Anchor Wars: 01/29/08

Back into the anchor lotto bowl we go…and out comes…

FNC’s Kelly Wright and MSNBC’s Peter Alexander…

BTW, I’ve been giving some thought about a potential problem that could arise more than once during this contest. What to do in the event of a tie. There are two options, one of which I came up with, the other suggested by Johnny Dollar. First, I could extend the voting by a set amount of time. The problem with this is it could delay the next day’s voting (unless I ran it in parallel). The other option is to just declare a tie and toss the names back in the bowl going on the theory that the two won’t go head to head again. And they likely won’t. Unless they’re the last two names for a given round. I’m leaning towards the latter option but wanted to hear your opinions on the subject.

Final Tally: Kelly Wright moves on…


23 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 01/29/08”

  1. Peter Alexander

  2. They’re both good. I’ll go with Kelly Wright.

  3. succatash47 Says:

    I’ll cast my vote for Kelly Wright.

  4. kelly wright

  5. Alexander

  6. Kelly Wright…and Spud, here’s a third option in the result of a tie… they’re both eliminated.

  7. Peter Alexander

  8. Peter Alexander

  9. No, that third option is no option. I started out with 64 anchors in the bowl. If I eliminate both I will eventually run into a scenario where I only have one available for voting. I need to maintain a divisor of two in the contest to wind up with one.

  10. Kelly Wright

  11. Kelly Wright

  12. I vote for tossing them back in the pool, then.

  13. grandpadave Says:

    Kelly Wright

    In case of a tie, put both back in the pool.

  14. sundaysilence89 Says:

    Peter Alexander

  15. banzaibid Says:

    Peter Alexander

  16. Peter Alexander

  17. thenews2k Says:

    I am surprised this is close. Peter Alexander!

  18. Kelly Wright

  19. Peter Alexander

  20. In the spirit of yesterday’s voting…..I don’t know who this Kelly Wright chick is, but she’s got to be better than Alexander.

  21. Voting for Mr wright.

  22. BR, that is just wrong. 🙂

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