Anchor Wars: 02/12/09

And today we have a toughie…

HLN’s Chuck Roberts and FNC’s Jon Scott…

Final Tally: Scott…


15 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 02/12/09”

  1. Roberts. Spud, I loved “It’s a tie” at the close of Wilson/Galanos. Serious spit take before I read the jump.

  2. Jon Scott the journalist pilot and famous eater of Jane Skinners brownies, !!
    I vote for him.!!

  3. justmyview1 Says:

    Chuck Roberts

  4. succatash47 Says:

    Gotta go with Jon Scott.

  5. Jon Scott – a perfect storm – looks, skill, cool,

  6. He’s no Eric Burns, but I’ll got with Jon Scott.

  7. Hands down…Jon Scott

  8. Jon Scott

  9. Roberts

  10. Roberts.

  11. unclearthur Says:

    Chuck Roberts.

  12. sundaysilence89 Says:

    The OG … Chuck Roberts

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