Jessica Yellin Out At CNN…

After getting taken off the White House beat, one shouldn’t be too surprised to read that Jessica Yellin is leaving CNN…as TVNewser’s Alissa Krinski writes today…

TVNewser has learned that CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin is parting ways with the cabler. CNN shuffled its DC correspondent lineup in August sending Yellin from the White House beat to domestic affairs correspondent.

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15 Responses to “Jessica Yellin Out At CNN…”

  1. Kind of sad on the same day her mom got nominated as Fed Chairman. (-woman) (-person)

    Never should have made Senator Red look bad.

  2. It’s Reid, and she still didn’t lose her job ’cause liberal bias.

  3. no? too old and too ugly you think?

  4. She did make Red look bad. Doesn’t care about kids with cancer? What an old poop.

  5. I explained sufficiently what Zucker is up to at CNN, which he has explained himself. Quit trolling.

  6. Nobody could understand you.

  7. Something about her being to old, but everyone else was older? And do you have some secret Zucker email?

  8. Zucker says people like to look at pretty people. It was reported here on ICN. You probably didn’t read it.

  9. So…… those nasty people at Fox who hire good looking people are BAD? But, if Zucker does it…. GOOD?

  10. But Yellin IS pretty!

  11. Pam, um..what? I have no idea where you got the idea that I was happy about Yellin being dumped. I suspect some people who comment on what I have to say don’t actually read the comments.

  12. Yeah, I think she is pretty too, Carol. Have no idea still what he is talking about.

  13. For God’s sake, Kelly. You keep claiming Yellin was let go because she questioned Sen. Reid. It’s bollocks. Zucker replaced her with a new model, exactly as he said he would be doing. You’re making claims about my opinions without bothering to read them. That’s trolling.

  14. And no, I don’t support the move. I don’t know why I have to explain that “explaining” does not constitute “condoning”. If I thought Jeff Zucker’s attitude towards the very pretty Jessica Yellin was correct, I would have said so. Which STILL wouldn’t have mattered BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T HAVE READ IT.

  15. I’m sorry to hear this news – I liked Yellin lots, thought she was a great looking reporter too. Does anyone know where she is off to?

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