Changes coming to MSNBC Dayside?

ICN is hearing noises that MSNBC is planning some changes for Dayside. One of the big changes, apparently, is they will be going to a three anchor format. According to the memo, which reportedly went out yesterday, this is being billed as a trial run. I guess we’ll see how this will work soon enough…


7 Responses to “Changes coming to MSNBC Dayside?”

  1. identcity Says:

    Sky News in the UK have already tried this 3 anchor system, back in 2005. It lasted only a year, before they jettisoned it. I somehow don’t think MSNBC will be any more successful with it.

  2. Neither do I. It sounds like a desperation throw to me. But I’ve been wrong before.

  3. pianoman13827 Says:

    This reminds me of a move they tried out before, back in 03 or 04. I remember seeing Alison Stewart, Sam Shane and Laurie Jennings paired up before. I kind of like the 3-anchor pairing, but not so sure how it would work out. But they do have a lot of anchors floating around 30 rock these days it seems…. sounds like something they should definitely try once the elections are over and they can get rid of “The Place for Politics” crap.

  4. topthecharts Says:

    Spud: I don’t know if you are old enough to remember that the three-anchor concept was tried by ABC News World News Tonight in the late 1970s. The three anchors were Frank Reynolds, Max Robinson and Peter Jennings who reported from London.

    It failed.

  5. MNSBC had a three anchor format in 2000 with Mika Brzezinski, Ashleigh Banfield and Gina Gaston.

  6. Correction to above post: MSNBC

  7. That was something different. The Sam Shane, Allison Stewart, Laurie Jennings comparison is more aproppriate…

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