MSNBC’s Leftward Bent isn’t just for Primetime Anymore…

NewsBusters’ Mark Finkelstein blogs about a new segment on David Shuster’s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…

So much for any pretense of balance. Looks like David Shuster has taken a page from Keith Olbermann’s playbook: play exclusively to your crowd; exclude any alternative voices.

Announcing this evening a new regular feature focusing on the blogosphere on his 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue show, Shuster made it clear that conservatives need not apply.

DAVID SHUSTER: Every day at this time, we’re going to bring you a key issue in the progressive blogosphere.

And the much ballyhooed firewall that protects straight news daytime from liberal primetime takes another one on the chin. This also makes Shuster and his ideology even more of a wart on Dayside where, inexplicably, he is still an anchor from 11-1pm. It’s time to put up or shut up for NBC News. Either enforce the firewall or own up to your failure to do so. Because everyone in the industry sees what’s going on and nobody believes your story anymore…


9 Responses to “MSNBC’s Leftward Bent isn’t just for Primetime Anymore…”

  1. Mike Beckham Says:

    Shuster can do what he likes at 6pm but you’re right he shouldn’t be anchoring dayside.

  2. As I mentioned earlier, the POV of this segment may be more complex than it seems. It is common knowledge that the far left is often unhappy with Obama’s “let’s all get along” approach. If there had been a blogosphere during Clinton’s term, his many concessions to the center and right would have been lambasted by “progressives” (hate that term). I don’t expect this segment to be all that agreeable to this administration. Rachel Maddow already uses her show to consistently criticize Obama for not being “liberal enough”. We’ll see.

  3. Shuster has been slipping his bias in dayside for some time, in my opinion. So I guess this comes as no big surprise.

  4. claudiva33 Says:

    Shuster is just so stiff he looks like a robot when he reads the news. I think he and Contessa Brewer were separated at birth or something (look at their mouths when they speak). He always seems nervous and not sure of himself. I wish he would go away.

  5. MSNBC’s target audience is the nutroots & that’s what this segment is geared toward. Shyster & the rest of the tools bow down at the blue blog altar.

    As I said yesterday, the other prime timers get much of their scripts from Media Matters, Kos, etc., without crediting them.

    At least Shyster is giving them the credit.

  6. gettingpwned Says:

    that’s an awfully big-red-glass house you’ve got there…

    you’re attacking msnbc with one hand while praising fnc with the other. they’re both guilty of the exact same thing. one is none more evil than the other. don’t be a hypocrite. especially after that fox/dnc ‘typo’ faux-paus the other day.

    my biggest beef with all of this is how are “news” organizations allowed to keep calling themselves “news” organizations when they don’t report the news and they report opinion?? by this logic cnn is clearly the most news oriented of the 3 cable nets though it rates the least.

    and why must the “news” portion of the programming stop in prime time? it’s all bullsh!t. all of it.

  7. The “news” portion stops in prime time because there’s no audience for it. It’s in the paper, on the internet, on the radio and on Dayside all day. And you can get the abridged version on the Evening News after work if you want. By evening I’ve heard all I can stand of headlines. Time to debate them.

  8. Comeon gettingpwned. You know you’re not supposed to use profanity…

  9. gettingpwned Says:

    sorry… but it is! :p

    let’s face it. cable news isn’t about cable news. nowadays you’re creating a product to return an investment. news doesn’t return an investment.

    fox news channel was created because there wasn’t a republican outlet out there and murdoch saw a market for one. it’s doing EXTREMELY well because it’s the only one there!

    now msnbc is going left because there’s no far left tv network out there.

    and now that these networks have seen their numbers go up as a result, their “prime time” viewpoints are being brought over more abruptly to daytime. shuster, beck, etc…

    the point is, none of it is news. even the real news isn’t news anymore on one of these cable nets because they always put a spin on it. the sad part is that most of the fanatics watching either one doesn’t realize it. THAT is the scary part. they BELIEVE they’re watching news when all they’re doing is having their values and viewpoints reaffirmed to them. by someone who they think is concerned for them, when all they care about is their ratings share and their advertising dollar.

    [/end rant]

    and look, no cussing!

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