FTVLive is scooping that FNC will be giving KDFW’s Megan Henderson a looksie this weekend on Fox and Friends Weekend. FTVLive also says that FNC is looking to shake up Fox and Friends weekend. Well, duh. Anyone who has been watching the past couple of months already figured that one out. Whether they’re on the right track or not is another matter however. But that’s a subject for another day…

7 Responses to “Tryout?”

  1. jerziegrl Says:

    First off….Spud, good to see you back!

    As for F&F weekend……I am not sure what is hurting them more….the lack of good “talent” or the constant switching of “talent”. While Paige, Greg and Kelly weren’t ideal, I think simply switching out Kelly for Clayton may have been the answer, not sidelining Paige for Ainsley.

    I am not sure what is so hard about this.

  2. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    The problem with Clayton is the fact that he’s publicly admitted that he doesn’t like Republicans / Conservatives …

    Google the guy and you’ll find out where his true loyalties are …

    They made Courtney Friel take down her more raunchy photos from her sight … But, why didn’t they make Clayton take down some of his more incriminating web features ??

    F&FW is hurt not only by the constant changing of hosts … But the fact that they dumped Kelly and Page … as well as Gregg Jarrett as the news reader …

    Changing the hosts every year is not going to fix any problems that TPTB think the show might’ve had … I think they should’ve changed the producers …

  3. scratnut Says:

    I agree that the constant switching about at Fox weekend is very
    frustrating but the Greg, Page and Kelly team I enjoyed even if Kelly sometimes seemed very laid back in contrast to Greg and Page’s fire works. To be honest Clayton seems to get on better with Greg and vice versa and they have delveloped a good on screen relationship that works
    but as for the middle seat, well that needs someone on the same interlectual level as the men…for sure.
    I bet you have all heard of Kelly Brooks..(English) Well she was signed up for a Brit news station breakfast and true she is beautiful and true the males drooled but they dropped her cuss she could not cut the mustard
    on the same brains level..ding ding..So now she is a great movie star instead..ding ding. One day men will grow up and know that talant means
    the ability to do the job well not just look it. But hey who picks and unpicks the middle seat…would love to meet them…grrr.

  4. lurkerlou Says:

    Oh, this woman? For whatever reason I have a bookmark of a blog called Uncle Barky’s or something like that, he reports on the DFW and posts ratings. Her Good Day show is #1 alot of the time in the 6 am slot and she beats the network mornings shows consistently in the 7-9 slot.

    From what I read they have a good thing going there ratings wise in the mornings.

  5. cornycob Says:

    I just googled Clayton Morris. He is on some ProgressNow left-wing thing. He says he is a liberal democrat and something about social justice. I found his blog which has just one entry from 2005. Weird.

  6. lurkerlou Says:

    I just checked out that blog. Could that be bogus because from the times I’ve watched FNFW my liberal puke meter did not register with him.

    Besides his political leanings which I couldn’t detect I’m still not sure if I like him. He does have a personality, a quirky one. Not up to the gold star standards for morning anchors I give to Mike Jerrick, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Joe Kernen.

  7. I’ve only skimmed around the weekend F&F as of late, either sleeping in or watching MSNBC Live, but the whole changing thing is just enough to make me turn the channel automatically. Personally, I loved the Kiran/Camerota/Wright days, even the Paige/Greg/Wright days, but I’m really debating about the new slough of people. I guess I’ll have to Tivo this and wake up to see the last hour if I actually like the new bunch, though I’m not sure I will. (By the way, glad to see someone is actually pro the Dem side on FOX)

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