Bill O’Reilly Interview…

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tim Cuprisin interviews Bill O’Reilly. Big takeaway…O’Reilly’s daily “FNC attack file”. It’s come down to this. He needs to be briefed on the attacks of the day.

“The mainstream media is corrupt, generally speaking. They don’t like Fox News because they perceive it as a conservative network,” he said during a phone conversation this week. “They’ve been writing our obituary now for pretty much the whole time we’ve been on the air.”

And then he gets specific.

“NBC, our competition, knows they can’t beat us, and then has set up an apparatus at MSNBC to attack Fox News.

“That kinda stuff is more alarming, when you have a guy like (NBC President) Jeff Zucker, who has a lot of power, and then you have a guy like Jeff Immelt, head of General Electric, who owns NBC; and they consciously know what’s going on, and they sanction it, industrial sabotage, every single day and nobody reports it.”

As for MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, whose show opposite O’Reilly at 7 weeknights is filled with critiques and cracks at O’Reilly’s expense, O’Reilly says: “He and his ilk are assassins. They’re character assassins.”

O’Reilly says he doesn’t watch MSNBC.

“I get a clip file every single day. The clip file has in it all attacks on Fox News personnel from all the media around the country. Every single day of the year, on NBC’s air, Fox News is attacked. Every day. News reporters are attacked, executives are attacked, show hosts are attacked, every day.


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