February Numbers: FNC…

TVNewser has FNC’s February numbers highlights. The big takeaway: On the Record reclaimed the Demo lead from 360; driving home the CW that 360’s recent demo wins were driven by CNN’s ratings slight of hand of classifying special election coverage as part of 360. You live by the sword, you die by the sword…boosting the numbers artificially like that will only work as long as you have the ability to do so. Once the election and inauguration ended, things reverted.


8 Responses to “February Numbers: FNC…”

  1. Mike Beckham Says:

    Numbers aside I much rather watch AC360 than missing white women/Sarah Palin news. Actually I much rather watch most things including Hannity.

  2. I cant take Hannity anymore. Its just Ayers….more Ayers…and then more Ayers…

    I think Greta has a woman crush on Gov Plain.

  3. Can anyone explain how FNC grew so much in the ratings? I mean, they completely dominated and got more total viewers than MSNBC & CNN combined.

    Is is Hope & Change?

  4. Mike Beckham Says:

    I have some explanations but I would probably get banned 😉

  5. ^^LOL…

  6. I think maybe some of the idiot people who voted for Obama are begining to think they made a big mistake.

    Obama`s aproval ratings are dropping and he hasnt been Pres, hardly very long.

    The Stock Market sure dose not care for his polices.

  7. 2012, thanks for the utterly out of the blue criticism of idiot people, Mr. Never Heard of You.

  8. Your wellcome! 🙂

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