O’Reilly Inc.

I got this email from J$ regarding a part of last night’s O’Reilly Factor…

During a Dick Morris/O’Reilly exchange last night, Morris is using Bill as an example and talks about him getting a paycheck from Fox. O’Reilly sez something like no, Fox doesn’t pay me. I’m incorporated.

So Fox doesn’t employ O’Reilly? It employs O’Reilly Inc.??

I didn’t see it so I can’t say. Anybody else want to fill in the blanks?

Update: I reviewed the video from the website. This is exactly what was said…

Morris: Yeah but you’re not going to pay 42%. Let’s take Mr. O’Reilly’s taxes. They’ll go from 35 to 40.

O’Reilly: Right

Morris: Then because (garbled) You work for Fox News. You’re not self employed so you’re

O’Reilly: No. I am self-employed.

Morris: Oh, you’re self-employed.

O’Reilly: I have a corporation.

Morris: So then your social security payroll tax will go from 40 to 54.

So O’Reilly is a corporation. Why?


6 Responses to “O’Reilly Inc.”

  1. Mike Beckham Says:

    Probably can get more $$ that way? May have something to do with his website business etc.. too.

  2. unclearthur Says:

    at a guess, because it limits his personal liability?

  3. Very possible, Art. Being incorporated would also serve to keep both FNC and himself at “arm’s length” from the monies that flow through billoreilly.com to the various charities it supports. Just imagine the field day someone could have with even a hint that his personal finances were somehow tied-in to purchases of goods for charitable benefit.

    It’s probably a very smart move even if it actually costs him more in double taxation.

  4. stephenofpest Says:

    If you followed the NY Post’s revelations of Olberfueher’s tax problems with NY state, he also is a corporation. His corporation is titled something like, “Olbermann Broadcasting Empire,” or other such humble formulation. These guys probably all are. I’d imagine they’re S corps, using the same legal strategy that most small business owners do. The relationship of O’Reilly to Fox is probably one as independent sub-contractor. Tax advantages for sure, but also limiting personal civil exposure during lawsuits. That Bill isn’t an employee of FOX didn’t surprise me at all.

  5. “unclearthur Says:
    February 27, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    at a guess, because it limits his personal liability?”

    That’s why my sister incorporated. Seems most likely.

  6. eddiebear Says:

    I may be wrong, but a lot of TV/Radio celebrities incorporate themselves, and then work as “independent contractors”, mostly to limit financial and other liabilities.

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