What’s Hot/What’s Not: 12/7/08

What’s Hot:

David Gregory – Word leaked out on The Huffington Post, prematurely of course, that David Gregory was going to get Meet the Press. This caught not only NBC off guard but the entrire MSM as well; the latter quickly mobilizing with behind the scenes articles on the process of Gregory’s “selection”, even though NBC hadn’t announced it and Gregory hadn’t signed a deal yet. On Sunday it was made official…

Bill O’Reilly to drop Radio Show – With O’Reilly recently signing a long term deal with FNC, the “no spin zone” host decided to make that the focus of his career this week by deciding to quit his radio show in early 2009.

Barry McCafferey – NBC’s military analyst remained under scrutiny this week as NBC furiously tried to tamp down the story…

Photoshop Wars – A kefuffle erupted on the blogosphere over whether NBC Universal topper Jeff Zucker’s head had been Photoshopped for The O’Reilly Factor. Think Progress said it was. Johnny Dollar said it wasn’t and offered proof and accused Think Progress of smearing The Factor. ICN looked at said proof and said it was wrong; Zucker’s image had been altered, though Think Progress’ original accusation was probably a guess based on the questionable evidence available to them. Curiously, TVNewser didn’t touch the story.

Wolf Blitzer gets Sundays off – John King will be taking over Late Edition…

Chris Matthews – Speculation intensified this week regarding Chris Matthews’ Senatorial musings this week only to end the week with news Matthews may sign a long term deal with MSNBC…

Morning Joe on the radio – Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski will make their radio debut next week.

What’s Not:

NBC Universal Cuts – This week a series of reports came out detailing the cuts coming down to CNBC and NBC/MSNBC. Among the victims: CNBC’s Big Idea and NBC reporters Mark Mullen, John Larson, Don Teague, Jeannie Ohm, Bob Faw, and Kevin Corke, and a bunch of staffers across the country.

Miles O’Brien – The veteran CNN talent is being dropped by his network. That’s a real shame…


8 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 12/7/08”

  1. I’m sorry, but I still think J$ is right.

  2. missy5537 Says:

    It’s ironic that the very week O’Reilly announces that he’ll discontinue his radio program, Scarborough and Mika decide to take one on in addition to their TV program.

    If O’Reilly feels it’s not easy to do both, I wonder how Joe and Mika will fare.

  3. gettingpwned Says:

    “Mike Chimeri Says:
    December 8, 2008 at 8:43 am

    I’m sorry, but I still think J$ is right.”

    That’s because it’s what you WANT to believe… whether it’s true or not. Way to be objectional.

  4. “That’s because it’s what you WANT to believe… whether it’s true or not. Way to be objectional.”

    LMAO!! pwned, you’ve written some nonsensical things on here before, but this might be your all-time best.

    The word you’re looking for is OBJECTIVE. Objectional makes no sense.

    And I object to you lecturing someone else on objectivity. In your warped view, Bush, Republicans & Fox News are always evil and wrong. The liberals & MSNBC are always right.

    That’s because it’s what you WANT to believe…whether it’s true or not. Way to be obnoxious.

  5. topthecharts Says:

    My guess is that Chris Matthews signing a new contract does not preclude him from eventually running for the Senate in Pa. I’m sure the new contract contains more than a few escape clauses.

  6. libertyandjustice Says:

    Please refer to him as “Sen. Chris Mathews, D-NBC News”

  7. Chrissy will probably win if he runs. If Obama and Murtha can easily win in PA, with what Obama said in San Fran and Murtha calling his district racist and then rednecks then hmmmmmmmmmm…..

  8. topthecharts Says:

    Lurker: Also an 80-year old Arlen Spector won’t hurt Chrissy’s chances.

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