Megan Henderson: Yay or Nay?

Carpe Diem seems not too impressed with Megan Henderson’s debut on FNC’s Fox and Friends Weekend this morning…

Even though she’s a Texas honey like E.D. Hill, erstwhile long-time co-host of F&F, Megan doesn’t seem to have E.D.’s down-to-earth personality. Ainsley has E.D. earnestnesss but not her earthiness: one can hardly imagine Ainsley frolicking au naturale, or, at least, European beach-style on a camping trip as E.D. is reportedly not adverse.

FNC, if you want to replace “temp” Ainsley, try out Domenica Davis, Megyn Kelly, or Page Hopkins again.

I totally agree on Page. She had that Fox and Friends attitude that you would get each day M-Fr. Here’s the thing. What Kilmeade, Carlson, and Doocy have going is natural. It’s not artificial or forced. It was the same back when Huddy and Jerrick were on. And when Chetry and Camerota were on. What’s going on with Fox and Friends Weekend since they busted up the Kelly, Hopkins, Wright pairing has been forced. It doesn’t feel natural. And it sometimes feels fake and awkward.

The thing is FNC appears convinced that there’s more ratings upside to be gained than the previous lineup could by trying a new lineup. But I fear they’ll end up destroying the very things that made Fox and Friends Weekend interesting in the process. What’s your opinion?

20 Responses to “Megan Henderson: Yay or Nay?”

  1. lurkerlou Says:

    I don’t know why they are trying out other woman when they have Page. She’s smart, funny and witty and no one that I’ve seen so far filling in can top her.

    As for the two guys, I don’t really like it. I saw Greg Kelly filling in for Hemmer at the 9am and 5pm spot and I like him in that format better. I think I like Kelly Wright better then Clayton. Something about Clayton that I don’t like, I don’t know, maybe that sleazy, slick rick type look.

    Weekends is a mess right now. I propose Kelly Wright, Page Hopkins and Janice Dean.

    Newsreader spot could go to Coutney, Ainsley or PAB. Doesn’t really matter. They’re all good at that.

  2. I agree with you. Megan does not fit in wih the two guys. It all seems so phoney. Page was terrific and is part of the original group who have now been broken up.
    They need to do something soon because as a very long time watcher on the weekends, I am about ready to move on to another channel.

  3. lurkerlou Says:

    Ok, Scratch that 1st lineup

    Here is the ulitmate FNFW crew.

    Greg Gutfeld, Page Hopkins and Janice Dean.

  4. Nay. The weekend crew they already had was pleasant, although not as natural as the Monday through Friday crew. Anyway, I switch channels at 10:00 when the overemotional but still boring Bulls & Bears starts.

  5. jerziegrl Says:

    I’d go with nay also. Although I don’t think one day is enough to like her or not, it didn’t leave a good first impression.

    They really need to stop playing musical chairs with the hosts. Paige, Greg and Clayton, IMO, would have been a good match. I am at the point that I think even mediocre hosts are better than switching hosts every few weeks.

    Spud, I think you hit it head on when you said the chemistry isn’t natural. It is all very forced. F&F weekday is good. I still think Gretchen isn’t the best, but she isn’t horrible. However, the chemistry they have is natural, they don’t have to fight to make it work. Weekends are another thing. Things were good with Paige and Kelly, even if Kelly Wright was a bit stiff. Clayton is good, better than Kelly, but they have got to get a good female in there and so far they have failed miserably, with the exception of Paige.

  6. mighty590 Says:

    NEY – I had to turn it off after about 5 minutes. BRING BACK PAGE. The new gal did not mix with anybody. Greg is OK, but is better as a reporter or anchor, Clayton comes across like a pompous jerk in my view and Ainsley is just a ditz who can not even read the news correctly from the script in her hand.

  7. sivartwastaken Says:

    Good analysis…FNC in their never ending quest to dominate ratings ends up delivering media that is slightly above average but lacking consistency. Consistency is more important for morning shows, because there has to be SOME reason viewers put up with the considerably softer side of news. But FNC seems to screw their faithful core every 6 weeks to 3 months just to get a younger demo (I guess they haven’t figured out that the demo they want is still asleep or severely hung over).

    Henderson is not a bad personality though. Seems to have a harder edge in spite of her prior morning show experience. Would be a good fit for co/anchoring harder news programming. Morris doesn’t work either, at least not yet. Earhardt is better on the couch (no pun intended) than with the news headline updates because she doesn’t have to insert herself into the conversation. But the best combo on the weekend since Huddy/Jerrick was Hopkins/Wright hands down, end game. Would have been interesting to have seen Griff Jenkins mixed up with that instead of Greg Kelly.

  8. Avoiding being partisan here but generally from a viewing perspective it would be nice when they discussed politics if they had a team on the weekend who did not always agree on the same issues all the time, I know there are occasionally differences but generally speaking they all seem to (or they read it) the right of centre.

    Heated but friendly discussion is more interesting than “I agree…”.

  9. big67deal01 Says:

    I know Clayton is a Democrat. I read that he has aligned himself with some pretty liberal stuff, so if he is sounding like a conservative, he’s probably just reading the talking points off of the prompter. Kiran Chetry is (at least used to be) a Democrat as well and she used to agree with most of the others she was hosting with when at Fox. So, I think these hosts just read what is on the cards. It earns them some spotlight and a paycheck. Who wouldn’t fake their views for a six figure income?

  10. That’s true, but for the benefit of the show, discussion is usually more interesting when people have different opinions. The only fault I find with Olbermann’s show.

  11. objectiveanalyst Says:

    It looks like I’m the lone wolf on this one. Personally, I think Megan Henderson did a fine job. I didn’t pick up on the lack of chemistry mentioned above. Moreover, I had an overall favorable first impression. However, I was a fan of Paige Hokins. Months ago when Paige got the permanent gig, I put in a comment referring to her as being a perfect fit…this ICN comment was quoted on TV Newser. I wonder why they yanked Paige? I thought this guy, Clayton, was just a one week fill-in from Philly, but it looks as though he’s now a FNC employee…what’s up with that?

  12. Maybe I might be way off base on this one.. But, I think “Page Hopkins fans” won’t be happy unless she’s back in the chair. With that said, I’m not a fan and think Megan did a fine job. However, only seeing her for part of yesterday and today really isn’t enough time to form an overall opinion.. Ya know, as if she’s “the” one for this job.

  13. jerziegrl Says:

    I am a Paige fan and I don’t think I could be catagorized as Terance said. I am not a die hard fan, but think out of ALL the MANY girls they have put in that middle seat, she fit best. I am not adverse to someone new, but they haven’t found that “one” yet.

    As I said earlier, I think they will lose more viewer by playing musical chairs then if they kept a team that was simply o.k. and making them better. While so far chemistry has been awkward and forced at best, it could develop over time, but they haven’t had a consisten team in place long enough to find out.

  14. I watched again this a.m. and continue to think that there is zero chemistry between the group. Megan is not the right female for the weekend. She needs a lot of work. I think that Cortney Feil should go back to LA as she doesn’t bring anything of value to the table.
    Prior to being in Philly, Clayton was on a CW show in the morning called “The Buzz” It too is a morning talk show carried in a number of cities around the country. He was never a good fit their either.

  15. newsjunkie07 Says:

    I caught the new F&F for the first time today, and I had to turn it off after a few minutes. What a mess! The “friendly banter” was so forced and uncomfortable.

    I agree that Page was a great fit, and I could see her with Greg Kelly and Clayton.

  16. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    The weekday show is better with Alisyn instead of Gretchen … The chemistry is forced between Gretch/Dooce/Brian as Gretch just doesn’t “get” a lot of the stuff the boys say …

    Courtney and Clayton are both originally from Philly and should go home permanently … They’re both sleazy …

    Megan is from The OC … She can go home or back to Texas with her hurricane hair …

    Ainsley needs to go back to South Carolina and sip sweetened tea …

    FNC had a perfect fit with Greg, Page and Kelly on the couch … and Rick in the weather center … Throw in Patti Ann Browne with the headlines … The show was good because there was tension between Greg and Page as they sometimes disagreed …

    FNC is NOT going to garner that 18-34 single male with disposable income demographic … They don’t get up that early or they’re watching something else … This weekend, they were competing with their sister network SPEED Channel which was showing the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Bahrain …

    I’m a day one viewer of FNC … But, the musical chairs since Feb 10th have pushed me to change the channel a LOT …

  17. teresakapalana Says:

    I also have been turning off Fox & Friends Weekend as it has become too silly. I liked Page better than anyone they have had. I like the idea of Janice Dean. What does everyone think of their prime time weekend line up with the reruns of reruns, Fox Report repeated at 10:00 and constant Geraldo shoved down our throats? Does anyone miss Ollie North and War Stories as much as I do? I find myself turning off FNC, and I never did that before.
    I find many folks are feeling the same. They need to get back what made them No. 1 as they are losing their loyal viewers.

  18. Megan Henderson was OK; she could probably do a pretty good job there, but she needs to leave the Texas hair in Dallas!

    Put her in the center seat with Kelly Wright and Greg Kelly!

    Or put her on weekdays in place of Gretchen!

    Or bring back Mike Jerrick & Juliet Huddy!

  19. I like Paige and her bawdiness. Greg Kelly’s sense of humor is dry and hilarious. The thought of Domenica as host however, IS very intriguing.

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