Anchor Wars: 02/11/09


FNC’s Brian Wilson and HLN’s Mike Galanos…

Final Tally: It’s a tie…



50 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 02/11/09”

  1. eyecantspel Says:

    sadly I must vote for one of these, so I guess it will be Wilson.

  2. grandpadave Says:

    Brian Wilson

    No contest.

  3. claudiva33 Says:

    I kinda like Mike Galanos because he is on every day, not just weekends and is a pleasant diversion from the all-political, all-the-time news on the other three cable networks.

  4. succatash47 Says:

    One vote for the Beach Boy himself, Brian Wilson.

  5. The Moose, Mr. Wilson.

  6. Wilson

  7. oh I have to say Brian Wilson. I wish he had more airtime.

  8. This is a no brainer…BRIAN WILSON is the best!! So much cuter too!

    Love ya Brian,

  9. My vote…Brian Wilson!!

  10. My fellow Texan, Brian Wilson, gets MY nod.

  11. no contest the big texan will always win.!!

  12. ohiobuckeye Says:

    Brian Wilson!

  13. Brian has my vote!

  14. Mike Galanos is cool too. The consensus on Facebook is Wilson Hands down.
    Fox news alert Brian will kick Galanos anytime.!! Where are the pics.!! from this landfill story.!!

  15. tequilaonmonday Says:

    Brian Wilson!!!!!

  16. prayerful109 Says:

    Brian Wilson!! This competition is not even close!!

  17. Absolutely Brian Wilson!!!

  18. Gotta go with Brian!

  19. babiesrus6 Says:

    Brian Wilson has my vote!!

  20. tomwestmoreland Says:

    BRIAN WILSON !!! absolutely

  21. hootsmusings Says:

    Brian Wilson hands down, not because he is a fellow Texan, tall, and a West Texan, but because he is honest, fair, and I feel like I am visiting with a friend.

  22. You’ve got be kidding, right? No contest. Brian Wilson!

  23. No contest, Brian Wilson is the one! Make that 2 votes, one for me and one for my husband. We’ve both loved Brian for YEARS.

  24. Brian of course! The best

  25. nicoleanne340 Says:

    Brian Wilson aboslutely!

  26. Brian Wilson!

  27. Brian Wilson!

  28. Well, Galanos, you have ONE admirer here! I like Brian Wilson too but I also think you are doing a great job and I watch you every day. You are really different kind of anchors I think.

  29. Brian Wilson. Tall, timely, trustworthy, thoughtful, and through. Someone comfortable you could welcome into your home for conversation and coffee.

  30. Whoah….lotta new voters today. Someone must’ve posted an outside link somewhere (besides J$). What’s this Facebook stuff Rendale2 is talking about?

  31. I have worked with them both… great guys! But the Texan wins out for me.

    Go Fox!

  32. Brian Wilson. I’ve met him and he’s not only a great newsman, he’s a really nice guy.

  33. legaleagle61 Says:

    Brian Wilson is my vote, no contest/ He is an honest reporter unlike the liberal media that hides the truth from the American people. If you want the WHOLE story and the whole truth in an unbiased way–Fox News is your own news choice. The rest of them are activists for their liberal cause.

  34. Matthew Willette Says:

    Brian Wilson, hands down.

  35. theoneandonlysportsdiva Says:

    Obviously Brian Wilson. Credible, likeable. Love watching him. And he’s a ‘Skins fan!

  36. The facebook stuff I am talking about is Brian Wilsons home page or fan page.

  37. Brian Wilson.

  38. My vote goes to Brian Wilson without a doubt.

  39. Brian Wilson

  40. Beachboys forever!

  41. Ok, where exactly are you Facebook people coming from?

  42. “Facebook people”. Sounds ominous.

  43. Am I right that the vote is 39-1?? WOW. Go Moose! I agree that he needs more airtime, but he has a larger role behind the scenes.

    He should have replaced Brit Hume instead of Baier, who I think is a good reporter, but Wilson’s a better anchor.

  44. Yes you’re right. Some Wilson fan posted a note somewhere, probably on Facebook if my hit count is to be believed, but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

    I wish it wouldn’t happen but it was bound to happen. And there’s no rule against it because it would be impossible to enforce.

    I’m just surprised it happened first with Wilson…instead of Robin Meade.

  45. Galanos

  46. Brian Wilson

  47. can I change my vote?
    to bill thomas?

  48. or will I go to the sin bin?

  49. Brian Wilson. Easy vote.

  50. Wilson.

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