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Jeff Zucker (bleeps)…

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on November 8, 2014 by icn2

The Hollywood Reporter’s Hilary Lewis writes about a recent Jeff Zucker appearance…

He ended his remarks at the lunch with a final defense of CNN.

“Sometimes CNN gets caught in the crosshairs because CNN is CNN. When you’re a huge, shiny object, people like to throw darts,” he said. “Frankly, I don’t give a shit. None of the people that do that stop to think about the incredible quality that is assembled by the people in this room. Take all the shots you want, but I think the quality of films on CNN Films is unassailable.”

I don’t think the quality of the shows was ever an issue…their propriety to CNN’s long standing hard news brand was/is. But I gotta say…it’s always refreshing to see a network news president cut loose on the record with the profanity. They swear like grade school children at work…why hide it from the public?

Cable News Collateral Damage…

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on November 4, 2014 by icn2

Deadline’s David Lieberman writes about some things Dish Network head Charlie Ergen said today about his provider’s battle with Turner Networks…

When we take something down we’re prepared to leave it down forever. Things like CNN are not quite the product that they used to be. You can imagine: CNN down on election night would have been a disaster 15 or 20 years ago. Now there are plenty of other places for people to get news. In fact a lot of people get news not from TV but from their devices. So it’s not had a major impact on our business yet.

Of course he’s going to say that because this battle is all about positioning. But even if there’s a shred of truth to this, CNN should be worried. In fact MSNBC should be worried.

We saw a similar battle earlier this year between The Weather Channel and DirecTV. For a while there it was an open question as to whether TWC would ever reappear on DirecTV’s lineup again. The Channel mounted a horrendously ill thought out PR blitz to try and push DirecTV to carry the channel and it failed miserably. However, the two did manage to settle things.

Turner will probably reach a similar deal with Dish at some point. But we are getting a glimpse of the future.

It is a future where one or more cable news networks not named FOX could be off providers’ lineups. If Dish is willing to take CNN off its air; a network which historically has attracted a more premium advertiser clientele than some of its competition, what does that portend for other channels who don’t have CNN’s branding pluses?

2014 Midterms: Your Reactions…

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on November 4, 2014 by icn2

Post your reactions to tonight’s 2014 midterm coverage here…

Election 2014: Coverage Notes

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on November 3, 2014 by icn2

Capital New York’s Alex Weprin has a comprehensive…and then some…wrap up of who is doing what for the 2014 midterms.

The midterm elections are here, and control of the U.S. Senate is in the balance. Still, these are midterms, not a Presidential election, so television coverage will be significant, but below 2012. Cable news will be all over things, while the broadcasters are mostly sticking with regular programming, save for updates, online programming and 10 p.m. specials. There are also a wide array of online offerings, giving viewers more flexibility to take in the results on their second (or third) screen of choice. Below, a viewer’s guide to the options being offered Tuesday evening

Sounds about as appealing as an appendectomy. Here’s the way I see it: Tomorrow the Senate will flip and gridlock will continue and life goes on…or…the Senate doesn’t flip and gridlock will continue and life goes on…or…we will head on to runoff elections which will eventually decide whether the Senate flips and in the meantime gridlock will continue and life goes on.

Bottom line: Gridlock will continue and life goes on. Everything else is just political puffery that only nerds and ideologues care about. Yes, I’m a cynic.

Press Releases: 10/23/11

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on October 23, 2014 by icn2

CNN (1)


High Profits Will Follow Two of America’s Marijuana Moguls as they Seek to Build a Franchise Empire

Continuing to build upon its successful original programming line-up, CNN today announced a new Original Series set to launch in 2015. High Profits joins Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, This is Life with Lisa Ling, Somebody’s Gotta Do It with Mike Rowe, The Hunt with John Walsh, and others as part of CNN’s acquired series programming.

In the newest CNN Original Series High Profits, viewers will meet Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire: two business-minded, dream seeking, relentless visionaries with a plan unlike any other – to franchise marijuana. The eight-part series, produced by Bat Bridge Entertainment, will grant exclusive access to the couple poised to be the first ever “moguls of marijuana.”
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MSNBC to Cancell Ronan Farrow?

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on October 13, 2014 by icn2

Mediaite’s Joe Concha writes that MSNBC may cancel Ronan Farrow’s show within a month…

A well-placed source tells me MSNBC will be announcing major programming changes sometime in the next month, including the cancellation of Ronan Farrow‘s afternoon program, Ronan Farrow Daily.

Mr. Farrow’s program — which now averages around just 50,000 viewers in the key 25-54 demo — has never performed well despite the hype that originally preceded it last February before its first airing. Whether the 26-year-old still stays on the network in a pundit capacity isn’t clear right now.

According to a network spokesperson when asked about a possible cancellation of the show: “No, we’re fully committed to Ronan.” Mediaite also reached out to Mr. Farrow’s rep for comment but hasn’t heard back.

Committed now…but what about in a month?

Free For All: 09/29/14

Posted in Miscellaneous Subjects on September 29, 2014 by icn2

What’s on your mind? Mine is on whether this blog is going to talk about something other than Fareed Zakaria this week…


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