Anchor Wars: 03/25/09


CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux and FNC’s Jane Skinner…

Final Tally: Skinner…

23 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 03/25/09”

  1. Malveaux

  2. Susan

  3. Sorry, Suzanne

  4. Both Malveaux and Skinner are professional, intelligent and present the news in a relaxed, easy going manner.

    Both have a sense of humor that remains just below the surface.

    Skinner’s humor leans toward good natured self-depriciation while Malveaux’s humor is occasionally caustic ridicule.

    I’ll always choose the one who can laugh at their selves as oppose to one that laughs at others.

    Skinner it is.

  5. chipsohio Says:

    Jane Skinner

  6. banzaibid Says:

    Jane Skinner

  7. justmyview1 Says:

    Suzanne Malveaux


  9. grandpadave Says:

    Jane Skinner

  10. Jane Skinner and I heard she can really bake too…

  11. succatash47 Says:

    No doubt. Jane Skinner for sure!

  12. bigred08 Says:

    Sweet Jane.

  13. jerziegrl Says:

    Jane Skinner

  14. Jane Skinner

  15. Suzanne Melveaux

  16. Skinner is smart, quick, funny, low-key and married to the NFL commish. So the clear winner is SKINNER!

  17. bushleaguer Says:


  18. suzanne malveaux

  19. Jane Skinner

  20. sundaysilence89 Says:

    Suzanne Malveaux

  21. missy5537 Says:


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