Live Blogging: Continental Plane Crash…

12:25 am – A Continental affilliate airliner has crashed in Buffalo, NY. MSNBC is covering it live with Dan Kloeffler and CNN is feeding off of CNN International. FNC is running tape (Hannity) at the moment. I don’t know when the crash happened so I don’t know if FNC was already covering it and went back to tape or not. Someone want to fill in the details?

Update: 12:27 – FNC is live covering it but then went to commercial and then back to Hannity. What gives?

Update: 12:32 – CNNI is scooping MSNBC. CNNI has a live feed of a presser on the accident and MSNBC doesn’t. FNC is back to covering it again.

Update: 12:34 – Now FNC has the presser too. MSNBC is still being skunked. I’ll bet affilliate relations is going to ream the NBC Buffalo affilliate in the morning…

Update: 12:37 – Here’s the flight track

Update: 12:39 – FNC in commercials again. Sheesh…

Update: 12:45

CNN was simulcasting the NBC affilliate at one point according to an emailer. The NBC affilliate has exclusive video of the scene. Why can CNN get this footage but MSNBC can’t? I don’t like bagging on anchors in breaking news situations but MSNBC’s Kloeffler is sinking like a rock with his coverage. I’m not surprised considering all the cuts to NBC News. MSNBC must be on the most skeleton of skeleton crews. This is what happens when you gut your newsroom to cut costs. Are you paying attention Capus and Griffin? Then again FNC isn’t fairing much better though they did have the presser MSNBC couldn’t get. CNNI is kicking everyone’s butt right now with its rotating affilliate coverage…

Update: 12:48: – Air Traffic Control audio. It starts around 15 minutes in (about 2/3-3/4 in the timeline bar). You’re listening for Colgan 3407. The ATC remark is “aircraft over the marker”. Emergency services are dispatched a couple of minutes later…

Update: 12:52 – Someone woke up Robert Hager who is now on the phone on MSNBC. This is an improvement as Hagar is a pro and has been missed on NBC. A few minutes earlier MSNBC had YouTube video of the scene. Here it is…

Update: 12:58 – Another presser. CNNI has it. MSNBC and FNC don’t.

Update: 1:05 – FNC anchor just said they’re waiting for the next press conference in three hours. Meanwhile CNNI is showing the next press conference. MSNBC is still lost in the weeds and doesn’t have the presser or its NBC affilliate. An emailer notes, “this is so ironic coming from the network who’s launch event was upstaging CNN’s coverage of TWA800 they are getting their pants spanked by their own affiliate which is being simulcast on CNNi.”

Update: 1:13 – FNC back in tape (On The Record)

Update: 1:16 – FNC comes out of tape again. Make up your minds please. FNC has new video of emergency vehicles running around.

Update: 1:23 – Anderson Cooper is now on CNN. I’m surprised that CNN would make an effort with its own coverage by bringing in an A talent. Another example of how CNN has just owned this story tonight. Meanwhile FNC is airing the presser CNN already aired.

Update: 1:29 – FNC is running commercials again. Guess they need to make up News Corp.’s revenue shortfall…

Update: 1:32 – It’s been over an hour since I started liveblogging this and all that MSNBC has managed to show is some still pictures and that YouTube video. No affilliates. No pressers. Just lots of phone interviews. They are in communication with their affilliate because they’re interviewing a reporter with the affilliate but it’s by phone. I’m starting to think CNN has some sort of exclusivity deal that’s frozen MSNBC out of its affilliate’s footage. If that’s true, whoever let this happen…bad call.

Update: 1:40 – Another reason CNN should have never let Miles O’Brien go. Cooper’s doing well but O’Brien is sorely missed.

Update: 1:41 – Eureka! MSNBC has video! Finally.

Update: 3:00 – Cooper is still on CNN. Kloeffler is still on MSNBC. On FNC, Julie Banderas, via phone, was doing interviews via the phone. I haven’t seen anything like this since Brian Williams, via phone, interviewed Pete Williams via phone when Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist died. FNC has Rick Leventhal driving up to Buffalo to do streaming coverage.

16 Responses to “Live Blogging: Continental Plane Crash…”

  1. CNN International has been simulcasting WGRZ-NBC Channel Two Buffalo with exclusive video of the crash including video they just obtained of the plane before it was completely consumed by fire.

    MSNBC is flapping in the wind. Someone needs to lose their job over this.

  2. See my earlier commemt in Free For All about MSNBC. Unbelievably bad. Kloeffler is desparately in over his head. I gave up and am on CNN.

  3. Why don’t Capus and Griffin just cough up a Lockup and go to bed. Disgusting.

  4. How sad, coming off this week’s Hudson River Crew tour.

  5. Here’s your irony. MSNBC made its name just after launching by spanking CNN’s coverage of the crash of TWA Flight 800. Tonight CNN has spanked MSNBC by simulcasting NBC’s OWN AFFILIATE and their coveage of the disaster. Someone at 30 Rock should be FIRED.

  6. FNC should shut down that ticker. We don’t need to read about the d*** stimulus right now.

  7. Another commercial on FNC. And now back to our show?

  8. I used to live 2 miles from there. I can’t sleep, as I am worrying about the people killed, wondering who I know. What a tragedy….

  9. Gotta give it to Cooper. He got his butt to work.

  10. I find it funny that CNN has used the WGRZ feed (NBC affiliate), and MSNBC has been stuck w/ pics and using other stations, Why wouldn’t they have wrapped up the NBC affiliate??

  11. Another ugly example of reporters doing their job. Interviewing a man who’s sister was on the plane, asks him her name, then, “Can you spell it?” Really? We need the spelling right now? I know, it’s their job. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  12. NBC is now using a reporter from its Rochester affiliate, WHEC. I would love an explanation from NBC as to why they aren’t using their Buffalo station.

  13. Mike Beckham Says:

    Interesting that CNN still have the “International” banner where the old logo was.

  14. The possible reason for CNN having the local NBC affiliate & MSNBC not having it could be this…

    A lot of local affiliates use CNN for their uplinks, not their networks. I don’t know if this is the case with the Buffalo station or not, but it’s highly possible. They might not be able to uplink directly to NBC.

    Sounds ridiculous that they wouldn’t have that capability, but that could be the reason.

  15. I don’t know if it is related, but uses our abc station for its local news section. I’ve always wondered why they do not use the local nbc station.

  16. […] back from tape covering it again. What is it with this network and late night breaking news? It did something similar with the Continental/Colgan plane crash in Buffalo earlier this year. Possibly related posts: […]

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