Rick Folbaum returns to FNC?

FTVLive says Folbaum is returning to FNC and will be appearing on weekends starting Valentine’s Day…


9 Responses to “Rick Folbaum returns to FNC?”

  1. lurkerlou Says:

    What’s so special about Folbaum that he’s coming back to FNC but they let people like Page and Dhue go? Are they hiring him for 20k a year and it’s sooooooooo worth it to them lol?

  2. A better question: Who is being moved off weekends to make room for Folbaum?

  3. Who’s been hosting the Fox report weekends? Julie Banderas?

    Unless of course Kelly Wright is getting “shifted” yet again.

  4. Will Ric still keep his weekday anchor duties at the NY Fox station and pull double duty, ala: Heather Nauert?

  5. ^^ Scratch that. I forgot he left WNYW.

  6. topthecharts Says:

    Spud: Of late, Chris Wallace has been ihosting the 2-hour block on Sundays beginning at 12 Noon ET, my guess is that is an assignment he’d probably rather not have.

    Perhaps a good spot for Folbaum.

  7. I doubt that. I don’t think FNC Washington would want to give that slot to someone outside of the D.C. Bureau…

  8. Mike Beckham Says:

    Maybe they can move Eric Shaun off Weekends or better yet Gregg Jarrett who is incredibly annoying.

  9. chocolate…

    […]Rick Folbaum returns to FNC? « Inside Cable News[…]…

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