Hopkins and Quinn: Gone from FNC?

Did a quick check of FNC’s bio page tonight and Page Hopkins and Brigitte Quinn have been delisted. Make of that what you will but it should comes as no surprise under the circumstances…


16 Responses to “Hopkins and Quinn: Gone from FNC?”

  1. What “circumstances?”

  2. Mike Beckham Says:

    Fox doesn’t like women when they reach a certain age?

    Shame as Hopkins was quite good and not overtly partisan.

  3. What “circumstances?”

    Their sudden dissapearances from FNC. Hopkins dissapearance is more of a mystery but something catastrophic had to have happened for FNC to take her off of Fox and Friends weekend and then drop her down a hole like that. In the subsequent months she was only seen briefly a handful of times. She dissapeared right around the time Roger Ailes posted that rambling email to staff to get with the program and I’ve never shaken the suspicion the two aren’t partly related somehow.

  4. Page was good! Don’t know why she got demoted. I posted awhile ago here that someone claiming to be in the know at FNC posted on TVN that the Ailes email was directed at Laurie Dhue.

  5. Page Hopkins was one of the best at FOX News and drop-dead gorgeous. Brigitte Quinn was a real sweetheart. FOX News minimized their on-air exposure during the past 18 months because, I suspect, of their ages, just as they are now doing with E.D. Hill.

    I am sorry to see Page and Brigitte depart FOX News, and I suspect E.D. Hill will be following in their footsteps before long. I hope they can find a tough attorney and sue FOX News for age discrimination.

    George Spink
    Los Angeles

  6. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. It has been rumored for sometime that she was just waiting out her no competition clause before moving to another channel.

  7. jpconway451 Says:

    I think FNC is the loser if age is the reason for letting these two go. And ED Hill is as good as Hopkins & Quinn. I hope she is not the next victim of age discrimination.

  8. Why play the age discrimination card?

    I mean, FNC has women who are the same age or older still on the air. And who ever said a job at the news channels is a lifetime gig?

  9. Good point terance…

    If FNC really played the “age” and “looks” card as much as some people suggest… would they have hired Greta away? Would they have given her her own show?

    FNC doesn’t play the “age” or “looks” game any more than anyone else in television.

  10. Aren’t all these female anchors at FNC 40+?


  11. jpconway451 Says:

    Other than Greta & Gretchen in lurkerlou’s listing the others just nod and move on when guests spout talking points. MacCallum did that when Bill Press supposedly “answered” a question today. Quinn & Hopkins were maybe too informed and pressed guest commentators to provide answers, not talking points.

  12. Megyn Kelly is the best female anchor at FNC. She destroyed that US magazine guy and Bill Burton? from the Obama camp. Linda Vester was also very good….

  13. topthecharts Says:

    lurker: Ms. Kelly is an equal opportunity destroyer: at the beginning of the 5pm hour,
    Megyn lowered the boom on McCain spokesperson Susan (?) Wallace.

    As for Page and Brigitte, probably a simple decision. With the apparent rise of Jamie Colby and Julie Banderas on weekends, there was just no airtime available for Hopkins and Quinn.

  14. I think liberal blogs were praising Megyn Kelly for going after Tucker Bounds. It’s cool, she’s doing her job but Megyn is definitely a conservative.

  15. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Page is the SAME age as Gretchen and Alisyn … They were all born in 1966 … Yet, they re-signed Gretch and put Aly on F&FW (to try to save it) …

    Page vanished back in Feb … She said she was going on vacation (ski trip) in her home state of WA … The next weekend, the show hosts had dramatically changed …

    It makes me wonder if Page said something about Roger Ailes’ precious little goats (Ainsley & Courtney) and that’s why she got the boot …

    Or maybe Ailes / Shine / et al thought the chemistry was wrong between Page, Greg & Kelly … as a couple of times Greg let out a few exclamations LIVE on-air that weren’t exactly “professional” … I liked the show with those three … Their replacements were crap … And now even Aly can’t save the show when she’s stuck in the middle of Dave the possible conservative and Clayton the bleeding heart liberal (who had to change his online persona after we called him out on it on blogs like this) …

  16. […] not known when the departures happened. One source simply told us “recently.” But ICN notes that Hopkins and Quinn have been taken off the bio page of […]

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