Inside CNBC’s Goldman/Lyons Flap?

Silicon Alley Insider’s Henry Blodget has some alleged inside dope on what went down behind the scenes on CNBC last night…

According to our source close to the situation, here’s what happened last night:

After Lyons savaged Goldman on the air, CNBC’s producers were “fucking seething.” They were also angry at CNBC guest host Dennis Kneale for inviting Lyons on the show. CNBC producer Samantha Wright is said to have said, “Well, Dan Lyons will never be on CNBC again.”

CNBC did not deny that Samantha Wright may have said such a thing. The network pointed out, however, that Wright is an assistant producer and that what she said or didn’t say in the heat of the moment is irrelevant (we agree). CNBC also says that Dan Lyons immediately wrote a note to Jim Goldman and the show’s producers apologizing for “going over the line.”

We asked our source about the note. The source believes Lyons wrote it not because he felt he needed to apologize but because he wanted to take the heat off Dennis Kneale. (As you’ll see from a quote from Dan Lyons below, it does not seem he feels an apology is warranted).


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