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Booking Wars: Round Two…

Posted in Bloomberg, CNBC, FBN on February 24, 2013 by icn2

The Slant’s Jeff Reeves writes about CNBC’s booking practices. Reeeves gets FBN’s Kevin Magee to comment on the matter…

If I were in the booking department of CNBC, I would think twice about some of this lest big-time CEOs and hedge fund managers tire of the whole affair.

Or as Kevin Magee, the executive vice president of Fox Business Network, said to me more bluntly, “Business leaders are not going to be blackmailed, much less be dictated to by some booker in Englewood Cliffs.”

Magee uses the right word there with “dictated.” The problem is that CNBC thinks it has a captive audience and captive contributors, and thus can tell all parties whatever it feels like.

Ah…but it can. Until someone big enough runs the blockade…someone CNBC can’t afford to blacklist. Someone like Warren Buffett for example. If CNBC dared try that on Buffett, Buffett would laugh in their face and there’s not a damn thing CNBC would do about it.

But for smaller fry “gets”…yes…it’s a real problem for FBN and Bloomberg. I think we may have witnessed just such an incident a while back when Simpson and Bowles bailed out on FBN to be exclusive for Maria Bartiromo. All FBN could do is take the the air and whine about it.

Eric Bolling Named New Cashin’ In Host…

Posted in FBN on January 24, 2013 by icn2

The Orlando Sentinel’s Hal Boedeker writes that Eric Bolling will be the new host of Cashin’ In on FNC…

Rollins College grad Eric Bolling is taking on new duties at Fox News Channel, the TV Guy has learned exclusively.

Fox News confirmed that Bolling, one of the co-hosts of “The Five,” will bring his business expertise to hosting “Cashin’ In” starting this weekend.

David Asman Profile

Posted in FBN on January 8, 2013 by icn2

Cigar & Spirits Magazine’s Jon Shakill profiles David Asman…(via TVNewser)

Jon Shakill: A Senator offered you a job, but you decided to stick with journalism?

David Asman: That’s correct. It was an interesting offer, but I wasn’t crazy about the idea of leaving journalism, so I decided to call a friend over at the Wall Street Journal named George Malone. I asked him if he thought that taking the press aide job would interfere with my journalistic career. He said “well no, but to tell you the truth, we have something opening up here. We hadn’t thought about you but you may want to apply.” It turns out it was for a new column just starting up on Latin America— this was in 1983. That’s when I flew up to New York and ended up getting that job, so it all worked out great. I had no background on Latin America, but the Journal wanted somebody who was a good writer and editor, who could approach the job with a clean slate, and that turned out to be me. It really turned into two jobs, one was editing the Americas column, and the other was editing the Manger’s Journal which was a pure business column written by managers, for managers. Eventually I ended up editing together all of the articles in the Manager’s Journal into two books called the Wall Street Journal on Management. That actually helped me pay for a little apartment in New York which I still have today.

Jon Shakill: How long were you the Latin America Editor for the Wall Street Journal?

David Asman: I did that for 12 years, and then was asked to be the Op-Ed Editor of the Wall Street Journal, which I did for another 2 years. It was at that time that I was approached by Roger Ailes [President of FOX News]. It was funny, the first time I met Roger was at a luncheon for Fidel Castro at the residence of Mort Zuckerman. I was seated between Roger, and the late Bill Safire who was a columnist for the New York Times. That was when Roger offered me a job, which I wasn’t that interested in at the time because of my antipathy towards television news, but he convinced me he was going to do something totally different. He also sweetened the deal significantly enough so that a year later I ended up accepting his offer to work on FOX Business Network, and I’ve been here ever since.

Peter Barnes Profile

Posted in FBN on January 7, 2013 by icn2

The Washington Post’s Thomas Heath profiles FBN’s Peter Barnes…

The 54-year-old senior Washington correspondent for the Fox Business Network is also a serial entrepreneur who is batting one for three in business start-ups.

One hit. Two whiffs. No home runs.

I caught up with Barnes in several phone conversations between his Fox TV appearances last week, where he was telling viewers how much more they were going to fork over to the feds under the new U.S. tax rates.

Barnes is not just any working journalist. He is a resilient risk-taker, qualities that I envy.

The entrepreneur has actually put his cash, time and reputation into three start-ups. He has written business plans, raised money, met a payroll, paid taxes, hired and fired and — when it didn’t work — figured out the next thing. He can read a balance sheet and knows that “discount rate” is not the price of something at Wal-Mart.

“I really understand how hard it is to be an entrepreneur,” Barnes said. “Every person who is successful and is a gazillionaire, a lot of them have failed.”

FBN Gains Viewers in 2012

Posted in CNBC, FBN on December 19, 2012 by icn2

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens has FBN’s numbers for 2012 and the numbers appear to be showing promise…

CNBC, which in April will celebrate 24 years on the air, is not having a stellar 2012 in the ratings department. And while it still doubles or even more than triples the viewership of its only rated competitor Fox Business (Bloomberg is not publicly rated), CNBC is declining while FBN is showing growth. The 2012 ratings year ends Dec. 30, but here’s how the networks are stacking up as we go into the holidays.

12/26/11 – 12/17/12:

CNBC Total Day Average: 171,000 Total Viewers / 51,000 A25-54
FBN Total Day Average: 63,000 Total Viewers / 14,000 A25-54

CNBC’s Wall Street Journal Report Changes Name…

Posted in CNBC, FBN, FNC on December 17, 2012 by icn2

In a move that should surprise no one,  CNBC tersely announced that the syndicated Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo is getting a new name..

Starting January 1st, “The Wall Street Journal Report” will be renamed “On the Money with Maria Bartiromo”.

What wasn’t mentioned is the reason why. But it’s obvious. On December 31st, CNBC’s agreement with Dow Jones expires. Starting January 1st, don’t expect to see the Wall Street Journal brand anywhere on cable other than News Corp. properties…

Don Imus Does His Best Larry King Impersonation…

Posted in FBN on December 11, 2012 by icn2

…and re-ups with Cumulus and FBN again.

FOX Business Network (FBN) re-signed radio personality Don Imus to a multi-year deal in which his Imus in the Morning program will continue to be simulcast on the channel, announced Kevin Magee, Executive Vice President of the network. The show will remain syndicated on the radio by Cumulus Media.

In making the announcement, Magee said, “Imus has been a great addition to the FBN team bringing a business savvy program that informs and entertains our pre-market audience. We look forward to continuing our success in the years to come.”

Imus in the Morning debuted on FBN in 2009 and has consistently been one of the top rated programs on the network. The show offers a mix of current affairs, politics, business news, entertainment and sports as discussed among Imus, FBN co-host Connell McShane, and a revolving cast of characters including: Bernard McGuirk, Rob Bartlett, Lou Rufino, Tony Powell, and Warner Wolf. FBN’s Dagen McDowell provides business news reports throughout the program.

Imus added, “I love it. Let’s do it.”

A four-time recipient of the Marconi Award from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Imus is a member of both the NAB and Broadcasting and Cable Halls of Fame.

Out Muscled…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on November 15, 2012 by icn2

That FBN got outmuscled by CNBC on a Simpson Bowles interview does not surprise me. You can blame the PR people partially for not standing up to CNBC and saying, “We already committed to FBN, we aren’t going to back out to please you.” But, let’s face it, CNBC can get away with this muscle work because of its penetration, both in terms of providers and channel placement and reach compared to FBN’s. If it were a booking war between CNN and MSNBC it would be a different story because the playing field is more even. Maybe one day that will change and CNBC won’t be able to throw its weight around quite so easily and, therefore, PR people won’t be as easily cowed.

That said, the on the air reaction could have been handled better than it was. “Apparently, David, they don’t want to fix the debt that badly”?????? Come on. As if fixing the debt had any greater chance of success had Simpson and Bowles done any TV today vs. doing no TV today. Simpson and Bowles got marginalized by Congress and the White House long ago. Periodic TV appearances aren’t going to alter that fact. FBN has a right to be pissed. But hyperbole makes for a poor counterargument.

Neil Cavuto Interview…

Posted in FBN on November 5, 2012 by icn2

Zap2It’s Kate O’Hare interviews Neil Cavuto about living with MS…

“The biggest thing I try to do,” he says in a voice that has been raspy since MS forced throat surgery a few years ago, “is get engaged in my work and not let what I clearly feel in my body slow me down. I’m well aware of the fatigue issue. Given my hours, I don’t need a reminder of that. But I know the havoc it can play — probably you’re hearing it in my voice — and on my nervous system, as it drags on.

“But what I find interesting about it — I should write a medical thesis on it — and what I’ve noticed talking to other MS patients, when they’re in the throes of their work … A friend of mine, who’s a corporate attorney, when he’s in the throes of a big project, he somehow is able to marshal the resources to do the job. Then, afterwards, when things calm down, he just collapses. His body just gives way. I’ve had those experiences.

“It is a little humbling, because it’s like, I was going and and going and going and then, I get through Election Night, and I get through all the interviews, and I get through everything, and then it’s like my body says, ‘All right, you little effer, I’m through with you.’ And I feel it.

Inside FBN’s Graphics Overhaul

Posted in FBN on September 15, 2012 by icn2

Following up on the news ICN wrote about Wednesday that FBN would be dropping the wing and going 16×9 in SD on Monday,’s Carl Marcucci has more info including leaked screengrabs…

FBN will now, for the first time ever, have a specific vehicle in place to utilize social media. The ticker will now include a dedicated space for any text information, meaning headlines, tweets, Facebook comments and more. Previously, if they wanted to incorporate Twitter, it would have to be in the lower third, meaning it could only stay on air for a short time, and then would have to disappear once the camera switches to a guest that needs to be identified (since this is the space where chyrons–graphics that occupy the lower area of the screen–appear).

Ray Lambiase, Senior VP of Graphics at FBN, tells RBR-TVBR: “By dedicating an area of our new data ticker exclusively to text headlines, we will have the opportunity to – at any time and as often and for as long as we like – display social media comments, without ever interrupting the flow of financial data that our business viewers expect to see.”

FBN Changes?

Posted in FBN on September 12, 2012 by icn2

From an emailer…

FBN is getting a graphics overhaul on Monday. The network is switching to 16×9 format.

I’m not quite sure what that means exactly…that they’re getting rid of the wing? That would be very surprising and for that reason I doubt that’s what it means. Maybe it means that they’ll be broadcasting 16×9 in SD like FNC, HLN, and CNN do…though I thought they already did that (but I can’t tell since I’m getting the HD feed).

Update: Another emailer writes that FBN is 4:3 in SD so I’m guessing come Monday it will go 16×9.

Update 2: Yet another emailer writes in that FBN is indeed dropping the wing. Wow. That leaves CNBC as the last business channel with a wing. Bloomberg dropped their wing long ago.

FBN’s GOP Convention Coverage Plans

Posted in FBN on August 23, 2012 by icn2

FBN announced its GOP Convention Coverage Plans…

FOX Business Network (FBN) presents Election 2012: The Republican National Convention, a special report featuring live coverage of the Republican National Convention (RNC), anchored by FBN’s Neil Cavuto. Beginning Monday, August 27th, Cavuto will be live from the FOX Sky Box in the Tampa Bay Times Forum, and he will host live special reports from the convention floor each night on FBN from 8-11 PM/ET.

Joining Cavuto in Tampa will be FBN Washington Correspondent Rich Edson, along with a number of prominent business executives and political experts to assess what role the economy will play in the 2012 presidential election. The coverage will also feature a rotating team of FBN experts to help examine each day’s events, including Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino, Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano and After the Bell anchor David Asman.

Some key guests include: former Bain Capital Managing Director Edward Conard; former New York Stock Exchange Chairman Dick Grasso; Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist; billionaire investor Wilbur Ross; Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI); Home Depot Co-Founder and billionaire financier Ken Langone; former UBS Chairman Joseph Grano; Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT); former Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, among others.

FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York—the business capital of the world—FBN launched in October 2007 under the leadership of FOX News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes and is now available in more than 60 million homes in major markets across the United States. Owned by News Corp, the network has bureaus in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and London. On the web at

Wanted: CNBC Webmasters Who Pay Attention to Their Site…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on July 30, 2012 by icn2

This is too funny…

FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight Defeats CNBC’s The Kudlow Report for the Month of July
Published: Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 4:37 PM ET
Text Size

NEW YORK, Jul 30, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Lou Dobbs Tonight beat CNBC’s The Kudlow Report in the coveted advertising demo of persons aged 25-54 for the month of July, according to Nielsen Media Research. The victory marks the first monthly win for the 7 PM/ET program, anchored by Lou Dobbs, since launching in March 2011.

For the month of July, Dobbs achieved a 10 percent advantage over CNBC with 43,000 viewers in the demo to Larry Kudlow’s 39,000.
Continue reading

Neil Cavuto Interview…

Posted in FBN, FNC on July 10, 2012 by icn2

Leaders Online has an interview with Neil Cavuto…

How have you seen Fox evolve over the years?

When I first started, I didn’t know it would become the sensation it has become. I was at CNBC. But I wasn’t concerned with whether or not FOX would succeed because Roger Ailes was starting it. I was eager to come here.

Once people are exposed to it and see the whole product, they like it. If it’s good quality, they will come. We grew by word of mouth.

It has been suggested that objectivity in the cable space no longer exists. Is that frustrating to hear and is it tough to put your personal feelings aside as you do your job?

I remember every criticism. But you get to a point where you have to do your job. It frustrates me when I call some of the Administration and they won’t talk to me, and I tell them, I’m not red or blue – I’m green; I’m following money. But I take pride in that I’ve had both Democratic and Republican Presidents on the show, and we try to be fair and not colored like the over-the-top opinion shows. Business types know that I’ve been doing this for a long time and I don’t go for “gotcha” questions, and I don’t yell and scream but try to keep a level approach and get to the bottom of things.

When I hear some say we’re not fair and balanced, it is bothersome.

Bogus Claims: Round 2…

Posted in FBN on June 28, 2012 by icn2

Earlier this week’s Bill Dedman took aim at the claim that Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu had a Pulitzer nomination. Now he’s targeting FBN’s Charlie Gasparino…

When asked on Tuesday in which year he was nominated, former boxer Gasparino jabbed back in a one-line email: “I was nominated by the wsj sir.”

But the news organizations don’t choose the Pulitzer nominees, any more than the record studios choose Grammy nominees. By Gasparino’s reckoning, thousands of journalists each year could sell books and earn speaking fees by calling themselves “Pulitzer nominees.”

Later Tuesday, Fox changed its online bio of Gasparino, keeping the P word but dropping any claim to a nomination, saying instead that his work “was submitted for the Pulitzer.”

A Fox spokeswoman also sent over a statement:

“The Wall Street Journal submitted Charlie Gasparino’s reporting of Wall Street research scandals to the Pulitzer Board in 2002,” said the statement from Kevin Magee, executive vice president of Fox Business Network. “While Fox Business never claimed he was a finalist for the award, we’ve clarified his bio to reflect the submission as opposed to a nomination.”

Neither Fox nor Gasparino would answer the question: Why include a “submission” in a bio at all if it didn’t make the finals?

Melissa Francis Interview…

Posted in FBN on June 4, 2012 by icn2

The Improper Bostonian’s Jonathan Soroff interviews FBN’s Melissa Francis… (via J$)

Jonathan Soroff: So what can we expect to see on your new show that we don’t already see on business TV?

Melissa Francis: We want to speak to a broader audience, whether that’s someone deciding whether to refinance their home, deciding how to send their kids to college, reminding them what this thing is that Congress is spending tax dollars on—anything that involves money and impacts just about anybody. Of course, we like things that are eye-catching and that expose the hypocrisy of either government or Wall Street.

FBN Changes

Posted in FBN on May 30, 2012 by icn2

It’s not exactly new news as this had been anticipated for some months now but TVNewser’s Chris Ariens reports that Melissa Francis’ new FBN show which now has the name “Money with Melissa Francis” will debut on Monday at 5pm, which in turn pushes The Willis Report to 6pm and Neil Cavuto’s show an hour later to 8pm.

Update: Evidently FBN had a change of plans. The original plan, as relayed via Mediaite back in February…

In addition, FBN is developing a new 5PM/ET program hosted by Melissa Francis who joined the network from CNBC earlier this year. The show will debut in the second quarter, at which point The Willis Report will move to 8PM/ET, enabling FBN to be the only business network providing viewers with uninterrupted live coverage of financial news from 5AM/ET to 9PM/ET.

Now, 8pm will be anchored by Cavuto live and not Willis.


Posted in CNBC, FBN, FNC on April 26, 2012 by icn2

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes that longtime FNC/FBN staffer Gary Schrier is jumping to CNBC where he’ll helm Maria Bartiromo’s Closing Bell…

Schreier was Neil Cavuto’s executive producer at both Fox News and, later Fox Business. Schreier has been with Cavuto since his days at CNBC and made the jump with him to FNC in 1996. He also helped launch FBN in 2007. An FBN staffer tells TVNewser, “this is a major loss for the network.” Schreier’s last day at FBN is tomorrow.

Wow. Just wow…

New FBN Dayside Rotation Starts Monday…

Posted in FBN on April 20, 2012 by icn2

Zap2It’s Kate O’Hare reports that FBN’s new dayside lineup starts Monday…

As of Monday, Dennis Kneale joins Cheryl Casone (above) as co-host of the noon hour. Recent FBN hire Melissa Francis and Lori Rothman — who was a guest in the “leg chair” on FNC’s “RedEye W/Greg Gutfeld” last week — will continue as co-hosts of the 1 p.m. hour, with the fiery Tracy Byrnes and British-born, Los Angeles-raised Ashley Webster taking over as hosts of the 2 p.m. slot.

Can you say “FBN leak”? I knew you could…

Liz Claman’s 1,000th FBN Episode…

Posted in FBN on April 19, 2012 by icn2

My San Antonio’s Chris Quinn writes about Liz Claman hosting her 1,000th FBN episode today…

For the last five years Liz Claman has anchored “Countdown to the Closing Bell” on the FOX Business Network, pounding out stories and explaining some of the business world’s more intriguing events.

Thursday the business journalist will celebrate her 1,000th episode of “Countdown” on the floor of New York Stock Exchange, which is right where she was born to be.

“I’m glad we’re doing it at the floor of the New York Stock Exchange,” Claman said. “I’m happiest when I’m out there elbow deep in the trades and story lines that are happening.”

GM vs. Bolling…

Posted in FBN on April 16, 2012 by icn2 has a story by Jim Kenzie where Dan Mepham, a product manager with General Motors of Canada, addresses comments Eric Bolling made about the Chevy Volt…

A piece by Eric Bolling, who appears on the Fox Business Channel’s Follow the Money program, in which he attempts to discredit the economics of operating a Chevrolet Volt, is making the e-mail rounds. I’ve got it twice already.

Bolling makes some dramatic claims, so I thought I should give GM a chance to comment. I asked Dan Mepham, a product manager with General Motors of Canada, to go over Bolling’s claims and give us GM’s side of the story.

Here are excerpts from Bolling’s piece (with metric conversions, as required), followed by Mepham’s responses (edited for space).

Update: I wandered into something without knowing the backstory. J$ pointed me to Bolling’s Facebook page where he disavowed the email…

ALERT! there is an email circulating the blogosphere>>> I have no idea who or where it came from. I DID test drive the Volt and document that experience on air but I made NO analysis of the cars cost to operate. the fraudulent email is below:

Sandra Smith Interview…

Posted in FBN on April 11, 2012 by icn2

HedgeFund.Net’s Ricardo Kaulessar interviews FBN’s Sandra Smith…

“Watching financial television as a trader, you always wanted the news to speak to you,” Smith says. “I know my goal every day is to talk to an audience that cares about their money, and what is happening in the world and what direction it is going in.”

But there was a time when Smith’s career path could have gone in another direction. Her years at Illinois State University and Louisiana State University were marked by success in the track and field arena including setting the second-fastest time in LSU history for the steeplechase.

Smith looks back on that time as helping her prepare for her current endeavors.

“Whether it’s sprinting to the finish line in an LSU uniform or chasing down a story for the Fox Business Network, we share a common goal to win and succeed,” Smith says.

FBN Beat CNBC One Hour All Week Last Week…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on April 10, 2012 by icn2

Granted it was just one hour and granted it was for the first time and especially granted that it wasn’t business day where CNBC seems to be singularly focused (or rather projects outwardly to the world that business day is what matters most). Still, TVNewser’s Chris Ariens piece on Lou Dobbs beating head to head the CNBC 7pm timeslot in both P2+ and A25-54 is worth some banner headlines for sure…

Stossel vs. Kelly

Posted in FBN on April 6, 2012 by icn2

This is interesting. I’m usually not that interested in John Stossel’s crusades but this time he takes on cable news and Megyn Kelly has to play defense. (via J$)

Imus vs. Barnes…

Posted in FBN on March 27, 2012 by icn2

Don Imus trashes FBN’s Peter Barnes. And then some…

Jeff Flock Interview…

Posted in FBN on March 20, 2012 by icn2

Warner Todd Huston interviews FBN’s Jeff Flock for Publius’ Forum… (via J$)

For his part, reporter Jeff Flock provided some of his analysis on the GOP filed from which Illinois will choose this primary election day.

“If you are a deficit hawk there is not much difference between the three front runners. Romney, Santorum and Gingrich all push lower taxes, spending cuts and changes to the Social Security and Medicare programs,” Flock said. “All would, by most economist’s measures, add trillions to the deficit over the next decade. Only Ron Paul’s plan would cut the deficit over time.”

FBN Daytime Changes…

Posted in FBN on March 16, 2012 by icn2

Investor Place’s Jeff Reeves writes about changes coming to FBN dayside… (via J$)

While Dagen McDowell and Connell McShane will remain anchoring at 11 a.m., the volatile Dennis Kneale will soon join Cheryl Casone to host the noon hour. Melissa Francis – FBN’s newest add – and Lori Rothman will continue co-hosting the 1 p.m. hour, with Tracy Byrnes and Ashley Webster taking over as the new hosts of the 2 p.m. slot.

Another Imus Controversy?

Posted in FBN on March 13, 2012 by icn2

I received the following email this afternoon regarding this morning’s Imus…

Sometimes they play around with the fighting but today is seemed real and cringe worthy, I happened to tune in, the 8am hour I believe, and Dagen McDowell was ranting at Don that she’s been in the financial business for many years and should not be disrespected. Not sure but I think she might be been referring to be disrespected because she a woman. Don responded that he’s won three Marconi awards and is a very successful talk show host.

I haven’t been able to find a clip of this segment so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this summary. That said, some people did express concern to Dagen on Twitter about it…

@dagenmcdowell U r the best! Don’t let Imus & gang bully u!

@dagenmcdowell I usually find the humor on Imus funny — so, I get it. He was way out of bounds with you this morning. NOT funny.

Dagen’s response to both was polite but restrained. She acknowledged their tweets without either defending or not defending Imus. Make of that what you will. If there was any real fire to this morning’s alleged smoke we’ll find out soon enough because Imus controversies tend to resurface on Imus’ air.

Salem Radio to Launch Daily Lou Dobbs Financial Report…

Posted in FBN on February 13, 2012 by icn2

Salem Communications announced that Lou Dobbs will be doing a daily financial report for the company’s radio network… (via Talking Biz News)

Salem Radio Network Announces Launch of “Lou Dobbs Financial Report” Weekdays on SRN

CAMARILLO, CA, Feb 13, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — The Salem Radio Network (SRN), a division of Salem Communications Corporation SALM +2.77% , today announced that Lou Dobbs is joining SRN for the launch of “Lou Dobbs Financial Report.” The new business features will air three times each weekday: prior to the Opening Bell on Wall Street, a Midday business report, and a daily Market Close update. “Lou Dobbs Financial Report” will premiere on SRN Monday, February 20, 2012.

Greg Anderson, President of SRN, stated: “Lou Dobbs is one of the most respected names in American financial reporting. We are delighted to have Lou join SRN which will make his expertise and credibility available to radio stations coast-to-coast.”

Lou Dobbs added: “There has never been a time in American history when up-to-the-minute Business Reports were more important to men and women from coast to coast. I’m really looking forward to my new partnership with SRN and the opportunity it provides to reach an entire new audience on a daily basis.”

FBN Primetime Overhaul…

Posted in FBN on February 9, 2012 by icn2

FBN announced that it’s altering its primetime landscape considerably… (via Mediaite)

FOX Business Network (FBN) will debut a new primetime schedule featuring encore presentations of the channel’s top post-market programs, announced Kevin Magee, Executive Vice President of the network. Starting February 20th at 8 PM/ET, viewers will find additional airings of The Willis Report (5PM & 8PM/ET), Cavuto (6PM & 9PM/ET) and Lou Dobbs Tonight (7PM & 10PM/ET). The new lineup will replace FreedomWatch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Power & Money with David Asman and Follow the Money with Eric Bolling.

In addition, FBN is developing a new 5PM/ET program hosted by Melissa Francis who joined the network from CNBC earlier this year. The show will debut in the second quarter, at which point The Willis Report will move to 8PM/ET, enabling FBN to be the only business network providing viewers with uninterrupted live coverage of financial news from 5AM/ET to 9PM/ET.

In making the announcement Magee said, “Neil Cavuto, Lou Dobbs and Gerri Willis are the most trusted names in business news and this new lineup affords FOX Business viewers additional access to their no-nonsense take on the day’s financial events. We look forward to Judge Napolitano, David and Eric continuing to make significant contributions to both FOX Business and FOX News. In addition to daily branded segments, each of them will be showcased throughout future programming on both networks.”

Currently one of the leading judicial analysts on television, Judge Napolitano will continue his role on both FOX Business and FOX News, providing key legal insights surrounding the growing intersection between Washington and Wall Street. In addition to co-hosting The Five on FNC, Eric Bolling will also lend his unparalleled expertise on oil and energy stemming from more than 20 years on the trading floor to both networks as a commodities contributor. David Asman will maintain his role as co-anchor of After the Bell (4PM/ET) with Liz Claman on FBN, as well as expand upon his platform as a multinational economic affairs expert to provide commentary on the globalization of the business world. Stossel, hosted by John Stossel, will continue Thursdays at 10PM/ET.

This could be interpreted as the latest manifestation of FBN’s “course correction” away from politics and more towards Business News as Napolitano and Bolling are more well known for the ideologies these days than their business acumen (which in Bolling’s case is actually quite considerable). And Bolling has his big hit 4 on 1 The Five to fall back on. The surprise here would be Asman’s show getting axed as it had been on FBN’s air, under one name or another, since the network launched. But Asman still has After the Bell which is a big anchor for FBN’s business day coverage. It’s less clear what Napolitano does. He won’t be going away but he won’t have his own show anymore either. Funny. Just a year ago Napolitano was being touted by many, myself included, as a viable replacement for Glenn Beck. Now he doesn’t even have a show to call his own.

What shouldn’t be surprising here is Melissa Francis getting her own show. You have to figure that this particular carrot had to have been dangled in front of her in order to get her to join FBN from CNBC in the first place.


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