Anchor Wars: 02/20/09

And today…

CNN’s T.J. Holmes and FNC’s Heather Nauert…

Final Tally: Holmes…


18 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 02/20/09”

  1. Nauert is terrible, so Holmes.

  2. eyecantspel Says:


  3. bushleaguer Says:

    TJ Holmes.

  4. justmyview1 Says:

    TJ Holmes

  5. I vote for Holmes because he’s a stud!

    Oh wait. And he’s also light years ahead of Ms. Nauert in all areas.

  6. Holmes.

  7. terance, Holmes is a stud in what areas…..???

    I vote for Nauert.

  8. BigRed – In all the fields I take under consideration when making a vote!

  9. succatash47 Says:

    I’ll go with Heather here.

  10. Which are what, exactly?

  11. Heather

  12. >Which are what, exactly?

    “My hope is that the voting will be based purely on ability, professionalism, knowledge, and gravitas.”

    Which makes TJ a stud and Heather a dud.

  13. I will have to go with TJ…I just can’t watch Heather

  14. I don’t even know T.J. Holmes, but my vote goes to him over Heather Nauert. Nauert is just unwatchable.

  15. Heather Nauert

  16. Heather Nauert

  17. Holmes

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