Lobbying for 10pm…

The LA Times’ Matea Gold writes about progressives lobbying for MSNBC’s 10pm slot…

MSNBC President Phil Griffin said he’s not necessarily looking for someone who shares the political leanings of Olbermann and Maddow, but is delighted by the response.

“If people identify with us, I’m thrilled,” he said.

“Obviously, we’re going to have flow between our shows,” Griffin added. “But it isn’t going to be ideology that drives it. I want that hour to be edgy, to be smart, to be a little snarky.”

At this point, the search for a new host is just an “aspiration,” said Griffin, noting that the network may not even select someone by the year’s end. But he said he had been floored by the reaction, which has included “dozens and dozens of phone calls from people I never thought about or considered.”

“It’s just incredible and just shows you where MSNBC is,” he said. “We’ve had times when hours have been open and nobody noticed.”

The end of the year? MSNBC can’t wait that long. It needs to strike now while there’s momentum.


10 Responses to “Lobbying for 10pm…”

  1. Not about ideology? C’mon Griffin. Every viewer even slightly left of center knows and likes that MSNBC Primetime is liberal. Quit BSing and get another good leftie up there.

  2. Griffin is pretty good at that BSing stuff Joe, LOL

  3. I disagree Kathi. I know good BS. That aint it.

  4. bushleaguer Says:

    joe – I agree. Whoever ends up with the new show will have a ideological bent that is consistent with the 8 and 9pm hour. I remember reading an interview with Tucker Carlson after his show was cancelled and he said (paraphrasing) that he understood that his point-of-view stuck out like a sore thumb given the direction the network was going from 5pm on.

    I’d love to see that list of people who have given him a call to show interest.

    Hopefully they’ll mix it up a bit content-wise.

  5. I think they can not wait till the end of the year. Also, it is less about left vs right then getting an entertaining voice that can hold an hour on his/her own. A debate show or a lkl like show would be perfect at 10p, imo.

  6. Against my better judgment, you may be right, DVS. 10PM might be a good spot for a more evenly balanced news or talk show like AC360 or LKL. I hadn’t thought of that, but now that you mention it, I can see the wisdom in it.

  7. Ideally, I think MSNBC should find a conservative, but it would make absolutely zero sense business wise.

    At least they have one conservative show (Morning Joe, which makes us LIbs puke). How many Libs does Fox have now?

  8. bushleaguer Says:

    Yeah, a LKL format with a wide range of content from night to night would be a really good idea.

  9. Touche Joe….As to the 10pm slot, I would love to see some sort of round table group of diverse people.

  10. What’s wrong with a nice test pattern? Or an infomercial?

    Those are better alternatives than what was listed above.

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