What’s up with Brian Wilson?

From a J$ email…

New weekend schedule shows no Brian Wilson show on Saturday. He’s still reporting, doing a twitter segment tonight on SR. But even odder, all his posts on Facebook and almost all his Tweets (except for the two most recent) seem to have vanished.

Interesting. There may be nothing to this. Then again there may not…

Update: The schedule changes are interesting. On Saturday, The Journal Editorial Report and Fox News Watch move to the 2pm hour. Rick Folbaum and Molly Line get an hour at 6pm. I think they’ve added a Beck repeat at 5pm too (though that may have already been on the schedule, not sure).

11 Responses to “What’s up with Brian Wilson?”

  1. joeremi Says:

    There may not be nothing? Spud, you’re giving me a headache.

  2. bigred08 Says:

    Great. Fox News Watch moves to a time where it’s sure to be preempted even more often that it already is.

    The show isn’t the same since Eric Burns left, but it’s still one of my weekend favorites.

    Is the new schedule posted somewhere? My cable guide still has everything at its normal time.

  3. laural1 Says:

    They seem to hate that show. This is the second time they’ve moved it to that slot. I used to think it was Eric Burns they didn’t like, and with him gone the show might be handled better.
    They give The Beltway Boys about 15 replays(and that show sucks), they could spare one for News Watch. And, yeah, Burns was better.

  4. elmonica Says:

    No, Eric Burns and Neil Gabler were better, since you could actually then call the show “fair and balanced” instead of “fraudulently unfair”.

  5. bigred08 Says:

    elmo, I agree. I can’t stand Gabler, but he made the show entertaining.

    Kirsten Powers is much easier on the eyes tho.

    The bottom line is Burns was a much better host than Jon Scott.

  6. laural1 Says:

    Gabler was good. He was certainly one of the better-looking liberals on that network, not that it matters (until you think about Colmes). He would have been interesting on that show. Certainly better than Hannity unplugged.

  7. laural1 Says:

    Male libs, that is.

  8. “Is the new schedule posted somewhere?”

    Links to the Sat and Sun shedules in my Friday post. Another interesting aspect: no ‘Beltway Boys’, at least for this weekend (the webpage says they’re pre-empted).

  9. bigred08 Says:

    One good thing…they’re re-running Fox News Watch later Sat. night. I used to watch Beltway Boys & Fox News Watch at like 1-2 in the morning.

    I hope it’s just a one-week preemption for Beltway Boys.

    Fred & Mort are certainly not good hosts, but I like listening to their opposing viewpoints.

  10. laural1 Says:

    I shouldn’t have said they s&ck, that was a bit much. Especially since I watch them every week.

  11. missy5537 Says:

    Anyone who wants our immigration laws enforced is called “racist” or “xenophobic” by the Beltway Boys. Therefore, I would LOVE to see Fred and Mort replaced by a couple of illegal aliens. Maybe the program could be re-titled “Beltway Amigos”.

    While we’re at it, same with Geraldo.

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