No new 10pm show on MSNBC?

The AP drops a bombshell regarding MSNBC and 10 pm…

MSNBC is putting its search for a new prime-time show on hold. It will continue to air Keith Olbermann’s talk show twice each weeknight.

With the liberal Olbermann and Rachel Maddow airing in prime time, it caused some jockeying when MSNBC chief executive Phil Griffin said earlier this year he was interested in replacing the Olbermann repeat at 10 p.m. with a live show.

Griffin says now that the repeat is doing so well in the ratings it would take something special to dislodge it.

Baloney. I don’t buy this one bit. Now’s the time to strike and put a 10pm show on the air. Take a look at the 10pm landscape at TV by the Numbers. The 10pm Countdown replay consistently comes in 3rd, by quite a distance, compared to FNC and CNN and way off of its Rachel Maddow lead in. This is not a winning strategy to maintain the status quo of MSNBC 2nd and CNN 3rd. So the real reason for this move must be something else. Possible reasons:

– MSNBC can’t find a host it likes that it thinks can pull in the numbers.
– MSNBC can find a host it likes but can’t come to terms with said host.
– NBC wants to roll the dice and gamble that it can keep costs down by not paying for a new show and new host at 10pm and still beat CNN. This is a very risky strategy because it’s betting the farm that CNN can’t regroup. That is not something I would want to risk the future on. But given that Campbell Brown is off the air for the next few months, I could see why NBC might hedge at this point. Still, I think it’s a big risk.


6 Responses to “No new 10pm show on MSNBC?”

  1. I think the can’t-find-a-host scenario is a real problem. Who can go up against Cooper and Greta? Ed Schultz would get Tucker-level ratings there. They need to do something unexpected. Why not Willie Geist?

  2. chipsohio Says:

    I believe it boils down to money. With the report Spud posted last week where NBC management was asking staff to forego raises, introducing a new talent @ 10pm may have been extremely unpopular within NBC/MSNBC.

    It’s tough for employees to swallow a wage freeze & then have management say we’re going to pay this new guy/lady “x” amount of dollars to host a show on our network. That’s one tough sell.

  3. bigred08 Says:

    Chip nails it. They don’t have to pay a dime for the repeats & with the economy down, they don’t want to spend any new money.

  4. Chipped nails it, but the Cornell U mascot missed the budget.

    Union tech labor costs for a 1 hr tape replay run about a G spot.

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