Jamie Colby to Return to FNC Airwaves?

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FNC’s Jamie Colby, who has been off FNC’s air for seemingly forever as she travelled around the country shooting segments for FBN’s upcoming Strange Inheritance, strongly suggested on Twitter that she would be making a return to FNC’s airwaves very soon…

Rick ‏@PaDolphinsFan Dec 9
@JamieColbyTV how about you back on tv as a Christmas present to all your fans? Great picture!

@PaDolphinsFan before you know it!

Everything Wrong With CNN Encapsulated In A Single Photo…

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Oh CNN…let me count the ways…

- Throwing up shows on the air to see if they’ll do anything without any semblance of a strategy.
– Not naming said show.
– Sticking an opinion show inside what my program guide says is a news hour.
– Lack of originality. The View, The Talk, The Five, The Cycle, Outnumbered…they all beat you to it.
– Doing something dumb on the air (see: Lemon, Don)
– Getting more (bad) press for said dumb thing than the rest of the show could generate in total. (again..see: Lemon, Don)
– Reveling in said (bad) press as if anything that generates press is a good thing…the “ratings any way possible” strategy.
– The continued devaluation of your brand.

Free for All: 12/13/14

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What’s on your mind? Mine’s on today’s date which is the last time you’ll get a consecutive number date for nearly a century 20 years…

Bloomberg Changes

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AdWeek’s Michael Sebastian writes about upcoming changes for Bloomberg…

In addition to the new Bloomberg Business site, Bloomberg TV is getting a revamp that will look to borrow Businessweek’s attitude. Josh Tyrangiel, Bloomberg Media’s chief content officer, was short on details about the TV network’s new look and feel, but identified one tricky goal: Making it cool.

“We’ve made a couple of very important philosophical decisions of what we want to be and now we’re at the pace of filling in the boxes,” Mr. Tyrangiel said. “So you are going to turn it on and say, Well that’s unexpected.”

“The challenge is to make it cool and cool is a very difficult thing to define,” he added. “Lots of people have lots of opinions about what is cool. But you know it when you see it.”

Spearheading this change is Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith, who reports to Michael Bloomberg, according to a memo Mr. Bloomberg sent to staff this week.

Free for All: 12/11/14

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What’s on your mind?

Blogus Interruptus…

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Off to Maui and Oahu for a few days. No diving and little snorkeling. Going to attend Honolulu City Lights’ 35th Anniversary Parade (with the mighty Willie K. performing that night), Pearl Harbor day remembrances, and hopefully catch the first day of the Pipemasters on the North Shore. Blogging resumes December 10th.

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards…

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Kind of off topic here but this just begs to be noted. Dr. Nancy Snyderman returned to NBC News and the Today Show this morning after being banished given time off because her violation of an Ebola quarantine reflected so badly upon her network, given that she’s a medical professional, that she had to be hidden from view in the hopes that the furor would die down. Some were openly speculating that she had become so radioactive that it was an open question as to whether NBC could ever bring her back.

However, like with CBS and Lara Logan and CNN and Fareed Zakaria, sometimes network hotshots ignore the direction the wind is blowing and plow ahead anyways. Snyderman was interviewed by Matt Lauer this morning where she apologized up and down for screwing up. Brian Stelter chronicled the appearance on CNNMoney.com.

“I stepped outside the boundaries of what I promised to do and what the public expected of me. And for that, I’m sorry.”

So far so good…

“When I came back from Liberia with my team, we had already been taking our temperatures four, five six times a day, and we knew our risks in our heads — but didn’t really appreciate, and frankly, we were not sensitive to, how absolutely frightened Americans were,” Snyderman told Lauer Wednesday.

Saying all the right things…

“Good people can make mistakes,”

Ugh. What an elitist egotistical thing to say. Good people? As in “I’m a good person and I don’t deserve this!”???

What Snyderman is really saying here is this apology is a faux apology. She knows it was an error but she doesn’t believe she deserves the backlash she received. It was a mistake people. Lighten up!

Snyderman still doesn’t get it. And based on this it doesn’t look like she ever will get it.

Whoever prepped Snyderman for this interview…and you can bet the bank she was absolutely coached…didn’t do a good enough job. Whatever goodwill Snyderman could have received from falling on her sword just evaporated when it was revealed that the sword was made of rubber.


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