What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/15/09

What’s Hot:

Senator Scarborough? – No chance in hell…

Making an effort – CNN’s coverage of the crash of the airplane in Buffalo was a textbook example of how a network should do it. Viewers were getting information as fast as it was coming in with the network switching from various local news feeds. To top it off, the network brought in a name to cover the crash. That would be Anderson Cooper. My only gripe would be that Miles O’Brien would have been a better choice. But then he doesn’t work there anymore…

What’s Not:

Smoking Gun? – Media Matters caught FNC in a very compromising position this week when it revealed that the network had used a Republican Press release as the basis for a segment on the Stimulus Package. FNC even copied the typo in the press release for its report. FNC did apologize…for the typo.

Technical Difficulties – MSNBC’s coverage of the airplane crash in Buffalo was severely hampered by the lack of live video from its Buffalo affiliate; a problem not affecting CNNI, which did have the footage. According to TVNewser, the lack of a feed was due to a technical problem. We can speculate endlessly as to what the technical problem was but it doesn’t matter. The result is what matters and MSNBC didn’t have an affiliate feed for hours after the accident.

The Crash was Brought to you by – FNC’s incessant cutting to commercial during the crash coverage while its counterparts remained live was a black eye for the network. Cutting in and out of taped programming didn’t help any either.

Revisionist History – Keith Olbermann had to apologize for the incorrect Roger Ailes quote this week.

Get Juan Williams – I’m no fan of Williams. I don’t think he puts forth the liberal position very well and I’ve criticized his presence on Fox News Sunday repeatedly, mainly because of the way he gets destroyed week in and week out by Brit Hume. Someone else would fare better I would think. But all the bruhaha over whether Williams can or can’t be identified as being with NPR when on O’Reilly’s show is just plain childish.


7 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/15/09”

  1. I have to strongly disagree with you about Juan Williams. He’s one of the best pundits in the business.

    And although I usually agree with Brit Hume, he does NOT destroy Juan every week. There’s usually a very good back and forth, and Brit is correct more than Juan, my Juan does a good job stating his viewpoint.

    And why “no chance in hell” on Senator Scarborough? Because he won’t run, or because he can’t win?? I think either is a realistic possibility. It’s not like he’s never run for office before.

  2. gettingpwned Says:

    someone calling themselves big red agrees with brit and thinks he’s correct more often than juan… should we fox news alert this?

  3. Mike Beckham Says:

    Hm, Juan is a lame ‘liberal’. Brit is very forceful with his opinions not surprised ‘bigred’ would think he is a great Liberal Pundit then 😉

    It would be difficult for me to call Juan Liberal. Whenever he is on O’Reilly he is moderate leaning to the right whenever O’Reilly rails him.

  4. I consider him Liberal. Just very very unoriginal. A talking point regurgitator too often. That’s partially why Hume destroys him so often.

  5. Spud: You said Roger Ailes; I believe you mean Rupert Murdoch.

  6. topthecharts Says:

    BigRed: Strongly agree about Juan and being destroyed by Brit. Perhaps Spud prefers the “arguments” of way-out liberals such as Olbermann or Stephanie Miller!

    At least twice in recent appearances on “Hannity,” Juan Williams has identified major factual errors in Sean’s arguments which has been a rarity since Colmes left.

  7. Yeah, Juan does very well for himself vs. Hannity. Hume’s arguments are usually a little more reasoned and thoughtful that Hannity’s, so Juan is able to exploit the openings.

    BTW, my nickname has nothing to do with my political leanings.

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