Anchor Wars: 02/05/09

And today we have…

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and FNC’s Courtney Friel…

Final Tally: Matthews…


24 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 02/05/09”

  1. Oh, you’re just trying to start something, aintcha??

  2. I have to vote for the one that doesn’t get a thrill up their leg, but is more likely to give me one: Courtney.

  3. Hey, you have to vote in order to comment, remember?

    I just pull names out of a bowl. If the ensuing matchup causes controversy, so be it…

  4. lonestar77 Says:

    Courtney Friel!!!

  5. As a red-blooded American male I’m going to have to go with…oh crap, Chris Mathews. He may be a little out there sometimes, but he’s got a huge appetite for politics, and the political history in his head to back it up.

  6. Chris Mathews

  7. eyecantspel Says:

    Friel… I find both right and left to be wrong, but Matthews is just creepy.

  8. Mike Beckham Says:

    Chris Matthews

    The lesser of the two bimbos

  9. justmyview1 Says:

    Chris Matthews

  10. Chris Matthews

  11. How am I supposed to chose? Flip a coin? They are not equals, I am sure but I won’t take the time to figure out which one is more lame.

  12. Is it really fair to even include Friel in this, as she isn’t an anchor?

    If I have to vote, it’s reluctantly (VERY) for Obama’s bitch (a.k.a. Chris Matthews).

  13. pianoman13827 Says:

    Chris Matthews

  14. Matthews

  15. matthews

  16. Chris “Tweety” Matthews

  17. Chris Matthews

  18. Friel.

  19. sundaysilence89 Says:

    Chris Matthews

  20. Wouldn’t this be more fun if y’all would say why you picked your guy/girl?

  21. Best matchup ever!!

    Both would be better served if they kept their mouths closed….. in which case, there’s only one choice.


  22. eyecantspel Says:


  23. […] never thought I’d be in Fox News bikini bonehead Courtney Friel’s corner, but ICN has forced my hand. Today’s anchor war is Courtney v Chris Matthews. I’m kinda liking this game pitting […]

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