Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 3…

Ok, I’ve taken some shots at David Shuster for ideological theatrics on MSNBC Dayside. He’s not the only one that engages in them however. FNC’s Megyn Kelly is another one. has the video from the latest back and forth. I agree with Allah Pundit that there’s no value in this aside from the rubbernecking quotient. It would be nice if the guest and the host were arguing about the same point but they aren’t. One is arguing about people being convicted of voter registration fraud. The other is arguing that there hasn’t been voter fraud. Both are true and neither side is listening to the other. What a waste of airtime.

2 Responses to “Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 3…”

  1. Isn’t saying voter fraud is not real sort of like the third rail in Republican politics, even if its not real?

  2. I’m sure there is voter fraud somewhere. But it can be hard to prove.

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