What’s hot/What’s not: 4/6/08

What’s hot:

MSNBC thumbs its nose at CNN with Countdown – Very clever, and uncharictaristic, of MSNBC to needle CNN by hosting the Countdown party at Time Warner Center complete with instigating sineage.

CNN wins the Q2 Primetime Demo but ends up in a tie with MSNBC for March – CNN won the Demo for Q2 despite being tied with MSNBC in March. That says a lot about how front loaded CNN’s Q2 gains were. CNN’s trying to play this as a momentum thing but it seems obvious to me that all the debates and primaries skewed CNN’s numbers. When the debates dropped off MSNBC started gaining ground (aided by a debate or two in March as well I should add). While a win is a win, and you can bet CNN will play this up for all it’s worth (it’s the smart play regardless of whether the numbers are skewed or not), what happens in Q2 when the debates and primaries go away?

MSNBC ties CNN in the primetime Demo for March – But can it repeat or do better in April?

Beat THIS! – All this back and forth over who came up with “Beat The Press” revealed that the winner is someone not in cable news…

Back in Black – Black backgrounds rule!

What’s not:

Andrea Mitchell gets anonymously slagged on Jossip – You can bet your bank account that the emails started flying at 30 Rock when Friday’s anonymous attack on Andrea Mitchell landed on Jossip. Unlike previous damaging anonymous Jossip leaks however, this one was off base in my opinion and smacked more of sour grapes than an honest assessment of Mitchell and her show.

Back in Black – Black backgrounds suck! A bronx cheer for me!

4 Responses to “What’s hot/What’s not: 4/6/08”

  1. imnotblue Says:

    I assume when you say it’s “uncharacteristic” of MSNBC, you mean their taking shots at CNN, instead of FNC?

    I dunno… to me this still seems foolish. Not so much because of the “attack,” but because MSNBC still really isn’t in any position to be gloating or threatening anyone. They’re still too inconsistent… and of recent, have had a whole host of problems.

    But more importantly, if you’re attempting to be the new big-dog on the block, is it really smart to walk around stomping about it? Would it not be more effective to launch a more silent attack, and only once dominating, gloat? The way MSNBC is doing it, CNN and FNC have a lot of time and (most importantly) pride, to focus on keeping them in their place. It’s like the football player trash talking the whole week leading up to the game… you’re only pissing off your opponent, and they’re going to work that much harder to smack you in the mouth.

  2. avagardner Says:

    Fox has always been “in your face” to their competitors. For MSNBC to do this was tacky in my opinion. Classless would be a good word for it.

  3. objectiveanalyst Says:

    It’s all very fascinating. I’m still trying digest everything b/c there’s so much going on right now. This will be a big week in cable news.


    Morning Joe–I used to spend a good bit of time watching I-Man’s interviews. In it’s basic present format, the show has potential despite whatever else the network does, no matter how offensive. Morning Joe has the best bumper music of any cable news program. However, 2 or 3 interviews per week with Obama’s Campaign Mgr., David Axlerod, is blatantly biased and pathetic to many.

    Molly Line,anchoring with Greg Kelly, Sunday afternoon from NYC.

  4. missy5537 Says:

    “MSNBC thumbs its nose at CNN with Countdown – Very clever, and uncharictaristic, of MSNBC to needle CNN by hosting the Countdown party at Time Warner Center complete with instigating sineage.”


    Maybe MSNBC doesn’t typically do so, but their Countdown host sure likes to go after the competition.

    And I am guessing that Countdown is the ONLY program that beats CNN at any time, and it’s taken five or so years to get that far. O’Reilly STILL beats Keith, CNN, HLN and CNBC COMBINED during that period, so they really have a way to go before they can say they’re #1 in cable news.

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