What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/22/09

What’s Hot:

Rick Santelli – Does this one really need explanation…

Twitter – Cable news talent’s Twitter use was all the discussion this week, spurned on mostly by a bunch of NBC/MSNBC like David Gregory and Davis Shuster jumping on the Twitter bandwagon the past couple of weeks.

What’s Not:

Bright Blue Scrotum – Some websites were duped by a bogus YouTube video which tried to make it look like John Gibson had used the term.

Diving to 130 feet – You spend 5 minutes getting down, 5-6 minutes max on the bottom to avoid having to make a long decompression stop, and then 9 minutes going back up. That’s a 20 minute dive with only 6 minutes of bottom time. I can spend an 40 minutes on the bottom diving at 60 feet. But to go to 130 feet you have to make trade offs. And then you can’t dive again for at least an hour while your body dumps the nitrogen your body built up going down to 130 feet. Oh, and to top it off you’re narked when you’re on the bottom so you can’t fully appreciate what you’re seeing anyways because your brain is taking a break from reality.


5 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 02/22/09”

  1. Mike Beckham Says:

    Your diving description sounds oddly erotic.

  2. Not: ‘Bunning: Justice Ginsberg likely will be dead in 9 months’ Linked from Drudge, and likely to be catch on, IMO. Is it possible to discuss judicial appointments minus the pre-mortems? Why not just throw in a shoutout to Patrick Swayze while you’re at it.

  3. Spud that sounds like a lot of work and time for not much enjoyment.

  4. libertyandjustice Says:

    HOT TV

    Joe Kernan takes on the NYT, citing specific reporting nonsense/bias and literally rips up the paper on air. Another spontaneous applaud moment on CNBC

  5. Not that it matters, but I meant to type ‘likely to catch on.’ not ‘likely to be catch on’. Must proofread, especially after midnight.

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