MSNBC goes Twitter crazy…

Is there some sort of internal directive at MSNBC to get on Twitter? Olbermann and Maddow have been on for a while, though Olbermann’s feed stopped last September for some reason. Mika started in December. But things have ratcheted up in the past couple of weeks. Now David Shuster, Tamron Hall, Luke Russert, David Gregory, and Contessa Brewer have started tweeting. And is this MSNBC head Phil Griffin’s first tweets? Judging by who’s already following it may be.


4 Responses to “MSNBC goes Twitter crazy…”

  1. Can someone explain to me the fascination with Twitter, cause I’m just not getting it. Is maintaining a blog that labor intensive that now we have to whittle our thoughts down to poorly spelled single sentences?

  2. J$ had a great quote about Twitter. I thought I had saved it but can’t find it. It was along the lines of what sviscusi is saying.

  3. Yeah, It’s overrated. I’ve been on it for two years but I only made my first tweet yesterday. But you do occasionally pick up some interesting info so it’s not totally worthless either…

  4. Anyone use Digg?

    There was this great quote from the guy @ Wallstrip I just had to save it lol…

    ” I don’t dig Digg. Never have. I don’t understand it, need it, want it.

    That said, there is a lot of freaking traffic over at Digg. The one time I hit the front page – I got 70,000 uniques.

    I can tell you from that massive attack, that not one reader was converted. It’s like a herd of wild buffalo running through your site, mostly for a milisecond, a few stoppng to lay a ‘turd’ in your comments.

    Quite American web indeed. The goal is to get traffic that is worthless. Genius. “

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