CNN and AT&T…

Mutlichannel News’ Todd Spangler clarifies the deal between CNN and AT&T Wireless…

The head of AT&T’s wireless division said last week that CNN would provide the carrier’s second “exclusive” TV channel—but the programmer said there is currently no such deal in place.

Speaking at the CTIA Wireless 2008 show in Las Vegas last week, AT&T Mobility president and CEO Ralph de la Vega said CNN would supply an exclusive news channel for AT&T’s mobile TV service, which is expected to launch in May, RCRWireless News reported.

However, CNN Worldwide director of public relations Jen Martin said, “there is no deal in place do that with AT&T.” She added that CNN currently provides some content to AT&T but that it is not an exclusive agreement.

AT&T spokeswoman Jenny Parker confirmed the remarks de la Vega made at CTIA, but she declined to comment further.

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