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Bloomberg Names Two To Politics Vertical…

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TVNewser’s Merril Knox writes about changes in Bloomberg’s newly create Politics Vertical…

Bloomberg has announced two key appointments for its newly-created politics vertical: Tom Johnson has been named executive editor and Pat King has been appointed senior producer.

Johnson joins Bloomberg after 20 years at ABC News, where he was most recently senior broadcast producer of “World News with Diane Sawyer.” In a note to staff this morning, Bloomberg senior executive editor Josh Tyrangiel praised Johnson’s “spectacular mix of talent and temperament—his colleagues at ABC note that he’s usually the smartest guy in the room, and rarely feels the need to remind anyone of it.”

King comes to Bloomberg after nine years at “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” where he was most recently a segment producer. Tyrangiel — who noted “he’s not here to make the show funny” — called King “a passionate observer of national politics with a tremendous instinct for research.”

In addition to overseeing the politics vertical, Johnson and King will serve as executive producer and senior producer, respectively, for the daily politics show with Mark Halperin and John Heilemann slated to launch in October.

Press Releases: 05/04/14

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Bloomberg (1)

Bloomberg Announces First New Digital-Led, Multi-Platform Brand: Bloomberg Politics

The First in Series of New Brands, Bloomberg Politics will be led by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann

New York — Bloomberg Media Group CEO Justin B. Smith and Bloomberg News Editor-In-Chief Matthew Winkler today announced Bloomberg Politics – the first in series of new digital-led, multi-platform brands that will live across all Bloomberg platforms. In March, Bloomberg announced a new, broad strategy for consumer media properties, including the development of new digital assets and a multi-platform approach. Bloomberg Politics, the first of the brands being launched under this new direction, will be created, launched, and overseen by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, who will also lead political coverage across all Bloomberg platforms – Web, mobile, television, digital video, print magazines, radio, live events and more.

The series of new Bloomberg brands, including Bloomberg Politics, will deliver Bloomberg coverage in targeted content environments, providing greater depth, context and community for each topic area​. Bloomberg Politics will serve as a model to be replicated by the subsequent new brands, most of which will be squarely focused on the global business market. Each of the new brands will be developed through a deep partnership between Bloomberg Media and Bloomberg News, fully leveraging the skills, strengths, and resources of all Bloomberg News bureaus.
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Deirdre Bolton to FBN?

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Business Insider’s Julia La Roche writes that Bloomberg’s Deirdre Bolton is headed to FBN…(via J$)

Today was Bloomberg TV anchor Deirdre Bolton’s last day at Bloomberg, Business Insider has learned.

She’s headed to Fox Business Network, according a source who will remain anonymous.

Milestone for Bloomberg?

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Bloomberg is noting that it beat Yahoo Finance for the first time in total video streams served in 2013…

After surpassing Dow Jones, CNBC, CNN Money, Fox Business and Reuters in U.S. video streams over the past year, Bloomberg for the first time beat Yahoo! Finance, one of the leaders in video streams in 2013.

According to comScore Video Metrix, Bloomberg had 34.7M streams in December, a fourfold increase year-over-year and a 31% increase month-over-month. unique visitors increased nearly 25% year-over-year in December, with 40% of the site’s audience watching video.

Bloomberg Media Group started a large video push in early 2012 to become a “digital-first” newsroom, leveraging our linear television operations and our team of technologists to create a digital video desk which produces over 200 videos a day. Bloomberg will continue to innovate in this area as the demand for video among consumers advertisers and publishers increases.

Surveying the Business News Channel Ratings Landscape…

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The Wall Street Journal’s Keach Hagey and William Launder take a look at how the business channels have been faring lately…

The U.S. stock market is soaring, but ratings have sunk for the TV networks dedicated to covering it.

In the third quarter, CNBC, the dominant business-news channel, hit a 20-year low in its target demographic of adults 25 to 54 years old, according to Nielsen Holdings. Since 2008, average total daytime viewership has fallen more than 50%—to 169,000 from 348,000 —at CNBC, which commands three-quarters of the audience among business-news networks, according to Nielsen.

Six-year-old Fox Business Network remains on a long-term growth trajectory, but its average total daytime audience has declined from last year—to 58,000 from 71,000—and has fallen short of some media buyers’ expectations.

Bloomberg LP, meanwhile, is rethinking the business model of its TV channel, having failed to turn a profit or draw more than 10% of the audience for TV business news despite being on the air for nearly two decades, according to people familiar with the matter. Nielsen doesn’t release Bloomberg TV’s ratings.


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@Twitter closes below its hyped session high after FoxBiz calls it out 4 turning tail. PR flack @jimplosser had our producer ‘removed’

FBN’s Liz Claman on Twitter today…

A small kerfuffle erupted today in the wake of the Twitter IPO. Dealbreaker’s Bess Levin has more

Back in September, Fox Business asked a Twitter spokesperson if anyone at the company could “chat about IPO rumors.” The response was simply: “…”, which Team FBN took to as a confirmation that plans for an IPO were imminent. It’s unclear exactly what transpired behind the scenes between the business network and social media platform after that, but based on a the six and a half minutes of airtime FBN correspondent Charlie Gasparino and anchor Liz Claman just spent referring to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo as a “nasty,” “slimy,” “scheming nerd,” it seems fair to say their interactions were less than cordial! The clip really has to be seen to be believed but it includes:

* Gasparino: “Companies like Twitter are not altruistic, they’re not charities. They’re nasty, conniving, skeevy individuals who run these companies and they want to lure in as much dumb money as possible.”

* Gasparino: “Dan Costolo.” Claman: “Dick.” Gasparino: “George, I couldn’t care what the hell his name is.” Claman: “Yeah! ‘Cause he’s not talking to Fox Business, ’cause he’s scared!”

* Gasparino: “This guy is a nasty, skeeving, scheming nerd from Silicon Valley. He is! That’s my opinion!”

* Claman: “Somebody over there is hashtag-spineless. Hashtag, maybe it’s their PR department?” Gasparino: “Don’t blame the dumb flacks, you blame the skeevy, nerdy guy that runs the company.”

* Gasparino: “It’s a big circle something between Wall Street and Silicon Valley.”

* Claman: “Fox Business and Twitter came into existence around the same time– 2007– and we were the first business network to profile them and they repay us by refusing to talk to us because Charlie and our company have been very honest about them.”

* Claman: “Twitter is not profitable years after its launch, Fox Business is– are they, hashtag-jealous?”

* Gasparino: “They’re run by these Silicon Valley nerds…doofuses…”

* Gasparino: “Is [Costolo] Italian?” Claman: “Can you believe that?” Gasparino: “That guy is not a paesan, I can tell you that much.”

* Gasparino: “I want to see a picture of Dick Costolo, can we show a picture of him?” [Someone in control room flashes a picture of DC on the screen] Gasparino: “This guy looks like the guy you beat the hell out of…I’m not advocating violence, I’m just saying he looks like—”

CNBC got Costolo this morning. Did CNBC exert pressure on Twitter to not interview with FBN? It wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened.

There is no way to tell for sure (though appearances are pretty damning). What we do know is that Bloomberg didn’t have any trouble grabbing Costollo for an interview as soon as he was off CNBC’s set.

Does CNBC consider Bloomberg not as big a threat as FBN? Who knows…

Special Bloomberg Coverage Monday…

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Bloomberg will be airing special coverage Monday titled “Countdown to the Shutdown”…

Trish Regan will anchor two special editions of our market open and close programs live from Capitol Hill (8-10 am and 3-5 pm), examining the economic and market effects of a politically dysfunctional Washington. Joining Regan on set will be Bloomberg TV contributor David Plouffe, Bloomberg TV political strategist Matthew Dowd, Bloomberg View columnist Al Hunt, White House correspondent Julianna Goldman, chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook and Bloomberg News reporter Phil Mattingly, along with the following guests:

-Sen John McCain (R-AZ)
-Honeywell CEO Dave Cote
-Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform
-Former Sen John Sununu (R-NH)
-Rep Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)
-Former Comptroller General David Walker
-David Stockman, Former Head of the OMB under President Reagan
-Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of American Action Forum

“Countdown to the Shutdown” can be viewed across multiple platforms, including’s livestream at and on the free Bloomberg TV+ app for iPad. To find Bloomberg Television in your area, visit and follow us on Twitter at @BloombergTV.

Bloomberg Executive Changes…

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Bloomberg announced that Justin B. Smith will be taking over as CEO of the Bloomberg Media Group and previous CEO Andrew Lack will become Chairman…

Bloomberg LP Names Justin B. Smith CEO of Bloomberg Media Group; Andrew Lack to be Chairman

Move Positions Bloomberg’s Media Group for Future and Global Expansion

New York – Bloomberg LP announced today that Justin B. Smith will serve as chief executive officer of Bloomberg Media Group, which comprises Bloomberg’s television, radio, magazine, conferences and digital businesses globally. Smith will join Bloomberg LP on September 16, reporting to CEO and President Daniel L. Doctoroff. Andrew Lack, who has served as CEO of Bloomberg Media Group since 2008, will become Chairman of Bloomberg Media Group.

Smith served as President of Atlantic Media from 2010-2013 and President of Atlantic Consumer Media division from 2007-2010. While at Atlantic Media, he spearheaded The Atlantic’s dramatic transformation from a largely print-centric magazine to a digitally-led multi-platform franchise. Under Smith’s leadership, Atlantic Media also launched several new critically acclaimed disruptive digital platforms such as Quartz and Defense One.
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Trish Regan Profile…

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Metro Resident’s Christopher A. Pape profiles Bloomberg’s Trish Regan…

R: At 20 you decided not to do opera? What was the impetus for that?

TR: I was a very intellectual teenager; it wasn’t like I was doing this in a vacuum. As much as I loved opera, I also loved history, I loved the study of the economy, I liked politics – there were a lot of things I was interested in. I am a naturally curious person, and my curiosity fuels me every day in journalism. My job is to explore, experience new things, meet new people and I love all of that. So singing was great, but by the time I was in 20, I realized that although I liked opera, I probably didn’t love it enough to make a life of it. Still, those years of study didn’t go to waste. I learned to speak a lot of languages because of singing; I also learned a tremendous amount of self-discipline because of singing.

R: Did you know what you wanted to do?

TR: Not at first. But, I do remember sitting down with my uncle who was an economist and learning the term “opportunity cost.” To pursue opera meant I was giving up something else. I decided to transfer from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston to Columbia University in New York. A funny side note for you, on the day I received my acceptance letter to Columbia, an opera house that I had auditioned for in Germany, offered me a contract for the year. The timing was an interesting coincidence but, I had already made my decision.

R: What prompted your interest in financial news?

TR: I got a lot of exposure to the financial community through internships during school summers. First at a hedge fund and then as an analyst in at Goldman Sachs. At Goldman, I worked on the emerging debt markets desk and really liked it. I was analyzing the economic and political consequences of what was going on in Latin America and thought that was what I was going to do upon graduation. They made me a job offer, and I had every intention of going, except in my senior year I interned at NBC Nightly News and suddenly, everything made sense. I’d found my calling.

David Plouffe Joins Bloomberg…

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Bloomberg TV announced this morning that David Plouffe had joined it as a contributor…

David Plouffe Joins Bloomberg Television as Contributor and Strategic Advisor

Washington, DC, April 25, 2013–Bloomberg L.P. today announced that David Plouffe, former campaign manager and White House senior advisor to President Obama, has joined the company as contributor and strategic advisor for Bloomberg Television.

As contributor, Plouffe will appear regularly on Bloomberg Television to offer analysis and commentary on political and business issues as they impact the intersection of Wall Street, Main Street and K Street and will lend his expertise to the discussion of technology, demographic changes and crisis management. In addition, Plouffe, widely hailed as the architect of President Obama’s two victories, will serve in an advisory capacity for the network.
“I am excited for both the on and off air relationship with Bloomberg,” said Plouffe. “Their programming lends itself to fuller discussion, which given the complexity of the issues before our country, is of great value.”

“David has one of the sharpest political minds in the nation,” said Andrew Morse, head of Bloomberg Television in the United States. “We’re thrilled he’s joining the Bloomberg team to provide his unique insight and analysis to our coverage of business and politics.”

Bloomberg TV and Streaming Video

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AdWeek’s Mike Shields writes about Bloomberg TV’s online video distribution…

It’s also noteworthy that in a room full of TV producers, the Web video guys are in the meeting, chiming in on programming decisions, maybe even how things are shot. That’s because Bloomberg wants to change how business TV looks and feels. And it wants to own business Web video.

“Yesterday this place was bonkers during the Pope news,” says Chris Berend, executive producer, video development and production, pointing to the cubicleless news room where he works. It’s not exactly quiet. There are numerous live shots being filmed right alongside reporters working the phones. For a moment, Berend can’t return to his desk. “See that shot they’re filming. We can get clips on the Web really quick. We don’t have to wait until tonight at 5:00.”

It didn’t used to be that way. Berend’s boss, Andrew Morse, head of US television at Bloomberg, tells the story about when Rupert Murdoch was on trial during the UK phone hacking scandal in 2011. Some guy jumped up during Murdoch’s testimony and tried to attack him with a pie, but Mrs. Murdoch famously intervened.

“It took us 17 minutes to turn around a 15-second voiceover,” says Morse. “We’re seeing it up on the screen on various networks in seconds, and it took us 17 minutes. And I went wild. As of two years ago, we were not set up the way a video news operation ought to be set up.”

Bloomberg West Expands

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The New York Times’ Quentin Hardy writes that Bloomberg West is expanding…

In a world of shrinking newsrooms, real expansion is an increasingly rare story. But next Monday, Bloomberg West, Bloomberg Television’s show on technology, will double its daily programming to two hours. Along with the existing afternoon program, Bloomberg West will present another hour of tech news at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

“We see a real opportunity,” said Andrew Morse, head of Bloomberg Television in the United States.

“The television world is flooded with mediocre content — this extra hour is more of a place for big names in the Valley to come on and talk, and to dig deeper into what the news means,” he said, speaking of Silicon Valley.

Bloomberg and Optima Media Group Team Up to Create Bloomberg TV Africa…

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Bloomberg and Optima Media Group announced a partnership deal…

Bloomberg Television Announces Partnership with Nigeria’s Optima Media Group

Bloomberg unveils latest agreement to deliver African business content across the continent

Lagos and London, 28 February 2013–The Bloomberg Media Group, a division Bloomberg L.P., today announced a multi-year rolling partnership agreement with Nigeria-based content provider, Optima Media Group, strengthening Bloomberg’s position as a leading supplier of global business and financial news television across the African continent. This partnership will create a new entity – Bloomberg Television Africa.

Launching in the second half of this year, Optima Media Group will produce three to four hours of business programming per day which will be available to African viewers across the continent via Bloomberg’s English-language EMEA feed. Optima Media Group will engage its existing content and distribution channels to supplement Bloomberg’s English-language international news and analysis across Africa.
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Business Booking Wars: FBN flights back…

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FBN started airing a new ad calling CNBC out for its booking practices. This story may have stronger legs than I originally surmised.

Update: According to Johnny Dollar this ad has been airing on FNC too..

Booking Wars: Round Two…

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The Slant’s Jeff Reeves writes about CNBC’s booking practices. Reeeves gets FBN’s Kevin Magee to comment on the matter…

If I were in the booking department of CNBC, I would think twice about some of this lest big-time CEOs and hedge fund managers tire of the whole affair.

Or as Kevin Magee, the executive vice president of Fox Business Network, said to me more bluntly, “Business leaders are not going to be blackmailed, much less be dictated to by some booker in Englewood Cliffs.”

Magee uses the right word there with “dictated.” The problem is that CNBC thinks it has a captive audience and captive contributors, and thus can tell all parties whatever it feels like.

Ah…but it can. Until someone big enough runs the blockade…someone CNBC can’t afford to blacklist. Someone like Warren Buffett for example. If CNBC dared try that on Buffett, Buffett would laugh in their face and there’s not a damn thing CNBC would do about it.

But for smaller fry “gets”…yes…it’s a real problem for FBN and Bloomberg. I think we may have witnessed just such an incident a while back when Simpson and Bowles bailed out on FBN to be exclusive for Maria Bartiromo. All FBN could do is take the the air and whine about it.

CNBC vs. FBN and Bloomberg?

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NPR’s David Folkenflik writes about a booking war going on between CNBC and FBN and Bloomberg TV… (via Talking Biz News)

CNBC is far and away the television ratings leader in the financial cable news business. Now, evidence arrives that its executives, producers and reporters are going to great lengths to maintain its status.

The channel has adopted a policy that prohibits guests from appearing on rival channels amid breaking news if they want to be seen by CNBC’s larger audience.

The tension over the policy with one of its peers offers a window into the intensity of the cable battles over what’s called booking — landing interviews with key financial players, commentators, insiders and analysts.

“Every network should be trying to hustle to get content that’s distinctive to their channel,” said Andrew Morse, president of Bloomberg Television’s U.S. operations. “That’s our job. We’re in the news business.”

But Morse said Bloomberg doesn’t try to dictate who can appear elsewhere.

Linzie Janis to ABC…

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TVNewser’s Alex Weprin reports that Bloomberg’s Linzie Janis is bolting for ABC…

Linzie Janis will be joining ABC News in New York as a correspondent. She had been reporting for Bloomberg TV in London for the last four years.

Betty Liu Profile…

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Wanchee Wang pens a profile of Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu for The Penn Gazette’s Alumni: Profiles…

After a few years in Asia, Liu returned to the United States to take a job with the Financial Times as its Atlanta bureau chief.

“Really, it was a one-person band,” she says. “They supplied me with a laptop and I bought a car, and that was my office.”

While in Atlanta, she did guest segments on CNN about China, its politics and economy, leveraging her experiences in Asia. Then CNBC Asia offered her a foreign-correspondent position in Hong Kong.

“I decided to take the plunge and do television,” she says, and a few years later, Bloomberg TV offered her a show in New York. Financial news is a highly competitive field, and Liu acknowledges that balancing family and career was a major challenge.

“Like many women, I struggled for a while with ‘How do I have kids while continuing to grow my career? Should I stay home?’” she recalls. “I started to look at role models during that time, women whom I saw were working and having great careers, and they had children and they were still able to be at the very top of their fields. So I said, ‘I won’t change my goals. I’ll just make them all fit together.’”

Bloomberg TV Lands Obama Interview…

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Bloomberg TV announced that it will air an interview with President Obama today at 12:30…


Airs today at 12:30 pm ET

President Obama sits down with Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman at the White House today for his first television interview since the election. Airing at 12:30 pm ET, Goldman and the president will discuss the fiscal cliff – now just four weeks away.

Preview video here.

Betty Liu Profile…

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The New York Observer’s Patrick Clark profiles Betty Liu while her program In the Loop does  post Election drill down…

It was the morning after the presidential election on the set of Bloomberg Television’s In the Loop, and Leo Hindery Jr., a partner at InterMedia Partners and a sometime adviser to Democratic officials, was pumping his arms in an off-air shimmy.

“Ohio, baby,” he said, naming the point in the previous night’s returns when he’d begun to celebrate. Then the cameras rolled, host Betty Liu repeated the question, and the private equity investor stifled a smile.

Mr. Hindery’s giddiness aside, there was reason to believe that Ms. Liu’s Wednesday morning show would be gloomy. During the run-up to the election, much had been made of Wall Street’s support for Mitt Romney and its antipathy toward President Barack Obama, the turncoat who banked the financial sector’s support in 2008, then chided banker “fat cats.” And so Off the Record arrived at Bloomberg’s Lexington Avenue headquarters to take in the news outlet’s weekday morning television show, looking to gauge the Wall Street’s morning-after mood. (Disclosure: this reporter was an intern at Bloomberg News during the summer of 2011 and the winter of 2012.)

Trish Regan Profile

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Haute’s Billy Gray profiles Trish Regan…

When we met with Regan at the Street Smart set, she’d recently returned from maternity leave after giving birth to her third child, Jamie, in July. (Regan and her husband, James Ben, also have two-year-old twin daughters, Alexandra and Elizabeth.) Motherhood does give her pause about those high-risk jobs in Medellín. “I don’t think I’ve ever been reckless, but I wouldn’t be truthful if I said my responsibility to my kids didn’t make me think twice,” she said.

Regan approaches all assignments diligently, whether they bring her to bleak crisis spots or, as Pursuits did, Branson’s 105-foot catamaran, the Necker Belle. “At the end of the day it’s about reporting a good story,” she said. “If it means being in some hellhole God knows where, great. And, yes, if you want to take me to Necker Island and put me on a yacht for thirty-six hours off the coast of the Dominican Republic to swim with whales and drink champagne, great! They’re equally challenging, and equally fun.”

Just as Regan continues to love opera while committing herself to journalism, the moguls she profiles on Pursuits maintain personal passions well outside of the boardroom while managing sprawling businesses. Branson opened his boat to Regan and introduced her to whales. Jim Glickenhaus gave her a tour of his 8,000-squarefoot- garage replete with custom-built Ferraris. And Lauder broke down an art market that the fervent collector has helped propel to staggering new heights.

Bloomberg Election Night…

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Bloomberg TV announced its election night plans…


Who will lead the United States back to economic prosperity? Beginning tomorrow at 7pm ET, Bloomberg Television presents “Economy Election 2012,” live primetime election coverage focused on the economic impacts of an Obama or Romney presidency and the financial obstacles stifling the nation’s path to recovery.

At 7pm ET, Bloomberg Television will air a special edition of “Bloomberg Surveillance” with host Tom Keene, who will be joined by Sara Eisen and Scarlet Fu in New York. At 8pm ET, Trish Regan hosts “Economy Election 2012,” which will feature a team of reporters, analysts and contributors who will examine the key economic issues at play in the race for the White House.

Regan will be joined by Washington editor Al Hunt, Bloomberg Television political analyst Matthew Dowd, former Senator John Sununu (R-NH), Neil Barofsky, former Inspector General of TARP and Richard Falkenrath, former Deputy Commissioner of Counter-Terrorism of the NYPD. White House correspondent Julianna Goldman will report live from Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago and chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook will be stationed at Romney campaign headquarters in Boston. Washington correspondent Megan Hughes will report from New York with real-time results and chief national correspondent Carol Massar will report from Hamilton County, OH, ground zero for the economy election and a state that could determine the final outcome. In addition, White House correspondent Hans Nichols and economics editor Michael McKee will contribute to Bloomberg’s comprehensive reporting on the intersection of Wall Street, Main Street and K Street.

Bloomberg Television’s coverage will include a substantial multi-platform presence, with special programming available on multiple screens including on-air, via livestream on at and on mobile via the award-winning Bloomberg TV+ iPad app.

Listeners can tune in to Bloomberg Radio at WBBR 1130 AM in the New York metro area, SiriusXM channel 113 and on the Bloomberg Radio+ iPhone app for a simulcast of special election programming.

Press Releases: 09/27/12

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Bloomberg (1)


9 pm ET/PT

“I’ve never felt any overt discrimination. It’s quite different than when I was a female engineer at GM and people asked me if I was bringing the mail.”

Theresia Gouw Ranzetta, Accel Partners

Join Bloomberg Television and four women executives in Silicon Valley for a frank discussion on why women are underrepresented in tech. The one-hour special report called “Women to Watch” addresses the Kleiner Perkins sex discrimination lawsuit, work-life integration and why more women aren’t entering the field.

While high-profile hires at Yahoo! and Facebook made headlines this year, special correspondent Willow Bay reports that women represent just 3% of startups and 14% of computer science degrees. “The willingness to fund women is there. It’s that there aren’t enough women actually trying for that,” says Jessica Herrin, founder, Stella & Dot.

The four women who make up the roundtable include:
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Nicole Lapin on Bloomberg TV…

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Deadline Hollywood’s Nellie Andreeva scoops that Nicole Lapin has signed a sub deal with Bloomberg TV…

A year after she left CNBC, Nicole Lapin is returning to business cable television with a deal at rival Bloomberg TV. Starting today, Lapin will be a substitute anchor for the network’s live show Bloomberg West filling in for Emily Chang, who is on maternity leave. I hear Lapin also has taped segments to air on Bloomberg TV this week as the non-compete clause in her CNBC contract just ended. Word is that Bloomberg TV may also develop a show for Lapin, who has appeared on CNN and Entertainment Tonight/The Insider since leaving CNBC but couldn’t work for other business cable networks. Lapin left CNBC at the beginning of September 2011 to launch her own multimedia production company Nothing But Gold.

Press Releases: 09/04/12

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Bloomberg (1)


Tonight, Charlie Rose will co-host part of Bloomberg Television’s election coverage beginning at 9 pm ET.

Today through Thursday, September 6th, Bloomberg TV’s “Street Smart” (3-5 pm ET) with host Trish Regan is live from Bloomberg’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, on-site at the Democratic National Convention.

Additionally, Bloomberg TV’s special “The Economy Election” will air live from 9-11 PM/ET today and Wednesday, September 5th and from 8-11 PM/ET on Thursday, September 6th.

Bloomberg TV’s election coverage team includes Washington editor Al Hunt and White House correspondent Hans Nichols, Bloomberg contributor Matthew Dowd and reporter Megan Hughes.
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Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg TV

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I Want Her Job has a story penned by Bloomberg TV’s Stephanie Ruhle about working at the network…

At every meeting at Bloomberg TV, everyone is invited. Everyone can be more of a success. It’s so different from how things were for me when I was first in the finance business. In my previous role, it was very much about, “Where’d you go to school? What’s your experience?” It’s not like that here. If you can celebrate someone else’s skill set, it can make you more successful. And I think I learned this more as a mother than I did at work. By sharing your contacts it’s going to come back to you. I think it really does.
What types of responsibilities fill your day?

I anchor a show from 10 a.m. to noon [ET] called “Market Makers” with Erik Schatzker and another show called “Lunch Money” from noon to 1 p.m. I get into the office around 6:30 in the morning. My kids are young and wake up that early, so I spend time with my sons and get my day kicked off. I specialize at Bloomberg TV in what we call “Word on the Street,” so based on whatever’s the most buzzed about news, I reach out to my contacts and interview market insiders on how they’re reacting. I get my finger on the pulse of how the market is truly responding and why this really matters to professionals.

After our shows, I spend a lot of time with our print team, Bloomberg News, and we work on a number of stories. I seem to be focused on some of the bigger, more controversial stories. I also do a number of lighter pieces that focus on Wall Street culture. It brings about such interesting characters.

My afternoons are often spent doing special packages for our show, interviews with people who don’t necessarily come on TV and working with our print team. The stories and headlines we work on move markets and can affect, in part, what happens to companies and executives. And there’s a responsibility that comes with it. Unlike other news outlets, there’s no race to get the story out first and with the splashiest headline.

Bloomberg’s Convention Coverage Plans

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Bloomberg TV announced it’s GOP and Democrat coverage plans…


New York, August 17, 2012—Starting on Monday, August 27th, Bloomberg Television will broadcast live from the Bloomberg Link convention headquarters at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

The network will feature an all-star line-up of reporters, analysts and contributors at the conventions to closely examine the key economic issues driving the race for the White House. The team will include Bloomberg Washington editor Al Hunt, Bloomberg Television political analyst Matthew Dowd, Bloomberg View columnist Margaret Carlson, White House correspondents Hans Nichols and Julianna Goldman, along with chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook and Washington correspondent Meghan Hughes. “Street Smart” anchor Trish Regan will host Bloomberg Television’s primetime specials, focusing on “The Economy Election.”

Regan will anchor “Street Smart” each afternoon from the conventions from 3-5 PM/ET. In addition, Charlie Rose will host his nightly program for PBS and Bloomberg Television from the Bloomberg Link.
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Bloomberg 1, Comcast 0?

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Deadline New York’s David Lieberman writes about an FCC order to force Comcast to put Bloomberg TV next to similar channels in 158 of its systems…

Today’s order from the regulatory agency’s Media Bureau means that by tomorrow Bloomberg TV will be located next to other news channels such as CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News in about 158 of Comcast’s systems. The bureau pretty much sided with Bloomberg, ruling that the cable company had to move the business news channel’s standard definition feed into the so-called “news neighborhood” of the dial in 32 systems even if it meant that another service had to be displaced. Also, Comcast couldn’t just move Bloomberg on the HD tier. “When coupled with the Bureau’s earlier mandate that Comcast place Bloomberg TV in 126 Standard Definition news neighborhoods by July 1, this stands as a big win for the public and independent programmers,” says Greg Babyak, Bloomberg’s Head of Government Affairs. The order clarifies a May 2 Media Bureau decision that Comcast discriminated against Bloomberg TV by positioning it away from other news services. It’s a sensitive issue because Bloomberg competes with CNBC: Before Comcast bought NBCU, it promised the FCC that it wouldn’t favor its own channels vs rival services. Comcast said it wasn’t discriminating against Bloomberg; it was already separated from other news services on Comcast systems before the NBCU deal. The cable giant has said that it will appeal the ruling. Comcast wouldn’t comment on today’s Media Bureau ruling.

Adam Johnson Profile

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WAG Magazine’s Georgette Gouveia profiles Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson…

In truth, Johnson was destined for business. Growing up in Greenwich, where he attended the Brunswick School, this native Chicagoan mowed lawns, painted houses and worked for a caterer, earning $6,000. As a 16-year-old in 1982, he says, “I felt pretty flush.”

Still, he was premed at Princeton University until economics professor Alan Blinder convinced him that he should switch to his specialty.

“He was just so persuasive. And I didn’t just want to fix people. I wanted to do something broader. Business is about interacting with people.”

That drive led to an impressive résumé in the financial sector – analyst at Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, trader at Louis Dreyfus Energy Corp., founder of and the biggie, co-founder and co-portfolio manager of MLH Capital L.L.C., which shut down in 2008.

What was it like helping to run a hedge fund?

“Stressful, in a word. Lots of fun. But you can only do it for so long. It’s boring to sit in a room looking at screens and all you do is buy and sell. I felt it was not using enough of me.”

One day he was running in Central Park when he saw Dylan Ratigan, then of CNBC, and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“I said, ‘You should have me on your show.’ I told him, ‘I’ll make you look good and make your viewers money.’”

What Johnson told viewers was to get in on a little something called Google. Needless to say, that led to return visits, which led to Fox appearances, which led to Bloomberg, where he’s been since 2009.

“It’s luck, but you have to prepare yourself for the right moment.”

A Week in the Life of a Media Salesperson…

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Trevor Fellows; Bloomberg TV’s Global Head of Media Sales, chronicles a week in his life for Media Week… (via Talking Biz News)


The office day begins with a review of our “upfront” activity. American broadcasters and cable networks negotiate roughly 80% of the following year’s ad deals in a few weeks in the early summer and while, as an international business news network, the majority of our business is negotiated on a calendar-year basis, the upfronts are still hugely important to us.

So far the signs are good – CPMs are growing at a healthy 7% and overall budgets are up. But a handful of clients are reporting that they’ll sit the upfronts out this year and wait to buy inventory later in the scatter market, hoping to snare lower pricing.

The rest of the day is spent focused on digital. We’ve made an enormous push to quadruple the production and consumption of Bloomberg’s online video by July and are well on track.

Two clients I meet that afternoon confide that they are looking to significantly increase their budget allocation for video. I’m happy to tell them that we not only have inventory, but also can help them produce assets.

I dedicate the evening to installing a new Sonos sound system. I spend the rest of the evening jumping around radio stations from around the world.


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