What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/08/09

What’s Hot:

Sweet Leaf – Michael Phelps got caught with a bong. Cable News was all over it…

What’s Not:

Trojan Horse – This week it was revealed that CNN.com’s live streaming software used end users’ systems to help serve live video.

Jonathan Wald leaves CNBC – That’s bad news for CNBC…

Bill O’Reilly’s latest war on the NY Times – How much angrier can anybody get?

Revisionist History – If you’re going attack someone, at least quote him correctly


One Response to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/08/09”

  1. bushleaguer Says:

    Ah, I thought Olbermann had chopped up that quote from O’Reilly when I was watching it. I caught both shows, and when Olbermann was doing the voice and reading the quote I thought – “I don’t remember O’Reilly directly accusing the guy of not being able to back up his story.”

    Not that he would ever do it, but Olbermann should man up and correct the mistake on the air. He can still hate O’Reilly and maintain a shred of dignity.

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