Press Releases: 02/13/09

CNN (1)

Anderson Cooper 360°’s Second ‘Money Summit’ will Examine Economic Stimulus Package

CNN chief business correspondent Ali Velshi leads a fast-paced panel discussion for CNN’s second “Money Summit,” which looks at the economic stimulus package and the timeline for how quickly it might reverse the effects of a wealth destroying recession. This Anderson Cooper 360° special, “CNN Money Summit,” airs on Tuesday, February 17, at 11 p.m. (ET) and will re-air Friday, Feb 20 at 11p.m. (ET)

For the second Money Summit, CNN will again work closely with Fortune and Money magazines as well as to examine the latest issues facing our economy. Velshi and the panel of experts will explore the big questions and possible solutions using the latest on-air technologies and questions submitted via iReport and Facebook. The panel includes: Katie Benner, writer/reporter, Fortune; Telis Demos, writer/reporter, Fortune; David Gergen, CNN senior political analyst, Donna Rosanto, senior writer, MONEY magazine, Andy Serwer, editor, Fortune; and Walter Updegrave, senior editor, MONEY magazine.

The panel will discuss the details of the stimulus package and the mixture of government spending and tax breaks to consumers and businesses. The solutions oriented discussion will focus on the impact of the stimulus package on the job market, the housing market and the stock market. Additionally, the panel will explore whether, with so much money and political capital being used to kick start the economy, the President will be able to fulfill campaign promises on initiatives such as green energy and reforming healthcare?


22 Responses to “Press Releases: 02/13/09”

  1. Can someone please explain to me what David Gergen is doing on this panel?

    You’ve got people from Fortune & Money magazine….and then… David Rodham Gergen “CNN senior political analyst”. What expertise will he add to the panel??

    Oh, that’s right, they need the designated cheerleader, and Gergen will fit that bill perfectly.

  2. Oh I don’t know…political analysis of the stimulus bill maybe? Red, it’s not ALL black helicopters.

  3. Thanks joe. Yes, political analysis from someone who is obviously a supporter of this White House and the Porkulus.

    I’m sure he’ll add great and non-partisan insight into the discussion. It’s sad that CNN, the home of the original debate show Crossfire, can’t have dissenting views on anymore.

  4. unclearthur Says:

    Hah! Last night Gergen was insisting that the GOP was acting on principle in voting against the US economy. But he’s always been that way – finding good in everyone.

  5. That’s ridiculous. Gergen served 3 Republican and 1 Democratic President. If he likes Obama, it’s because he thinks he’s got potential, not because he’s a liberal. Remember Shields & Gergen on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer? No, because you either have no memory or you’re 20. He was the CONSERVATIVE.

  6. I know Gergen’s history, joe. I also know the last president he worked for was named Clinton and that he was a huge Obama cheerleader throughout the election.

    His glowing praise of Obama’s weak press conference Monday should tell you a lot about where his allegiance lies.

  7. BR, your weak assessment of Obama’a press conference should tell you a lot about how you wouldn’t know a good press conference if it hit you in the face.

  8. What was good about it? You admitted the answers were too long and the tone was too depressing.

    He distorted, flat out lied, or didn’t know the real truth on a variety of things, from Japan’s economy to the “there’s no pork in this bill” line. He played the politics of fear that your Dem friends have whined about the past 7 years.

    He also pre-selected which order he was going to grant questions.

    It was incredibly weak.

  9. Yeah, he needs to tighten it up and cheer up a bit, but, overall, I think he killed. You may feel differently. Hey, if you didn’t…what would we talk about?

    Pullin’ for Mark Martin on Sunday. Daytona owes him one. Let’s go racin’ boys!

  10. Good grief joe. You had the line of the week when you suggested Spud’s penalty should be to make us watch a hockey game….
    ….and now you’ve ruined it by promoting NASCAR.

    Watching cars drive in circles for 5 hours is definitely worse than watching hockey. I don’t care how fast they’re driving.

  11. Um, conservative and doesn’t like NASCAR? Lock your doors Red…they’re comin’.

  12. libertyandjustice Says:

    The proposition that Gergen is a Conservative is preposterous. He has the right to his opinions but Gergen is about as much a conservative as Dick Morris is a liberal. They both are political hacks and unprincipled guns for hirer. I grant you Gergen does a much better job sucking up to the self important media elites and Harvard Yard phonies. He loves that stuff.

  13. libertyandjustice Says:

    Joe, I’m not surprised about BR, I’m also not into NASCAR but have nothing against it. FYI, I do like listening to Prairie Home Companion and watching 24. Have you ever seen 24? (Remember its only fiction) I think it’s more humane than watching Countdown.

  14. Joe…agreed on Mark Martin and the Daytona 500. I will even go further and hope he wins the whole championship finally this year.

  15. L&J, 24 is (last year not withstanding) awesome. Diggin’ the redhead.

    Kathi, if Martin mamaged to get to finally get the crown after almost retiring, it would be a miracle. Hmmm, two Republican guys that don’t watch NASCAR, and a woman who does. Interesting place. Hey Kathi, come watch the 500 with me. My wife won’t mind…she’ll be on the computer.

  16. Joe, are you saying all conservatives are gun-toting, bible clinging, beer guzzling, country listening, NASCAR watching hicks?

    Just kidding.

    What’s even crazier about it is, I grew up in North Carolina….the home of NASCAR.

    My dad loves it. Me…not so much.

  17. Yeah Red, and all liberals are wine-sipping, tree-hugging Formula One fans. Um, actually, that would be me. Mmm, that’s good Cab. 🙂

  18. You forgot tinfoil hat wearing….

  19. LOL Joe…..I am a big Nascar fan. I must say it was anti-climatic with the rain though. I had to watch it by myself as well…hubby was on the computer LOL. By the way, I am a right leaning independent. So, I think that proves that Nascar attracts a wider range of fans than most might think.

  20. Ugh, Daytona doesn’t even get going ’til the last 50 laps…which never happened. And Matt Kenseth bores me to tears.

  21. Matt Kennseth is a great driver…with no personality at all. Unlike my favorite, Tony Stewart. Maybe next week at Ca. will be more exciting.

  22. When will our leaders realize that you can’t recovery economically by going further into debt?

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