CNN Trying Out New John King Show?

Politico’s Dylan Byers writes that CNN is going to try out a new show centered around John King…

John King, the CNN correspondent whose evening program was cancelled last year, is on a trial run for a new show with the network, POLITICO has learned.

Network sources say that CNN is currently experimenting with a new show called “The Source with John King,” which would feature a political roundtable of columnists and reporters from both CNN and elsewhere. In the show’s intro, King describes the show as “the biggest stories — sourced by the best reporters.”

Should it run, the show would likely be a half-hour long and air on the weekends, though that is subject to change, a source said. For now, the network is using interns as stand-ins for guests: Those interns have played the roles of AP’s Julie Pace, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus and CNN’s Peter Hamby.

Then there’s…uh…this…

The show would be a surprise move for King, whose presence on the network has diminished since he erroneously reported that a Boston Marathon bombing suspect had been arrested. (He later apologized).

Ummm….yeah. That’s why King has a regularly scheduled daily segment on New Day…because his profile has diminished and CNN wants to minimize his visibility…right.

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One Response to “CNN Trying Out New John King Show?”

  1. Sounds a lot like the panels that run on the Sunday morning network news shows; MTP etc. I don’t see it having much chance f success as King is boring and lacks any sense of humor or spontaneity. Pass.

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