Don Lemon to CNN at 11pm?

FTVLive is reporting that Don Lemon is headed to CNN’s 8pm slot M-Fr.

If true, it’s a bit of a gamble move. 11pm ET just has not stuck long term for any cable news network that has attempted live programming there. It tends to mess with repeating prime time shows on the West Coast and traditionally hasn’t generated the eyeballs to effectively offset the cost of producing live content at that hour with all the staff required. Using Piers Morgan’s ace staff (Jonathan Wald, et al) may defray some of that cost because they’re already being paid for something else but it doesn’t offset other costs associated with broadcasting live (satellite uplink time being the primary cost).

History shows us we should be skeptical of this working in the long run. But we shall see…

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2 Responses to “Don Lemon to CNN at 11pm?”

  1. Interesting…Don is a good choice for late night, should be interesting to see how it unfolds.

  2. Mike Beckham Says:

    I’d dare say it isn’t a long term solution for 11pm, but rather CNN is using it as a testing ground for 10pm or 7pm.

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