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Oil and Water?

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We interrupt this blog interruption to note that Page Six is saying things are not at all well in CNN’s executive ranks…

Abysmal ratings at CNN have insiders pointing fingers over who’s to blame, and sources say a big problem is friction between managing editor of CNN Worldwide Mark Whitaker and CNN President-US Ken Jautz.

Ratings at the cable channel fell to a 21-year low last week, with viewership particularly disappointing at Soledad O’Brien’s morning show and Piers Morgan’s nighttime talker.

Sources were quick to cite “misaligned management” within the top ranks as a major reason for the dysfunction. Jautz, who previously ran HLN, replaced former CNN US head Jon Klein two years ago — but some of Klein’s duties were given to Whitaker.

“When Jon was there, the structure was more linear,” said an insider, adding that Jautz and Whitaker, “have competing ideas for what we should do.”

The insider further told us: “Ken is not an editorial guy. He really is an operations guy. Mark’s strong suit is editorial, but he doesn’t know as much about television.”

Sources pointed to O’Brien’s show, which Whitaker oversees, as an example of competing, confusing philosophies. One insider said: “Ken does not like all of the ‘conversation on camera’ on the morning show. Mark does, because his vision is to make it that go-to conversation piece that ‘Morning Joe’ has become. It’s a constant battle.”

Blogus Interruptus…

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Blogging resumes Monday…

Bogus Claims: Round 2…

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Earlier this week’s Bill Dedman took aim at the claim that Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu had a Pulitzer nomination. Now he’s targeting FBN’s Charlie Gasparino…

When asked on Tuesday in which year he was nominated, former boxer Gasparino jabbed back in a one-line email: “I was nominated by the wsj sir.”

But the news organizations don’t choose the Pulitzer nominees, any more than the record studios choose Grammy nominees. By Gasparino’s reckoning, thousands of journalists each year could sell books and earn speaking fees by calling themselves “Pulitzer nominees.”

Later Tuesday, Fox changed its online bio of Gasparino, keeping the P word but dropping any claim to a nomination, saying instead that his work “was submitted for the Pulitzer.”

A Fox spokeswoman also sent over a statement:

“The Wall Street Journal submitted Charlie Gasparino’s reporting of Wall Street research scandals to the Pulitzer Board in 2002,” said the statement from Kevin Magee, executive vice president of Fox Business Network. “While Fox Business never claimed he was a finalist for the award, we’ve clarified his bio to reflect the submission as opposed to a nomination.”

Neither Fox nor Gasparino would answer the question: Why include a “submission” in a bio at all if it didn’t make the finals?

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: Your Reactions…

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Barring a natural/un-natural disaster striking somewhere or a terrorist attack, expect today’s Health Care ruling to suck the air out of everything on cable news today. So post your comments here regarding today’s soon to be wall to wall overcoverage…

Press Releases: 06/27/12

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CNN (2)

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Candy Crowley and John King will lead the network’s live coverage when the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday morning issues its decision on health care reform. Coverage will begin at 9 a.m. ET.

After listening to the rulings inside the courtroom, Jeffrey Toobin, CNN senior legal analyst and author of “The Nine: Insider the Secret World of the Supreme Court,” will join congressional correspondent Kate Bolduan and John King on the steps outside of the Supreme Court. Candy Crowley will report live from Capitol Hill. Chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta will be on hand to break down potential medical implications and what the decision will mean for doctors and patients.

Chief political analyst Gloria Borger and senior political analyst David Gergen will provide insight and analysis on the ramifications of the decision. Chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin will report live from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and national political correspondent Jim Acosta, who is covering Gov. Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, will report on the decision’s impact on the 2012 race. CNN contributors on hand to weigh in will include: John Avlon, Donna Brazile, Margaret Hoover and Roland Martin.

Congressional action Thursday on whether to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt will be covered live by CNN’s team of anchors and reporters, with crime and justice correspondent Joe Johns joining the ensemble.

Online, /ThisJustIn will provide up-to-the-minute updates and reports as news develops.


CNN en Español to broadcast coverage of Mexico’s presidential elections

CNN en Español presents special coverage of the presidential elections in Mexico with analysis and context of the economic, political, and social status of the country
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Free for All: 06/27/12

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CNBC Announces New Middle East Program…

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CNBC announced a new Middle East Program today…

CNBC Annouces New Middle East Programme

Access: Middle East launches 4 July and to air globally

London and Dubai, 27 June 2012 – CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, today announced that it is launching a new series covering business and finance in the Middle East, significantly increasing its news coverage of the region.

Each fortnight, starting on 4 July, CNBC’s Yousef Gamal El-Din will present a new half-hour series, Access: Middle East which will air in primetime programming. Gamal El-Din will travel around the region taking an in-depth look at the key business centres, interviewing top business leaders and policy makers. The programme will examine the economy and highlight those industries leading the growth.
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More CNN Ratings Woes and Programming Changes…

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I keep waiting for CNN to bottom out with these oxygen sucking ratings downer headlines. CNN’s programming isn’t that abysmal and yet the ratings keep on dropping. I’m beginning to wonder if the negative buzz is partly the problem; where all the horrid headlines are affecting viewing habits. Kind of like how banks sometimes fail; rumors start that a healthy bank is having trouble, there’s a run on the bank as everyone pulls their money out, and then the previously healthy bank does indeed fail.

Politico’s Dylan Byers makes a familiar point today, one that I’ve read too often lately…

While CNN struggles to make 24-hour news compelling, its competitors at Fox News and MSNBC have redefined the industry. They have eschewed traditional, straight-forward news gathering in favor of partisan, personality driven analysis — a model that is increasingly successful in an era of hyper-partisan politics, but one that CNN has resisted even as its ratings continue their slow and steady decline.

Right. And that’s why MSNBC and FNC’s ratings keep going up up up in primetime this year. Oh wait…they’re going down, down, down? Wha?

Looks like we need a new theory because everyone is down in primetime.

Look, I’m not going to try and snow you and say everything is pitch perfect at CNN because that obviously isn’t the case. But I think we need to put to bed once and for all the idea that personality driven analysis is the holy grail of cable news. I think the real story is that cable news is in a down cycle in what is historically an up cycle year (presidential election year). It’s hurting CNN worse because CNN is news dependent and with no major sustained breaking news cycles to feed off of and an unusually comatose election news cycle not generating expected election news cycle ratings, CNN is more vulnerable.

But that doesn’t mean CNN can stay the course and ride it out. Not with a primetime that typically consists of two live hours and one repeat, a lead-in which isn’t tearing it up in the ratings, and a lead-in to the lead-in which just got cancelled.

Meanwhile there was unpredictable predictable news in the morning. It was predictable that John Berman’s arrival would mean someone was leaving at Early Start. But what wasn’t predictable was that it was Ashleigh Banfield. Of the three potential anchors, Banfield, Sambolin, and Berman, Banfield had the biggest name recognition and the biggest cable news resume. So, on paper at least, Banfield’s departure potentially weakens Early Start. I say “potentially” because we don’t yet know how Sambolin and Berman will work out paired together. Maybe they’ll click and the show will rebound? Can’t know that yet.

Banfield’s arrival to 11am occurred as a result of Kyra Phillips demotion move to HLN where, if you parsed Scot Safon’s memo carefully, she’ll get POV’d. That may prove interesting but it’s still a harsh move for such a veteran CNN anchor who had persevered through many previous dayside talent purges.

Moving Banfield to 11 also has the (perhaps) unintended consequence of putting pressure on CNN to do something with Carol Costello’s preceding two hours. I’m actually quite dumbstruck that the network hasn’t done more to tailor Costello’s shift to her the way it has Suzanne Malveaux’s and Brooke Baldwin’s. It doesn’t even have the custom open that the other two have. They’ve tried a few things but nothing has really stuck. It still doesn’t feel like Costello’s show the way Malveaux’s and Baldwin’s do. They need to come up with a gameplan and stick to it.

The Hazards of Live TV: #25,167

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Q2 2012 Numbers: MSNBC

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MSNBC is noting its Q2 numbers…


MSNBC Ranks #1 in Total Day, Sales Day and Primetime among A18-34

MSNBC has Largest Quarterly Advantage Ever Over CNN in M-Su Primetime for A2554 and Total Viewers

CNN Hits All-Time Low in Primetime for the Quarter – “Piers Morgan Tonight” hits all-time low for CNN at 9 p.m.

NEW YORK – June 26, 2012 – MSNBC continues to top CNN in all key ratings categories including Total Day and Primetime for the second quarter of 2012, according to data from Nielsen Media Research.

During a quarter that saw all-time lows (since at least 1991, as far back as data is available) for CNN in M-F Primetime, M-Su Primetime and the lowest quarterly delivery in Total Day in more than a decade (since 3Q00), MSNBC maintained strong leads over CNN in the morning with “Way Too Early” and “Morning Joe” and in primetime with “Hardball,” “PoliticsNation,” “The Ed Show,” “The Rachel Maddow Show,” and “The Last Word.”

MSNBC topped CNN for the quarter in weekday primetime in total viewers by 74% (812,000 vs. 468,000) and by 59% in A25-54 (226,000 vs. 142,000) . In Monday – Sunday primetime, MSNBC beat CNN among total viewers by 54% (689,000 vs. 446,000) and by 68% among A25-54 (217,000 vs. 129,000). This is MSNBC’s largest quarterly percent advantage over CNN ever.

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Free for All: 06/26/12

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MSNBC’s “The Cycle”: Your Reactions…

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Post your reactions to MSNBC’s new 3pm show here…

Bogus Claims?

Posted in Bloomberg on June 26, 2012 by icn2 Investigative Reporter Bill Dedman writes about a new ad campaign for Bloomberg’s Betty Liu and the subject of Pulitzer prize nominations…

Bloomberg Television has a new ad campaign in the New York City area, touting the journalistic credentials of its morning anchor, Betty Liu.

“PULITZER PRIZE-NOMINATED,” the ads shout at commuters on trains in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. “HAS ALL THE HEAVY HITTERS ON SPEED DIAL. AND THAT’S JUST THE ANCHOR.”

The only problem is that Liu has never been Pulitzer-nominated. The Pulitzer Prizes don’t list her among the nominees for any year.

When asked by about the discrepancy, Bloomberg TV said the ads are wrong and will be corrected.

It turns out that Liu is another example of a Pulitzer entrant — not a finalist or nominee — who routinely lists the word “Pulitzer” in her bio anyway. Like conservative author Jonah Goldberg, whose false claim on the cover of his book was described in this space last month, Liu was just one of thousands of entrants whose work was left on the floor at the end of the judging.

Dedman goes on to list prior instances in which Liu’s bio featured the term “pulitzer”.

Target: Steve Capus?

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The long knives are out for NBC News President Steve Capus. Mediaite’s Jon Nicosia has some Comcast backstabbing of the highest order…

The unwavering support for Capus apparently waned in the wake of what that same Comcast official, on condition of anonymity, told Mediaite were “a number of issues, not all connected to ratings.”

Ouch. This RPG got fired a week after The New York Times reported that Capus signed a new three year deal, obviously with Comcast’s blessing. So what gives? If Capus has issues, why hitch him to yourself for another three years?

A telling set of clues come earlier in Nicosia’s article…

In fact, many of the news division’s biggest decisions, even those beyond the Today Show, are now being run by Bell first. Bell, who originally came from sports and will also be overseeing the Olympics, has apparently become “indispensable” according to a Comcast executive not directly involved with NBC News.

Say what? We know Bell is doing the Olympics but what exactly are these many “of the news division’s biggest decisions, even those beyond the Today Show, are now being run by Bell first”? Nicosia doesn’t say. But the real nugget in this sentence is the last part that signals that the anonymous Comcast backstabber isn’t part of the NBC News hierarchy. My guess would be Comcast Sports because that’s where the overlap would be between Bell, NBC News, Comcast, and our leaker…given that he’s been pegged by Nicosia to outside of NBC News’ decision tree. Unless of course this is all deliberate misdirection designed to make it look sports related to throw us off the trail of the leaker (and believe me that does happen in this industry on occasion).

And then there’s this…

While the media focuses on Ann Curry’s future, or lack thereof, at the Today Show, Mediaite has learned that the fallout from that decision has significantly strengthened the standing of her boss, Today Show executive producer Jim Bell. In fact, many of the news division’s biggest decisions, even those beyond the Today Show, are now being run by Bell first. Bell, who originally came from sports and will also be overseeing the Olympics, has apparently become “indispensable” according to a Comcast executive not directly involved with NBC News. On Thursday the Wall Street Journal even reported that it was Bell, not Capus, who had the final say on the crucial decision about whether to keep Curry on Today:

Mr. Capus had publicly said as recently as April that the team in place at “Today” was the right one, but the show’s executive producer, Jim Bell, and Mr. Burke, who have built a rapport since Mr. Burke came from his role as Mr. Robert’s second-in-command at Comcast to lead NBCUniversal, favored a more aggressive approach, according to people familiar with the matter.

I’m still banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how Nicosia came to the conclusion that Bell had the final say in the Curry decision given that the Journal never actually said anyone had the final say. “Favored a more aggressive approach” is one thing. Having final say is another matter entirely. It’s a real stretch for Nicosia to make that claim given the evidence just like it was a stretch to argue that major NBC News decisions besides Today and the Olympics are being run by Bell given the lack of supporting evidence Nicosia doesn’t present. We do know that Bell is apparently “indispensible” according to someone not connected with NBC News, which is another possible clue that this is a Sports based leak. But having someone not directly involved with NBC News say Bell is indispensable and use that to say that major NBC News decisions are running through Bell? Uh…I don’t get it. How can someone not directly involved make that argument? Based on what? Backroom tittle tattle?

What do I think is going on here? A pissing match; not inside NBC…but inside Comcast. The article sets Capus up nicely while heaping praise on Bell and giving Phil Griffin the stamp of approval. Divide and conquer: send public thumbs up signals to key people you favor while throwing the guy you don’t under the bus. There is obviously a pro Capus faction inside Comcast otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten that new deal. But it’s just as obvious from the Mediaite hand grenade that not everyone at Comcast is on board with this.

And there’s another possibility here. The article could be setting Bell up for bigger things down the road but not with NBC News; with NBC/Comcast Sports. There have been rumors that Bell is longing to return to Sports. If true, this article could lay some groundwork for such a move.

Free for All: 06/25/12

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What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/24/12

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What’s Hot:

CNN at Noon – The Atlanta nestwork unveiled a modified Noon hour this week with Suzanne Malveaux and Hala Gorani focusing on international news…

MSNBC Rips off The Five – And the rip-off is called “The Cycle”. Whether it’s a paper rip-off in terms of format or a genuine rip-off remains to be seen.

What’s Not:

Scott Brown’s Campaign – Saying that the Senator would only debate Elizabeth Warren if MSNBC pulled out as a sponsor was beyond lame.

Andrea Mitchell – First Mitchell let her show play a heavily edited out of context quote from Mitt Romney, after which she and Chris Cizilla both laughed. Then after it blew up on the internet, the next day Mitchell played the full quote in context but never acknowledged nor apologized for her error the previous day. Even the “home team” in the form of David Shuster called Mitchell out for it. When you have Shuster saying it’s wrong, you know you’re in trouble.

Rachel Maddow – Maddow put her foot in it, perhaps without realizing it, on Bill Maher’s show Friday night. In reaction to persistent badgering by Maher and Nick Gillespie to get Maddow to say whether she liked Romneycare or not, Maddow blurted out that her job was “to cover these things, not to tell you how I like them or not.”

Oh, really? Maddow’s job isn’t to voice an opinion? Really?


On a scale of 1 to 10 in self-inflicted wounds, ICN scores this an 8. From this day forward, any time Maddow gives an opinion someone somewhere is going to throw this quote back at her. And rightfully so. This one is going to stick with her for a while.

The Hazards of Live TV: #25,166

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And this was the repeat airing. Nobody thought to bleep it out?

Giving Up…

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Former CBS News writer and producer Deacon Greg Kandra posts a blog entry on the Mitchell Reports/Mitt Romney edit job…

I’m tired. Truly. I’ve grown weary of trying to defend the indefensible and explain the inexplicable. For years, people have stomped their feet and pounded their fists and snorted “Liberal media bias!” and I’ve always tut-tutted and shooshed them and said, “No, no. Calm down. They meant well. It was just a misunderstanding. A mistake. These things happen.” I spent over 25 years working in the oft-reviled Mainstream Media and I saw up close and personal how the sausage was made. I knew the people who wielded the knives and wore the aprons, and could vouch (most of the time, anyway) for their good intentions.

But now?

Forget it. I’m done. You deserve what they’re saying about you. It’s earned. You have worked long and hard to merit the suspicion, acrimony, mistrust and revulsion that the media-buying public increasingly heaps upon you. You have successfully eroded any confidence, dispelled any trust, and driven your audience into the arms of the Internet and the blogosphere, where biases are affirmed and like-minded people can tell each other what they hold to be true, since nobody believes in objective reality any more. You have done a superlative job of diminishing what was once a great profession and undermining one of the vital underpinnings of democracy, a free press.

Good job.

I just have one question:

What the hell is wrong with you guys?

Chris Hayes Profile…

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The New York Times’ Alex Williams profiles Chris Hayes…

Social media, in fact, have played an unusually important role in driving traffic to the program, an MSNBC spokeswoman said. About 45 percent of the visitors to the program’s Web site, which contains complete episodes, linked through sites like Facebook and Twitter. In April, those users spent an average of 51 minutes on the site each visit.

But Twitter is still the hotbed of “Up” fandom. Even so, the program’s feed is not just an online clubhouse for New York media types like Lizz Winstead, a creator of “The Daily Show,” and members of Le Tigre, the too-cool electro-pop band. Cher and Chad Ochocinco have chimed in, too.

Whatever their political leanings, fans are responding out of frustration with the status quo, said Jim Rosenberg, a recruiting consultant in Greensboro, N.C., and frequent tweeter. “It’s the pent-up demand for voices other than the well-rehearsed and seasoned insider professionals who have dominated television delivering practiced meaninglessness for years,” he said.

“Up” comes off as a rebuke to traditional cable shout-fests like CNN’s late “Crossfire.” Thanks to its early weekend time slot, the program has the freedom to unwind over two hours each Saturday and Sunday. Guests are encouraged to go deep into the issues of the week, and not try to score cheap-shot points to win the debate.

It is a point that Mr. Hayes hammered home at 7:15 a.m. on a recent Saturday, when he strode into the green room off Studio 3A at 30 Rockefeller Center to fill in two guests, both college professors, on the ground rules.

“The first and foremost important rule of the show: we’re not on television — no talking points, no sound bites,” he said, his hair still a bed-head tangle and his suit collar askew. “We have a lot of time for actual conversation. So actually listen, actually respond.”

What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

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Post your nominations to this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists on Sunday night..

MSNBC Rips Off The Five…Maybe.

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Well MSNBC’s new 3pm show is now known. It’s called The Cycle and is a blatant paper rip off of FNC’s The Five. I say paper rip off because all we know is that it’s an ensemble show, which The Five is. We don’t know yet how the show will play out on the air. It could be a totally different animal from The Five in terms of tone and substance, though I have my doubts. Imitation isn’t just the sincerest form of flattery…it’s a TV programming mainstay. Why be original when you can do what the other ratings winner show is doing? Yes, I’m a cynic. Blame it on years of watching TV news where being predictable is embraced and trail blazing is shunned.

The Huffington Post’s Jack Mirkinson got the first inside access to what the new show will try to do and interviewed EP Steve Friedman…

“The Cycle” will be an ensemble show; all four hosts will appear every day, with each one taking turns facilitating the discussion. If that sounds like a certain 5 PM Fox News show, the team behind “The Cycle” is well aware of it. In the Thursday interview, Cupp, Kornacki, Touré and Ball all jokingly pretended not to know what “The Five” is, and Friedman flatly rejected the notion that his new show was derivative.

“When ‘The Five’ started, did you go and ask them if they were doing ‘The View’?” he asked. “When ‘The View’ started, did you ask them if they were doing the ‘Today’ show?”

Ok, you can draw some parallels between The Five and The View but to draw parallels between The View and Today is a real stretch. Can you recall Matt Lauer voicing opinions ala The Five? Me neither.

Though MSNBC has received some criticism for veering away from breaking-news, CNN-style coverage and doubling down on political chat, Friedman said that the modern media landscape made the former unnecessary.

“Cable television is programs about the news,” he said. “it’s no longer the news. Nobody turns on to find out what happens, because they already know from you guys. What people are interested in is listening and watching people give their take.”

This is the tail wagging the dog talk from Friedman. It fits in with the narrative MSNBC wants to put forward; that news is dead for TV. It’s self-serving rubbish. What’s left unsaid is the unvarnished truth; it’s cheaper and easier to get higher ratings by not doing news, so they don’t want to do news. The number of people who are plugged in enough to get their news in detail via the labor intensive process that the internet real time news delivery mechanism still is represents a low ratio compared to the millions of people who do tune to TV for news because it delivers it easier and quicker for them. It’s essentially a cost/benefit proposition wrapped up in a self-fulfilling prophecy. MSNBC doesn’t want to invest in the cost of real CNN type of news delivery for the meager benefit they’ll get immediately. It takes a lot of time to build up a brand around news. That’s why CNN’s news brand still yields dividends and MSNBC, which now has no news brand, would have to stick at for years to build one. NBC decided that it doesn’t want to do that. So its only alternative is to push out in directions that don’t involve news but can potentially yield high viewership levels.

Free for All: 06/21/12

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Fox and Friends’ Power…

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The New York Times’ Jeremy Peters writes about the powerful platform that is Fox and Friends…

Mr. Romney is hardly alone in recognizing the power of “Fox & Friends” as a high-decibel megaphone pointing directly at the Republican base. At the height of the primaries not a week went by without an appearance by one of the candidates. And when leading Republicans like Gov. Rick Scott of Florida or Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin have something to say, they do it on “Fox & Friends.”

It is easy to see why. Perhaps more than any other show on the Fox News Channel, “Fox & Friends” has become a powerful platform for some of the most strident attacks on President Obama. Conspiracy theories about Mr. Obama’s religion once found an uncritical ear on the show’s set. Assertions that Mr. Obama leaked national security secrets for political gain are accepted as fact. And its hosts recently took time on the air to congratulate one of their producers for making a four-minute video that painted Mr. Obama as a failure.

But then there’s this highly interesting tidbit from Peters…

The news division at Fox has long tried to avoid having its reporters appear on the show whenever possible.

Peters also has FNC Executive Vice President Bill Shine trotting out that beaten down tired old dodge which nobody buys…

Mr. Shine noted that the show falls under the network’s entertainment umbrella and does not pretend to be straight news.

Except when it has newsmakers on its show of course. Which is all too often…

CNBC To Blame for Facebook IPO Mess?

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The New York Daily News’ Frank Digiacomo writes about some Morgan Stanley employees arguing that CNBC is also to blame for the Facebook IPO mess…

Although the investment banking firm’s handling of the social media site’s disastrous stock offering is under scrutiny by just about every business news outlet under the sun, a Wall Street insider tells us Morgan Stanley’s corporate communications warriors are blaming CNBC for engaging in some pre-IPO hyping of their own.

CNBC senior vice president and editor in chief Nik Deogun “is under fire,” says the source. “Morgan Stanley is telling him, ‘How dare you criticize us when you guys promoted this IPO worse than anybody.’ ”

The source recalls examples of CNBC’s on-air exuberance in the days leading up to the IPO, including treating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ’s entrance at the kick-off of the company’s investors road show at the Sheraton hotel in midtown as if it were “the President’s State of the Union Address” with multiple cameras and reporters.

Then on May 17, the day before the actual IPO, the hosts of CNBC’s “Fast Money” appeared on camera wearing hoodies — a reference to Zuckerberg’s favorite fashion item, which came off like an homage to the baby billionaire.

That same day, controversial “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer told his viewers, who tend to be mom-and-pop investors and market-playing college students, “If you can get in on the actual IPO, then I think Facebook is a no-brainer.”

Did MSNBC Bury S.E. Cupp’s Hiring?

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Or did Comedy Central get it wrong when it labeled Cupp an MSNBC “Contributor”? People who are labeled contributors are usually contractual contributors and Cupp has appeared quite a lot on MSNBC lately. But I don’t recall any announcement from the network that she had “joined” the network as contributor. This is a tad confusing and will probably get cleared up in short order now… (via J$)

Free for All: 06/20/12

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Press Releases: 06/19/12

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CNN (2)

CNN en Español broadcasts special coverage for the NALEO Annual Conference session

Starting Thursday, June 21st through Saturday, June 23rd, CNN en Español will broadcast special coverage of the National Association of Latino Elected Leaders (NALEO) Annual Conference session. This exclusive coverage will be broadcast from Orlando, Florida, the place where the conference will take place and hosted by CNN en Español’s news team, Juan Carlos Lopez, Alejandra Oraa and all-platform reporter Gustavo Valdés.

This special coverage will include reports that will cover all of the events, as well as transmit live coverage of the speeches of President Barack Obama, former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida and Senator Marco Rubio, among others. At the same time, CNN en Español’s team of journalists will also interview some of the nation’s top executive and legislative leaders.

Throughout the three-day conference, the topics that will be offered include education, health financial empowerment, broadband adoption and the growth of the political power that Hispanic voters have within the United States politics.


75 Georgia High School Scholars selected for Leadership Unplugged

Leadership Unplugged: A CNN Experience will take place June 25-29 at CNN and Georgia Institute of Technology
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WaWa-Gate: Update…

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In the intervening hours since I noted the controversy swirling around the Romney clip on Mitchell Reports, some things have transpired…

Andrea Mitchell did her best non-acknowledgement FNC style acknowledgement of the issue. If she had gritted her teeth any harder while doing it they would have shattered. Mediaite’s Noah Rothman summed it up best

While Mitchell digging in her heals may satisfy liberal partisan instincts to find fights around every corner, this is a losing battle in the end. The trivial episode will haunt the credibility of Mitchell and her network, where a quick apology – even a disingenuous one – would have killed the story.

Even liberal commentators can see the forest for the trees on this one. Liberal broadcaster David Shuster tweeted at Mitchell on Tuesday, wondering why she did not address the issue on everyone’s mind, “Andrea, what the hell?”

I usually disagree w/ @DLoesch @michellemalkin @BrentBozell. But their anger @mitchellreports on this is justified. Andrea, what the hell?

The correct response to this controversy could not be more obvious. Why Mitchell avoided quick and painless apology eludes even her former MSNBC colleague.

When news networks, eager to drive the narrative, overreach and stretch the truth, an apology is always the correct course. Even if the individual doing the apology chafes at the reasoning behind it. MSNBC, and Mitchell herself, should have followed suit — the story would have died on the vine.

Now, the anger in the blogosphere will only grow and it has yet to be determined when the anger surrounding this offense will subside. I would be willing to bet that won’t be nearly as soon as if Mitchell had just swallowed her pride and said that one simple, little word.

TVNewser’s Alex Weprin noted MSNBC’s official non-response to the story…

Upate 2: MSNBC released a statement regarding the clip: “MSNBC did not edit anything out of order or out of sequence and at no time did we intend to deceive our viewers.”

Note what MSNBC didn’t address in this statement: Whether the clip was set up to make Romney look goofy and how Mitchell and Cilliza laughed at the clip. That’s the real story here, not whether MSNBC edited anything out of order.

I fear Mitchell is well on her way to destroying her previously impregnable “straight shooter” reputation. NBC News can stick its head in the sand and hope it all blows over but people are taking notes and keeping score. These people don’t forget. They will bring incidents like this up again and again. If Mitchell accrues enough of them, she will cease to be an asset to NBC and become a liability; she will go from being a straight news person to a POV person. If that’s what NBC wants…well..then great. But if it isn’t, NBC needs to take corrective action in order to keep Mitchell an asset.

Free for All: 06/19/12

Posted in Free For All on June 19, 2012 by icn2

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Has CNNI Lost its News Ways?

Posted in CNN on June 19, 2012 by icn2

News on News’ Kevin Coy takes a whack at CNNI’s “obsession” with saving the world at the expense of reporting news…

CNN International, with it’s many projects, and the segments in the new ‘Amanpour’ show, coupled with it’s current scheduling, seems to be more interested in saving the world.

To be honest, and as I’ve written several times over the past few years, CNN International has seriously lost it’s news edge.

In the late 90’s, CNN was the place to go for news on the Bosnia, Kosovo and even the Afghanistan conflicts, but not any more.

The whole fact that over the last weekend, CNN broadcast more recorded programming than any other news channel just cemented it’s place as a failed place to go for news.


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