Free for All: 11/12/08

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6 Responses to “Free for All: 11/12/08”

  1. Did anyone else watch F&F this morning? It was the last 5 minutes of the 6:00 hour and Brian was doing the “green room” thing. He made a comment about bringing Steve and Ally breakfast the “were in all the segments”. It was just odd. Then there is all the rumors about Brian and his contract negotiations and the email he sent about wanting to be in more segments. It was just awkward.

  2. I watched most of it. 6:00 Central? Eastern?

  3. eastern time. It was just an odd thing to say, IMO.

  4. What’s up with the long play-off on Morning Joe? I don’t usually see it ’cause it starts at 3AM pst, but I DVRed it this morning. They started the let’s-go-to-break music, then continued to interview Howard Dean for two minutes. It was very distracting and made me feel like he needed to hurry up and finish his sentence. They did this quite a few times when talking amongst themselves, also (Joe Mika, Barnicle and Geist). I don’t get it.

  5. As Special Report W Hume was playing off, right after Brit’s signoff, Brit had an open mike moment. I was disappointed at how short it was, all he said was ‘What the hell,” and someone’s name. Would like to have heard more.

  6. I heard that too, Laural. I assumed he was questioning the kicker. Usually, he’s chuckling at those. He didn’t laugh at all at that one. It might have been a tape issue or something. There wasn’t much set-up for it.

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