The Fox Nation Launches…

And so far I’m more than underwhelmed. It looks like a remade Fox News website on the main page with a few extra conservative buzzwords thrown in (“Real American Stories” comes to mind here). Only comments are added. It’s kind of a news blog I guess. Here’s the site’s stated “purpose”…

The Fox Nation was created for people who believe in the United States of America and its ideals, as expressed in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Emancipation Proclamation.

It is a community that believes in the American Dream: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. One that believes being an American is an honor, as well as a great responsibility—and a wonderful adventure.

This is a place for people who believe we live in a great country, a welcoming refuge for legal immigrants who want to contribute their talent and abilities to make our way of life even greater. We believe we should enjoy the company and support of each other, delighting in the creativity, ingenuity, and work ethic of one and all, while observing the basic rules of civility and mutual respect and, most importantly, strengthening our diverse society by striving for unity.

The Fox Nation is for those committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse–and fair and balanced coverage of the news. It is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of thought, expression, and worship.

We invite all Americans who share these values to join us here at Fox Nation.

It really chaps my hide to see a news organization create something like this. News is supposed to chronicle what’s going on, not organize or represent a movement, be it conservative or liberal. This is worse than MSNBC going liberal in primetime. What’s even sadder is the pandering that FNC is doing here. It’s lip service. If FNC really wanted to accomplish the things that it spelled out above, it would have gone about it in a whole different manner. This is nothing more than mere window dressing designed to attract in conservatives without really doing anything more than say “Hey Conservatives, come here!” It’s quite cynical actually…


17 Responses to “The Fox Nation Launches…”

  1. Basically, it looks like the Drudge Report with comments..

    (Although the layout is much better, eh.)

  2. lurkerlou Says:

    They need to have people register in order to comment so trolls don’t have a easy time commenting.

    and having a profile page like what Ning has. Maybe Fox should’ve just use Ning to setup FOX Nation lol.

    Red Eye fans set up The Activity Pit with Ning and it’s a pretty good layout.

  3. jerziegrl Says:

    I think that this is their way to “out-Twitter” everyone else. By that I mean that now that eveyone and their brother is tweeting on twitter this is a way for them to set up their own site and draw a crowd there to comment, let loose, etc. I am not saying it is right, I just think that it is a way to be “one up”. Not sure if any of that makes sense. Not that it is right, ethical or not questionable.

  4. We haven’t gone there yet (and probably won’t, at least for a while), because it struck as sounding an awful lot like Free Republic or the mirror image of Daily Kos, PuffHost, Democratic Underground and the like.

    If that is true, then we wholeheartedly agree that a news organization shouldn’t be doing this.

  5. Well, to anyone except the wingnuts (and Spud), Fox isn’t considered a real news organization anyway. This is further proof of that.

  6. I noticed that the three featured columns on the front page are from O’Reilly, Ingraham, and Alan Colmes, so I think some of the above comments are a bit overblown.

  7. I would suggest much more original content. Because, what’s the point in posting on FNC’s site when they’re mostly just linking to other sites that also have comment sections?

    >They need to have people register in order to comment so trolls don’t have a easy time commenting.

    Lurker, they use the same wordpress registration system as this blog. (I saw the “W My Account” bar at the top.) Are you talking about everyone having to create an account on FNC’s website (exclusively) to post?

  8. elmonica Says:

    “The Fox Nation is for those committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse–and fair and balanced coverage of the news.”

    What a fraudulent statement that is.

  9. Yes Elmo, you, smh, et al. are experts on “tolerance, open debate, civil discourse”.

  10. They’d better have a stadium full of moderators, especially after O’Reilly made such a big deal out of the comments on Kos, etc.

  11. As are you BR. Hypocrite. It is amazing that someone with your history has the cojones to call out others on this topic.

  12. bigred08 Says:

    smh, I’m all for open debate. In fact, there’s little I enjoy more than a good political debate, without the hatred.

    I state my opinion/case, others respond with theirs, and we have a discussion. If someone commits douchebaggery, I point it out.

    You come on here & attack people, and that seems to be all you’re capable of.

    Even people who vote the way you do, like joeremi, point out how ridiculous your posts are.

    Elmo, as he stated last week, has tempered down his hateful diatribes on ICN 2. You should try it.

  13. Who is Billary and why doesn’t he read the blog rules? What a jerk.

  14. bigred08 Says:

    Agreed. Unneccessary drivel.

  15. Billary lost his comment…it was here a second ago…but it seems to have disappeared. Can’t figue out why…

  16. This is kind of interesting. One obvious question would be: how do they plan to reduce the intolerance of their own commentators?

    Also interesting: I didn’t know that the Emancipation Proclamation was in need of Fox News’ reaffirming its positive value.

  17. It seems to me you would enjoy watching CSPAN. They are just comments with no editorializing. Can’t get much more raw that that.

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