Hell Freezes Over on The Factor…

First Obama goes on Fox News Sunday. Now Hillary goes on O’Reilly. What’s the hell? The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz writes up the quasi-apocalyptic news…

Bill O’Reilly has been trying to book Hillary Clinton for years. Tomorrow night, he finally gets his shot.

The former first lady will grant the bombastic host an audience in Indiana, and the interview will air over two nights on the highest rated cable news show. The move represents a further thaw in the once-frigid relations between the Democratic presidential candidates and Fox News, following Barack Obama’s first-ever appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

2 Responses to “Hell Freezes Over on The Factor…”

  1. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    It’s desperation by Hillary and Obama …

    They want to try to convince the right wing / white people that they should vote for them …

    They want the fair & balanced street cred …

  2. avagardner Says:

    Hillary is broke. She needs all the free publicity she can get. Fox is the number one rated news network. Plus they’ve been shilling for her lately.

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