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Posted in FNC on November 25, 2014 by icn2

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple just destroys Bill O’Reilly over his now discredited Ebola paranoia… (via J$)

Turns out that O’Reilly had it precisely wrong. The United States is now Ebola-free and, just as medical experts have said throughout, the pivotal consideration in keeping it that way is providing aid to the countries where the virus resides. Just how important is free travel to the aid effort? Daniel Epstein, a Washington-based spokesman for the World Health Organization, told the Erik Wemple Blog earlier this month that the organization had ferried 600 people in and out of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea since the virus broke out in March (some of those folks have made more than one trip). When asked how WHO had reacted to O’Reilly’s calls for a travel ban, Epstein said, “We never tried to get on his show or tried to rebut his statements but we did issue statements about our position about international travel and Ebola.”

Such statements and other appeals to simple logic didn’t work with O’Reilly, who thrust upon his viewers an ugly dark-ages isolationism. Which would have been fine, if only he’d been right. O’Reilly said in an August 2013 program: “When you make a mistake, admit it.” Surely he’ll do just that on Ebola.

FNC Dominance Examined

Posted in FNC on November 18, 2014 by icn2

The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik looks at FNC’s dominance…

Any day now, I am expecting to turn on the tube and see an ad that says, “More Americans get their TV news from Fox than anywhere else.”

Whether that pleases or horrifies you, it’s time to think seriously about what that says about Fox, CNN, MSNBC, the state of network news today and the role TV plays or doesn’t play in providing us with reliable, trustworthy information.

Fox News has emerged as the leader for election news and more, according to Baltimore Sun critic David Zurawik. The cable news channel is dominant, said Zurawik, who discussed this on Fox News Media Buzz. (The Baltimore Sun)
Much of the media establishment seems bent on ignoring the incredible ratings success of Fox News. Or, maybe it’s just that Fox has pounded CNN and MSNBC in the ratings for so long that another victory doesn’t seem like “news” – especially with MSNBC imploding and CNN committing to any genre but news in an effort to find new audiences.

Glass Houses…

Posted in FNC on November 12, 2014 by icn2

TVNewser’s Mark Joyella writes about something Shepard Smith said yesterday in regards to what other networks did to piggy back off Peter Doocy’s Bin Laden shooter scoop…

Smith also called competing news networks “hater channels” for reporting criticism of O’Neill — some from fellow SEALS — who think O’Neill has acted inappropriately in revealing his role in the covert mission.

Hater channels? You mean hater channels like FNC which posted a story written by an FNC staffer that included Navy SEALS criticizing Mark Owen for publishing his book?

The tell-all book also has apparently upset a large population of former and current SEAL members who worry about releasing information that could compromise future missions. One Navy SEAL told Fox News, “How do we tell our guys to stay quiet when this guy won’t?” Other SEALs are expressing anger, with some going so far as to call him a “traitor.”

Those “hater channels” Shep?

Well alrighty then…

Greta Van Susteren Interviews Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

Posted in FNC on November 6, 2014 by icn2

Here is the transcript of tonight’s Greta Van Susteren On the Record interview with Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Andrew, nice to see you.

SGT. ANDREW TAHMOORESSI, USMC (RET.): Nice to see you, too, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Boy, I never thought we’d have this chance, at least that after 200-some days, I’d given up hope.

TAHMOORESSI: Oh, yes? You gave up hope?

VAN SUSTEREN: No, I didn’t give up hope.

TAHMOORESSI: I didn’t think so. OK.

VAN SUSTEREN: A lot of people behind you.


VAN SUSTEREN: Are you different now than before you ended up in prison?
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Megyn Kelly Interview…

Posted in FNC on November 3, 2014 by icn2

Cosmopolitan’s Helin Jung interviews Megyn Kelly…

How much of your career moves are about having had a plan and executing according to that plan?

Almost none. There hasn’t been a five-year plan, and I don’t really believe in that. I know many people do. What I believe is, if you keep your nose down and your mouth shut and work hard, opportunities will present themselves.

It goes back to outhustling everybody. Take all that energy you’re putting into looking at the woman who got promoted next to you and thinking, She didn’t deserve it! Why didn’t I get it? and in the cattier circles, She must be sleeping her way to the top! and put all that energy back into yourself. You take all that energy that you put into sometimes negative thinking and put it back into yourself. Ask, How can I get this job? How can I do better? How can I be better?

You may not be the smartest. If you’re in a job that is in any way focused on appearance, you may not be the most beautiful. You may not have the best academic pedigree. You may not be the one who has the strongest résumé in terms of experience. But what do you have? What can you get? You can get smarter. You can get more informed. You can round out your skills in other ways to make yourself shine. That is so empowering, once you realize that. You throw yourself into it, and then you see rewards start to come.

Don’t get me wrong: When I go in for a contract negotiation, I have to ask my boss for things. It’s not like he just regales me with wonderful raises and opportunities. “I saw all your hard work and here are the rewards!” But over time, he understands who you are. He understands your work ethic, and the proof is in the pudding. He sees the results, he sees the interviews, he hears about your reputation. My boss never hears that I’m a diva who’s running around being bad to people. He hears that I’m a kind person who treats other people respectfully. He sees interviews get a lot of pickup. He sees me do a tough interview, and he hears the subject of said interview call him up and say, “I thought it was fair.” Over time, cream rises to the top, and the spoiled stuff gets thrown out. You have to try to be that cream.

Shepard Smith Interview…

Posted in FNC on October 27, 2014 by icn2

Capital New York’s Alex Weprin interviews Shepard Smith…

“Despite all the technology, it was really created for the super news computer that is Shep,” Jay Wallace, the senior V.P. of news and senior E.P. of news and politics for Fox told Capital. “[He] obviously processes things a lot faster than anyone else.”

In his role as lead news anchor, Smith has the authority to break into other Fox News programs if there is breaking news.

“It depends on what is happening in the news cycle,” Smith told Capital when asked how they decide when to break in. “Right now we have a couple of kids shot in a cafeteria in a school…”

“We have to stop for a minute,” a stage manager said to Smith. They were going to break into the 2 p.m. program, “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.”

Smith would spend the next one hour and 20 minutes covering the school shooting, in Marysville, Wash. That coverage included a “level two” break-in for local affiliates, giving them the option of carrying his coverage of the shooting. There would be no commercial breaks, and nothing in the TelePrompter. Smith worked off of what he saw on-screen, what he heard in his earpiece and what he read on blue slips of paper handed to him by his staff.

And then there’s this…

“When we first introduced it, people were like, oh those are gimmick TVs in the background. That is not the case,” Wallace said. “Shep makes a point to go in and use the information specialists. He is relying on them, and they rely on him to quarterback it all. It really is a give and take between the technology, the people, our assignment desk and our reporters in the field.”

I’m going to disagree with this to a point. The “gimmick” of the Fox News Deck, if you want to use that word, is that it has taken what was traditionally handled by the control room news staff behind the scenes and moved it, or at the very least super augmented it, into the studio with the anchor.

From a purely informational standpoint, there is little that the news deck provides that couldn’t be duplicated or hasn’t been duplicated in the past by the control room. What does set it apart is that the level of interaction the anchor has, where he can go to any information he thinks worth checking in on, would not be possible if all that information was still confined to the control room. So from a visual standpoint it does amp the news. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting more news than you would have if all those people were back in the control room. It’s just a more interesting, or compelling, way of doing what was done previously.

Tent Shooting: Round 2?

Posted in FNC on October 3, 2014 by icn2

Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell writes about Chris Wallace trying to tamp down the Fox and Friends hosts responding to Barack Obama’s overhyped FNC swipes yesterday…

“I just didn’t think we belonged in the dialogue,” Brian Kilmeade said. “Just tell me what you think and take on the other party.”

“Are we at the presidential level?” Steve Doocy asked. “Isn’t he punching down?”

“Doesn’t Vladimir Putin get under his skin a little bit more?” Kilmeade asked. “ISIS?” added Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

“Stop being cry babies, my gosh,” Wallace replied with a smirk. “You criticize the president for being thin skinned and you’re being thin skinned.”

Wow…I wonder how that went down with Roger Ailes? Remember that Wallace once before took an opposing view on Fox and Friends and paid dearly for it

In 2008, Wallace criticized Fox & Friends hosts, including Steve Doocy, on the air. Ailes was furious: “You shot inside the tent,” he said to Wallace, whom he called a “jerk.” Wallace sent Ailes a letter of apology, and all was forgiven.


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