Anchor Wars: 03/30/09


MSNBC’s Chris Jansing and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews…

Final Tally: Jansing…

19 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 03/30/09”

  1. Jansing. For so many reasons.

  2. cmulligan Says:

    Chris Jansing

  3. eyecantspel Says:

    Jansing… please, please let it be Jansing

  4. Jansing

  5. chipsohio Says:

    Chris Jansing

  6. grandpadave Says:

    Chris Jansing

  7. justmyview1 Says:

    Chris Jansing

  8. banzaibid Says:

    Chris Jansing…….would love to see her back on MSNBC full time!!

  9. missy5537 Says:

    Jansing, of course

  10. bigred08 Says:

    It would give me a “thrill up my leg” if we could keep this unanimous for Jansing.

  11. Heh. Chris Matthews.

  12. cole3346 Says:

    One of the easy ones, Jansing

  13. Sooooo easy…Jansing. Still miss her anchoring.

  14. motownman Says:

    Chris Jansing. An EASY choice 🙂

  15. sundaysilence89 Says:

    Chris Matthews

  16. mccollunsky Says:

    Chris Jansing

  17. mikemedeiros Says:

    Chris Jansing is a great under utilized asset at the network but Mathews’ passion and tenacity forces me to vote Mathews.

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