive experience in covering business news and his passion for the beat, along with his creative production skills, will make him a crucial leader of the Bloomberg TV team,” said Morse.
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What’s Hot/What’s Not: 01/29/12

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It’s an all Not Hot edition this week…

What’s Not:

Suze Orman – Orman’s response to people criticizing her hawking a pre-paid debit card could have been handled a lot better.

Quid Pro Quo? – MSNBC allowed Ed Schultz to participate in a Democrat retreat as a panel guest. Schultz also got an interview with Nancy Pelosi while at the retreat. There may have been no connection between the two but it’s a situation that on its face doesn’t look good.

Rah, Rah, Rah! – CNN getting caught twice showing a staffer whipping up the crowd at its Florida debate raises all kinds of questions about the authenticity of the crowd response to the debate.

CNN to Trademark “Magic Wall” – Four years after it debuted, and after its become a common term of reference in the industry? Good luck with that…

Violent Tweeting? – A tweet was shown on the lower thirds of The Ed Show which called for the Secret Service to break the finger of Jan Brewer and “drop her”. Is this the kind of progressive talk MSNBC wants to espouse? One would hope not…

The Ed Show Incites Violence?

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NewsBusters’ Jack Coleman writes about The Ed Show posting a questionable tweet on its crawl…

Here’s a tweet that appeared while Schultz was talking with Dionne –

Next time Jan Brewer sticks her finger in President’s face, the Secret Service should break it & drop her. #edshow #p2

The tweet came from a Twitter user named “chaplinlives” who resides in Massachusetts — or as we happy few conservatives with domiciles here call it, the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts. Consider yourself warned — “chaplinlives” uses a photo of a lion for a Twitter avatar (No, not the one in “The Wizard of Oz”), so he or she is not to be trifled with.

MSNBC should not have run that tweet. There have to be some standards in what is allowable from viewer commentary. This one crosses a line that The Ed Show shouldn’t have crossed.

The Hazards of Live TV: #25,142

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If Obama’s numbers were that low I think we’d be hearing a lot more about it…

What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

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Post your nominations for this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists on Sunday night…

CNN Wants to Trademark WHAT?!?!?

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TVNewser’s Alex Weprin reports that CNN is looking to trademark the term “Magic Wall”. I hope they fail. Spectacularly.

Now, however, it appears that the channel wants to make sure that the “Magic Wall” is for CNN use only. Earlier this month the channel applied for a trademark on the term “Magic Wall” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, according to filings obtained by TVNewser.

If CNN was really serious about trademarking Magic Wall they would have done so four years ago when they first rolled it out. Doing it now is just silly and probably opens the network up to all sorts of generic use arguments. I hope all the other networks fight them over it and CNN winds up losing.

I’m no lawyer but it seems to me that should CNN win this it would establish a bad precedent where a network introduces a concept and a name, it takes hold across the industry and is used all over, and then years after the fact the network tries to regain control of it by applying for a trademark; in effect trying to put the genie back into the bottle it itself opened.

Out here in the tech world we don’t wait around four years to apply for a trademark on an idea we came up with. We apply for it before we even announce the product or concept.

CNN Florida GOP Debate Ratings…

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CNN is noting its ratings from the GOP Debate in Florida last night but also of note is the network is breaking out social media stats in a big way which is a break from past debate releases…




ANDERSON COOPER 360 TOPS THE COMPETITION AT 10P page views & video highest of last five CNN debates

According to Nielsen Fast National data, CNN’s Florida debate (8-10p, ET), moderated by Wolf Blitzer delivered 5.4 million total viewers and 1.7 million in the key target demographic 25-54 last night, Thursday, January 26. This represents CNN’s best debate yet this election cycle in the key demo and second best among total viewers (behind the Las Vegas GOP debate on 10/18). Last night’s debate ranked fourth among all primary debates so far this cycle in the key demo (including broadcast) and second among cable-only debates (behind only FNC’s 12/15 debate).

CNN was, by far, top rated during the 8-10p, ET time period last night among the cable news networks in both total viewers and the key demo. CNN topped FNC among total viewers by 160% (5.4m vs. 2.1m) and MSNBC by 444% (5.4m vs. 985k). In the target demo CNN topped FNC by 330% (1.7m vs. 405k) and MSNBC by 702% (1.7m vs. 217k).
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O’Reilly Looks at MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan Fiasco…

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(via J$)

It was kind of a missed opportunity. Sandy Rios doesn’t help herself any by bringing out the “1st Amendment” shield in her first breath. Sorry Sandy, the First Amendment primarily covers government intrusion, not what a private enterprise allows. And the Progressive crank didn’t fare much better. O’Reilly actually came out looking rather sane and smart by comparison, despite his silly assertion that everyone at MSNBC is progressive extreme. And it’s too bad that the segment veered quickly from what MSNBC did with Buchanan to whether Buchanan was correct or not.

Inside CNN’s iReport

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Poynter’s Craig Silverman writes about CNN’s iReport…

The protests that erupted in Nigeria earlier this month over skyrocketing fuel prices initially received only a small amount of coverage from North American media, including CNN.

But CNN’s iReport team soon began seeing a steady stream of photos, videos and on the ground reports submitted by users in Nigeria. It became clear they couldn’t ignore the story.

“CNN wasn’t really covering that story at all until we started seeing an outpouring of contributions of video and photos and people writing into iReport over and over for days,” said Lila King, participation director for CNN Digital. “It made us say, ‘Gosh, you know we really need to be paying attention to this.’ ”

The result was increased coverage on CNN properties featuring the material submitted by a range of Nigerian citizens and freelancers.

This is iReport’s fifth anniversary, and a CNN spokesperson calls it “the most developed and active citizen journalism platform of any news organization worldwide.” It claims 1,002,428 registered iReporters, and 2.4 million unique users each month. King said iReport has had content submitted from every country on earth.

Free for All: 01/27/12

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What’s on your mind?

Dylan Ratigan Profile…

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The Miami Herald’s Glenn Garvin profiles Dylan Ratigan…

Certain that the financial collapse of 2008 would trigger major political and economic reforms, Ratigan left a successful show on the business network CNBC for MSNBC, which he thought would be a better forum for delving into politics. He was surprised — and ticked off — that little seemed to be happening.

“That was my naïveté,” Ratigan says. “What stunned me was that neither the media nor the political parties were willing to engage in debate on the corruption in our banking system which underlay the financial collapse. Since then, not only is there no debate on banking corruption, but there’s no debate on corruption in healthcare or in trade policy.

“The unifying factor in all those matters is that the funding of both our political parties comes mainly from the greedy bastards, the big corporations, who are buying our politicians.”

The focus of Ratigan’s show since then has been the nexus between big business and government, a dirty game in which corporations use government to leverage big profits, while leaving their losses to be covered by taxpayers. Not that taxpayers are wholly innocent, he quickly adds.

The Hazards of Live TV: #25,141

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Gremlins in the FNC tape machinery again?

Geraldo Rivera Interview…

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The Orange County Register’s Gary Lycan interviews Geraldo Rivera about his new LA radio show…

I always wanted to do radio,” Rivera said. “I am kind of a liberal Republican but I’m not always right. I hesitated for several reasons, one of which is that it is so labor intensive. As radio talk took hold, I saw it skew hard right. Everyone wanted to be Rush. But for him, there would never have been a Tea Party or a Fox News Channel.

“I am for free enterprise. I want people to be responsible for themselves as a family. The times when we had liberals like Nelson Rockefeller and Jacob Javits have all but evaporated. I think the party is reduced because of it.”

Assessing his WABC program, he said, “It’s hard to tell. Lots of sponsors have come around, the phone calls are always coming in. The ratings are delayed. We get some numbers next month. My sense is all the people who call me have said they ‘appreciate your coverage of the wars.'”

Rivera will do both shows live from KABC starting Monday, Jan. 30. He will later divide time between New York and LA. On Sunday, Jan. 29, he will meet everyone and start to “figure out where I am living.”


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