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Rupert vs. Time Warner’s Board: Round 2?

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The New York Post’s Claire Atkinson and Richard Morgan write about a possible new offer for Time Warner…

“They’ll start working on the common shareholders to appeal to the Time Warner board,” said one executive familiar with Fox’s thinking. “I’m sure they have a very sophisticated plan.”

Fox and Time Warner have 11 major shareholders in common. Together they account for 38.4 percent of Time Warner’s outstanding shares and 42.7 percent of Fox’s. Among them are Capital Group, BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase and Vanguard.

“The question is how do these people want to do this trade? They are trading into themselves. At what price do these guys feel they got a good trade?” said one person familiar with discussions.

“We have no problem taking Rupert’s offer,” said Mario Gabelli, chief executive of Gamco. “Essentially his vision over the next 10 years is about the growth of the middle class in China. Smartphones are giving them access to content.”

Ironic to see Time Warner fend off a big media buy from Fox when over a decade ago Time Warner made a mega big media buy itself…AOL (ok, ok, it was really a merger). And we all know how that turned out…

Time Warner 1, Rupert Murdoch 0

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The New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin and Michael J. De La Merced write about Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition attempt being blown off by Time Warner…

The media giant 21st Century Fox, the empire run by Rupert Murdoch, made an $80 billion takeover bid in recent weeks for Time Warner Inc. but was rebuffed, people briefed on the matter said on Wednesday.

The bold approach could put Time Warner in play and might again ignite a reshaping of the media industry, prompting a new spate of mega-mergers among the nation’s largest entertainment companies.

And there’s this…

As part of the proposal to buy Time Warner, people briefed on the proposal said, 21st Century Fox indicated that it would sell CNN to head off potential antitrust concerns since Fox News competes directly with CNN. Putting CNN on the auction block would likely stir up a bidding war for the news channel; both CBS and ABC, a unit of the Walt Disney Company, have long been viewed as interested suitors.

Well…that would be interesting…not the least because of what it would mean for Jeff Zucker’s future at CNN Worldwide…but I think it would take a lot more than spinning off CNN to get a Fox acquisition of Time Warner to get past Anti Trust regulators…

Taking the Long View…

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Bloomberg Businessweek’s Eric Chemi and Ariana Giorgi chart cable news by quarter going all the way back to 2001…when CNN was still #1

As the number of prime-time broadcast TV viewers has gone down, the number tuning into cable news has gone up. Fox has benefited. Its ratings have increased while those of its cable competitors, as a group, have mostly stayed flat. That’s a sign that the growth hasn’t come from other news networks but from viewers who had not previously been watching cable news. Nielsen’s data shows that the only other cable network to be No. 1 in its category for 50 straight quarters is, unsurprisingly, ESPN

Musical Studios…

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FTVLive is reporting that HLN will be taking over CNN’s studio space including its newest studio.

Meanwhile, CNN will get HLN’s former and much smaller studio and workspace. As FTVLive FIRST reported, CNN boss Jeff Zucker moved the Atlanta based shows, talent and most of the managers to New York.

Man, they better be working on building one hell of a studio for Newsroom in NYC otherwise this NYC move hurts CNN badly…

How Do Porcupines Mate? Very Carefully…

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The New York Times’ Jonathan Mahler and Ravi Somaiya write about the dance Time Warner and 21st Century Fox are doing with Vice…

People familiar with the negotiations say the talks with Time Warner have made the most progress. It could buy a large, minority stake in Vice, and give Vice control of the cable channel HLN, or they could operate the network as a joint venture. The deal would give Vice a 24-hour news network that reaches more than 100 million households. Time Warner would get a potential solution to a channel that has struggled to find an audience.

But the companies remain at odds over how much influence Time Warner would have over Vice and HLN, said the people familiar with the talks, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are continuing and delicate. The two also disagree about the total value of Vice. Time Warner contends it is worth about $1.5 billion; Vice says it is worth at least $2.5 billion.

These people also cited another matter. In March, Mr. Smith delivered a profanity-laced assessment of CNN — also owned by Time Warner — to The Daily News in New York, calling the network “a disaster.” The president of CNN, Jeff Zucker, was furious, a Time Warner official said. If Vice were to take over HLN, Mr. Zucker and Mr. Smith would be colleagues.

Among its other suitors, Vice has the strongest relationship with Fox, which last year bought a 5 percent stake in the company for $70 million. James Murdoch is on Vice’s board.

But a Fox deal faces hurdles, too. The company does not have a logical single channel to give Vice, which is what Mr. Smith most wants. “You can’t be MTV without a TV network,” he said.

An agreement might instead call for Vice to program blocks of time on a few Fox networks. And, of course, Fox’s defining news brand, Fox News, is not popular among Vice’s core audience.

The End of HLN As We Know It?

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In a must read, Capital New York’s Alex Weprin writes about the possible end of HLN as we know it if Time Warner buys Vice…

If Vice were to gain control of HLN, the channel would almost certainly have to be unbundled from CNN. That could be messy, as pay-TV providers could seek to cut CNN’s carriage fee, or decline to carry HLN. If HLN were to continue to be bundled with CNN, Vice wouldn’t be able to capitalize on carriage fees, which would still be tied to CNN. All in all it would be a messy transaction.

What happens to HLN’s content?

If HLN is in the midst of a pivot, wouldn’t the Vice deal kill the pivot before it is even complete? HLN won’t have its new programming lineup ready til later this year, and even then it includes legacy shows hosted by talent like Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace. What would happen to HLN’s programming in the event of a Vice takeover? Would it stay on during the transition? Perhaps Vice would simply get a block of programming in the interim. Who knows.

I’ll go one further…what happens to certain HLN news talent? I’m thinking specifically of Robin Meade. This could force the issue, long speculated about by everyone and long favorited by FTVLive, of moving Meade over to CNN for mornings. I have never been a big proponent of such a move because I think Meade would be a bad fit for what CNN does in the mornings. But if Vice gets HLN, I have to believe Meade is CNN bound. Zucker would not want to let her go.

Everyone connected with New Day should be concerned. Very concerned. You all may have just been put on a clock.

HLN Teams Up With Twitter…

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HLN announced a new alliance with Twitter today…


Alliance Includes Piloting New Ways to Visualize Twitter Data on Air and Use of Twitter to Engage the Audience During Coverage of Mid-Term Elections

HLN, which rebranded itself earlier this year as the first TV home for the social media generation (millennials and the millennial-minded), has formed a strategic partnership with Twitter, it was announced by Albie Hecht, executive vice president and general manager, HLN and Vivian Schiller, head of news, Twitter.

The partnership will include collaboration between HLN and Twitter on several projects, including piloting an innovative program to visualize Twitter data live on air in new and compelling ways. The teams will work together to broadcast live visualizations of Twitter data simultaneously across television and digital platforms. During 2014, HLN will use Twitter to power trending segments on Morning Express with Robin Meade.
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HLN Announces New Shows…

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HLN announced some new programming today…


*Projects Include: 2 Spouses, 3 Houses; America’s Most Liked; What’s Trending; The Indie Machines Project; Wkly M@shup with Chuey Martinez;
Natural Born Mixer With Alex Ott; Web Mysteries; News or Not; The Social Life; Beyond The Like; Trip Traders

HLN dives further into a social media filter with a wide-ranging mix of programs in development to be announced by Albie Hecht, executive vice president and general manager, HLN, at today’s CNN Worldwide Upfront presentation in New York City.
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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s (Insert name here)!

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Capital New York’s Alex Weprin scoops that HLN is thinking about getting into the late night talk show format…

HLN is the latest cable channel looking to break into the increasingly crowded late night talk/variety show game.

The channel, which is in the middle of a rebranding, has shot a pilot for a talk show called “Weekly Mashup,” hosted by KIIS D.J. Chuey Martinez, according to a source familiar with the project.

“Weekly Mashup” would mirror other late night shows, with celebrity guests and musical acts, but it tweaks the format a bit with how it integrates social media. The idea is that people behind notable Twitter feeds, or people who post cool Vine, Instagram or YouTube videos, would appear as guests on the show as well.

“None of [the competitors] are planning what we are planning, which is that we are here for you, and we are going to put you on TV,” HLN chief Albie Hecht told Capital in February.

Inside HLN’s Rebranding…

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The Hollywood Reporter’s Marisa Guthrie writes about HLN’s rebranding…

HLN is undertaking a major rebranding away from wall-to-wall trial coverage and toward a programming strategy centered on the social media conversation. And executive vp and general manager Albie Hecht, installed last November by CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker, is about to push the boundaries on programming for a traditional cable news network with an eclectic development slate that includes game shows, docuseries (which have been successful on CNN) and apps that could also be TV segments.

Hecht, a former Viacom executive, compares his mission at HLN with his experience being a member of the team that launched MTV. “It’s about finding the white spaces,” he says. “When you build a brand, you’re fulfilling a need.”

But the landscape is much more crowded and noisy today than it was in 1981 when MTV premiered, or even 2003, when Hecht oversaw the successful transition of TNN to Spike TV, the first network targeting men. But like his boss Zucker, Hecht is prepared to throw things at the proverbial wall. And the network’s development slate reveals an eclectic mix of programs that one would not expect to find on a traditional cable news channel. But, says Hecht, he’s running after a different audience than MSNBC, Fox News Channel or even CNN.

“News that you share is very different from breaking news that other networks will cover,” he notes. “Our content is going to be different.”

How different? Read today’s press release…


*Series Contenders Keywords, I Can Haz NewsToons, One.Click.Away, Vacation Hunters, Videocracy and app #What’sYourFOMO in Development

HLN, rebranded in 2014 as the first TV home for the social media generation (millennials and the millennial-minded), unveils its initial program development slate using its new social media filter, it was announced by Albie Hecht, executive vice president and general manager, HLN.
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Chasing the White Whale…

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Yesterday’s branding announcement by HLN seems like a tall order. A very tall order. To refresh your memory here’s part of yesterday’s release…

Taking a cue from today’s connected and wildly social generation, HLN will curate the news from across all platforms. Headlines will be ripped from the most “plugged-in” sites and blogs, and HLN will make it its mission to share the trending news, viral events and stories that have viewers most obsessed, plus discover emerging social stars.

“While others report on the conversation, HLN will be a part of it,” said @AlbieHechtHLN. “Just as MTV was adopted by a disconnected target audience that was underserved by television, HLN will be the first TV home to embrace the social media generation and champion its interests.”

HLN will add the TV component and a sense of humor to what consumers are searching, playing, sharing, shopping, creating and watching all day long, non-stop and in real time.

The first acquisition in the newly reformatted HLN is a customized version of the hit syndicated television show, RightThisMinute premiering Monday, February 10, and airing weeknights 10-11 p.m. ET. The program is the first daily broadcast series devoted to finding the most captivating web videos and the stories behind them as they break, often before going viral. RightThisMinute is produced by MagicDust Television and syndicated by MGM Domestic Television Distribution.

Networks have been trying the past several years to integrate social media into their newscasts and coverage with little success. It would not be too far off the mark to characterize social media as Moby Dick and cable news as Captain Ahab.

The problem has always been the same…how do you integrate Social Media into a newscast and still have it remain a newscast without it turning into a less humorous version of America’s Home Videos or a real time version of Caught on Camera?

Despite HLN’s announcement, the Devil is in the details and at this stage HLN’s details are few and far between aside from the announcement of RightThisMinute.

So there is essentially a blank canvas for HLN to paint with as it works to becoming the Social Media Network. But I’m skeptical. If it was easy someone should have already hit on the winning formula by now. That nobody has…not even for a single show…says a lot. The Moby Dick analogy portends for an ominous outcome…

HLN Cancels Showbiz Tonight…

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TVNewser’s Jordan Chariton scooped this morning that HLN was cancelling Showbiz Tonight. All the staff except AJ Hammer are out of a job. There was a time when Showbiz Tonight was regularly beating MSNBC in the ratings. But those days are long gone…as was HLN’s purpose in having the show on the air. I wonder if Jeff Zucker is going to position Hammer for a show on CNN? Given recent trends at that network it would not suprise me any…

HLN Retains Nancy Grace

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The New York Post’s Michael Starr – and there’s another name I haven’t typed on this blog in years – writes that HLN has re-signed Nancy Grace through 2017…

Nancy Grace isn’t going anywhere, contrary to reports. The host of HLN’s long-running “Nancy Grace” has just inked a new, multi-year deal to remain the centerpiece of the network’s prime-time lineup through at least 2017.

Grace told me Tuesday that she was approached back in July about a contract extension by CNN chief Jeff Zucker, who also oversees sister network HLN. (Zucker brought in Albie Hecht as HLN’s EVP/GM in September.)

“I’m overwhelmed, happy and really looking forward to working with Albie and Jeff,” she said. “I’m all about crime and justice and that part of my show will stay the same. We might change [the show] up a bit, but my goal has and always will be helping to find missing people, especially children, and helping solve homicides and highlight [criminal] cases I think people should know about.”

Three HLN Executive Hires

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HLN announced three new executive hires…


HLN executive vice president and general manager Albie Hecht today announced the hiring of the following key programming executives and their new roles: Keith Brown, senior vice president, programming; Kari Kim, vice president, program development; and Adrienne Lopez, director, special projects. All three newly appointed executives will be based in New York.

“Marrying the talented trio of Keith, Kari and Adrienne to the dynamic HLN team creates a powerful force that will no doubt catapult the network’s brand evolution and invigorate programming,” said Hecht.

In his new role Brown, who reports to Hecht, will be responsible for overseeing all current daytime and primetime series, editorial, newsgathering and programming which encompasses scheduling, media planning, acquisitions and on-air talent.
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HLN Layoffs As A Result of Major Schedule Changes…

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Mediaite and TVNewser reported earlier that HLN is making major changes to its dayside lineup. The key changes:

- Raising America with Kyra Phillips has been cancelled.
- Evening Express with Ryan Smith has been cancelled.
- Showbiz Tonight’s previous episode will be repeated at 12noon ET.
- A new four hour news block with rotating anchors Mike Galanos, Christi Paul, Susan Hendricks, and Lynn Berry (!!!!) will air from 1pm-5pm ET.

The futures of Phillips and Smith are unknown. There was a cryptic comment from an HLN spokesperson about “new roles” for the two at the network. But given that the new lineup doesn’t have any open spaces currently in it, one wonders exactly what those “new roles” will be or how prominent. Layoffs are forthcoming due to the changes.

Q3 Numbers: HLN…

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HLN is noting its Q3 numbers…

HLN Grows Double Digits for Third Straight Quarter
Highest Increases in Cable News for Q3 both Total Day and Prime Surges by Double Digits in All Key Metrics in Q3

For the first time in more than four years, HLN has posted double digit gains in the third straight quarter this year in total day P2+ and 25-54; M-Su prime P2+ and 25-54; and M-F prime P2+ and 25-54, compared to same time year ago. The last time HLN had sustained, double digit growth for three quarters was Q2 09. Also this quarter, HLN was the only cable news network to have double digit increases across every major daypart, P2+ and 25-54 viewers in total day and prime time (M-Su and M-F) year over year, (CNN and HLN both increased 15% among total day 25-54 viewers). Finally, year-to-date, HLN has the largest increases of any cable news network compared to a year ago.

Q3 13 increases compared to a year ago:
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Albie Hecht Named GM of HLN

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HLN announced that Albie Hecht has joined the network as EVP and GM..

Leading television and film executive Albie Hecht has been named Executive Vice President and GM of HLN, effective September 30. Hecht, who founded Spike TV and was the president of Nickelodeon Entertainment prior to that, is currently the CEO of Worldwide Biggies, a digital entertainment studio. As HLN’s new leader, Hecht will oversee all aspects of HLN’s programming, management, day-to-day operations, as well as He will be based in New York and report to Jeff Zucker, President, CNN Worldwide, who made today’s announcement.
“Albie is one of the most creative executives in our industry. His diverse experiences at Viacom gave him a keen understanding of cable television, where he created some of media’s most well known brands and franchises. All of that, coupled with his lifelong passion for news and information, makes him the perfect fit for HLN,” said Zucker. “I wanted someone who could build off the strength that currently exists at HLN, which is enjoying one of its highest rated years ever, and evolve the network and its fast-growing digital properties even more.”
“Three key factors made the decision to join HLN easy: the opportunity to further evolve a noted brand, reinvent news in a digital age and work for Jeff, an industry giant,” said Hecht.  “Creating engaging and buzzed about content across multiple platforms is in my DNA, and I am excited to make magic with the talented team at HLN.”  

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Scot Safon Out At HLN…

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Multichannel News’ Andrea Morabito writes about HLN President Scot Safon leaving the network…

HLN chief Scot Safon is leaving the network at the end of August, a CNN spokeswoman confirmed. CNN/U.S. executive vice president Ken Jautz will oversee the channel in the interim.

Safon is a 22-year veteran of Turner, spending the past 11 years at HLN and 11 years at TNT before that. His exit is just one move in a larger restructuring by CNN Worldwide chief Jeff Zucker, which he outlined in a memo to staff on Wednesday.

Bloomberg head of U.S. Television Andrew Morse is joining the network as senior vice president of CNN/U.S. overseeing domestic newsgathering and digital editorial efforts. Now Meredith Artley and the digital editorial team, Terence Burke and the domestic newsgathering operation, and Sam Feist and the DC programming team will all report to Morse.

Tony Maddox, who had some oversight of newsgathering, will now focus solely on international operations, including CNN International and CNN en Espanol. Senior vice president Michael Bass will add oversight of New York and Atlanta based programming with morning executive producer Jim Murphy, vice president of programming Janelle Rodriguez and the primetime executive producers reporting to him.

Amy Entelis, senior vice president of talent and program development will now report directly to Zucker and Fox News’ Nancy Duffy will join CNN as vice president of program development reporting to Entelis. Courtney Sexton is joining the network as senior director of CNN Films, reporting to Vinnie Malhotra.

Forget “The Good”…Just “The Bad and The Ugly”…

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The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik writes about yesterday’s George Zimmerman Trial coverage…(via J$)

MSNBC promised fabulous live coverage of the trial. But when prosecuting attorney John Guy used the F-word as the third word in his opening argument, MSNBC didn’t have a delay in place.

And they still didn’t have one in place when he used it a second time for dramatic effect.

Finally, they went to Chuck Todd who apologized on behalf of his channel for not having a delay in place and promised that one would be put into place.

I wonder how long real journalists from NBC like Todd are going to let themselves be debased this way by their association with MSNBC. Really, I am not using that word loosely. Todd is way too good to have to front for such ineptitude.

The larger question: Is MSNBC capable of doing anything professional? Come on, they no longer even try to cover news with real reporters. At least, when they point their cameras at a live event, they ought to know how to cover it.

Mike Galanos To Get “Tailored” Show on HLN?

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A tipster sent ICN this video from inside HLN celebrating Mike Galanos’ 25 years at CNN. In it you can see at one point there’s mention of an upcoming show that will be “tailored” around Galanos and launching in July…

HLN rumors…

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Word on the street is circulating that HLN and anchor Richelle Carey may have parted company. Her bio is still up on CNN’s website but that isn’t proof of anything since their bio pages are not always kept up in a timely manner. Also rumor has it that Mike Galanos is getting his own show sometime next month.

Robin Meade Expands Her Reach To Country Radio…

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This is interesting. As part of a big press release announcing a new Country Radio show for Blair Garner based out of New York City, it was announced that Robin Meade will be doing twice an hour news segments. I’m very curious how that works out from a technical standpoint since Meade’s HLN show airs during that time. It will be kind of weird if they do it via tape.

Garner Leads Nash FM Mornings

As tipped last month (Hot Air 5/6), veteran Country personality Blair Garner has been tapped to lead America’s Morning Show for Cumulus’ WNSH (Nash FM)/New York, beginning later this month. Joining Garner are co-hosts Terri Clark, Sunny Sweeney, Chuck Wicks and Lee Ann Womack, with news anchored by HLN’s Robin Meade. The show will air live before a studio audience 6-10am ET from Nashville, with Meade delivering news segments twice hourly from her HLN anchor desk in Atlanta. Also joining the team is industry vet Heather McBee as Dir./Operations. She recently spent 20 years at Sony/Nashville, rising to VP/Marketing & Web Initiatives.

Update: A tipster says Meade will be doing updates from the HLN set, though I’m still very curious how they pull that off live. Do it during commercial? Run extended packaged segments on HLN to cover for Meade doing her radio bit? Hand a segment over to someone else so Meade can do the radio hit? They sure as heck ain’t going to do a simulcast. I mean they could…but how would that play on HLN? Rather poorly I would think…

May Numbers: CNN/HLN

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CNN is noting its May ratings and as well those of its sibling network HLN, something (combo ratings) I haven’t seen the network do in a few years. And do note the repetitive to the point of gratuitous use of the term “fourth place MSNBC”. Just remember CNN…what goes around comes around…


CNN Has Significant Growth from Last Year; #2 in Primetime

HLN Posts Best May Ever; #2 in Total Day

MSNBC Loses a Quarter of Primetime Audience; Ranks 4th in May

CNN Digital Up 36% Over May 2012; 100+ Million Video Starts and Counting

For the second consecutive month, CNN topped MSNBC in total day, M-F/M-Su primetime in both total viewers and in the key demo 25-54. CNN was the #2 rated cable news network in primetime this month, while HLN was #2 in total day. HLN also topped MNSBC in all the key day parts and this month represents HLN’s best May ever among total viewers and in the key demo 25-54.

Total Day (total viewers/demo 25-54)
HLN 495k/176k
CNN 465k/162k
MSNBC 346k/115k

M-F Primetime (total viewers/demo 25-54)
CNN 751k/252k
HLN 707k/238k
MSNBC 607k/170k

M-Sunday Primetime (total viewers/demo 25-54)
CNN 665k/228k
HLN 627k/210k
MNSBC 543k/177k

CNN Highlights:
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April Numbers: HLN

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HLN is noting its April ratings…


“Morning Express with Robin Meade” Once Again Bests MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”

HLN Continues to Post Double Digit Gains Across Both Dayparts & Demos; Prime Programs Boast Triple & Double Digit Gains

HLN topped MSNBC by +2% in Total Day among the coveted P25-54 demo (142k vs. 139k) in April 2013; MSNBC slipped to #4 for the month in Total Day P25-54 in cable

HLN’s morning show, “Morning Express with Robin Meade” bested MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” by +8% in P25-54 (144k vs. 133k), marking the second consecutive monthly win; Fueled by continuing coverage of the Jodi Arias trial and several breaking news stories, HLN experienced double-digit gains in Total Day and Prime vs. prior year:

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Q1 2013 Numbers: HLN

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HLN is noting it’s Jodi Arias skewed numbers for Q1…


HLN & Each Score Best March Ever

New 10 p.m. Show “HLN After Dark” Premieres to Double-Digit Gains

Fueled by coverage of the Jodi Arias trial, new program launch and distinctive analysis on long-standing shows, HLN posted double-digit gains in 1Q 13 and March and is the only cable news network to experience explosive growth. Adding to the network’s milestone, HLN scored its best ever March in total day total viewers (396k P2+).

1Q 13
Total Day
+17% (308k vs. 264k)
+23% (118k vs. 96k)
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Jodi Arias Mania…

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The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about Jodi Arias mania…

The 10 p.m. talk show, called “HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial,” conducts a mock trial of its own, gathering 12 people in Atlanta for what it calls a “live studio jury” to review some aspect of the case. The jurors hold up “guilty” or “not guilty” placards toward the end of the hour.

“We were just responding to the behaviors we were seeing on social media, out in the world, in people’s homes: as a trial unfolds, the people who watch start to become jurors, deliberating with each other all over the place,” Mr. Safon said.

HLN Goes Off The Jodi Arias Deep End…

Posted in HLN on March 11, 2013 by icn2

HLN announced a M-Th Jodi Arias Trial Show…

HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial Launches Wednesday at 10 p.m. on HLN

HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial kicks off Wed, March 13 airing from 10 -11 p.m. (ET). HLN anchor Vinnie Politan and network trial experts Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Ryan Smith and Dr. Drew Pinsky will argue what they consider the strongest accusations and evidence of the day in the Arias murder trial before 12 members of a live studio audience who will decide the merits of the arguments presented and act as jurors in the case, rendering a verdict each night. In Session on truTV correspondents Jean Casarez and Beth Karas will report the latest courtroom details from Arizona while Joey Jackson, In Session contributor, will provide analysis.

HLN After Dark airs Mon- Thu, 10 -11 p.m. on HLN, re-airing at 1 and 3 a.m. (ET). HLN After Dark will air throughout the duration of the trial.

It’ll probably do well in the ratings. Never underestimate a TV viewing audience’s appetite for “Better you than me TV”…

Kyra Phillips New HLN Show Debuts Feb 4th…

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HLN announced that Kyra Phillips new HLN show, “Raising America with Kyra Phillips” will debut Feb 4th…

Raising America with Kyra Phillips Premieres Monday, Feb. 4 on HLN

Live two-hour weekday show to cover day’s top news stories through a parental lens

Launching Monday, Feb. 4, HLN anchor Kyra Phillips hosts a two-hour daily show that covers the nation’s major news stories and explores their impact on American families. Raising America with Kyra Phillips examines topical issues that relate to home, children and today’s modern families, and draws viewer engagement through social media and interactive online posts.

As it covers the daily news scene, Raising America will go deeper on topics that hit home for parents, including childhood obesity, safety in our schools and teens oversharing on social media to their future detriment. Contributors to the program include some of the most intriguing and popular bloggers speaking to parents today, such as Heather Armstrong, Charlie Capen, Jill Smokler, Tom Matlack and Krystel Spell, among many others.
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Jeff Zucker: CNN Worldwide President

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The press release…

Jeff Zucker Named President of CNN Worldwide

Jeff Zucker will join CNN Worldwide as president of the multi-platform global news enterprise, it was announced today by Phil Kent, chairman and CEO of CNN parent company Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. In January 2013, Zucker will assume executive oversight of a portfolio of 23 branded news and information businesses that includes CNN/U.S., CNN International, and HLN and reaches more than 2 billion people in some 200 countries around the world. Zucker will report to Kent and will be based at CNN in New

Zucker started his 25-year career with NBC as a researcher for NBC Sports’ coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympic Games and rose to president and chief executive officer of NBC Universal. He was named executive producer of Today in January 1992; under his eight-year leadership, the program was the most-watched morning news show and the most profitable program on television. Zucker went on to executive-produce NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and the network’s coverage of the Persian Gulf War, the 1993 and 1997 presidential inaugurations and the 2000 elections. He was promoted to president of NBC Entertainment, president of the NBC Entertainment, News & Cable group and president and CEO of the NBC Universal Television Group. Currently, Zucker is executive producer of the syndicated daytime show Katie.

“Jeff’s experience as a news executive is unmatched for its breadth and success,” said Kent. “He built and sustained the number-one brand in morning news, and under his watch NBC’s signature news programming set a standard for quality and professionalism. As a programmer, a brand-builder and a leader, he will bring energy and new thinking to CNN. I couldn’t be happier to welcome him or more excited about what he’ll accomplish here.”

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HLN Gets Into The Rerun Business

Posted in HLN on October 11, 2012 by icn2

In an odd move, HLN announced that it had acquired the rights to re-airing old episodes of ABC’s reality based “What would You Do?” series. Well at least its not prison docs or ancient pedophile entrapment reruns…


HLN Introduces Dr. Drew On Call October 22 & Builds On Popular Franchises

NEW YORK, NY—October 11, 2012—HLN has acquired the exclusive cable television rights to more than 35 episodes of the popular ABC News program What Would You Do?, a first time broadcast acquisition for the news and views brand. HLN general manager & executive vice president Scot Safon announced the acquisition today, noting a larger HLN portfolio expansion that includes the launch of new primetime offerings Dr. Drew On Call and Nancy Grace Mysteries, and new daytime show Making It In America.

“HLN is exploring new programming dimensions that connect us with a broader audience while continuing to deliver what HLN fans want: must-see, must-share news that relates to how we live today,” said Safon. “What Would You Do? is a great program that invites viewers to question how they might behave when confronted with situations drawn from everyday life and daily news, from eye-witnessing abusive behavior to blowing the whistle on a scam. This show allows you to put yourself inside the kind of stories we are covering every day.”
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