Anchor Wars: 04/09/09

The original 64 have been whittled down to 16 as round 3 commences. Today…

CNN’s John King and FNC’s Jane Skinner…

Final Tally: Skinner…

27 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 04/09/09”

  1. Mike Beckham Says:

    John King easily.

  2. Give me the Skinny over the pompous King any and every day.

  3. chipsohio Says:

    Jane Skinner

  4. justmyview1 Says:

    John King

  5. bushleaguer Says:


  6. The lovely Ms. Skinner!

  7. biznews247 Says:


  8. grandpadave Says:

    Jane Skinner

  9. jerziegrl Says:


  10. succatash47 Says:

    Janie gets my vote. One vote for Jane Skinner.

  11. smh3477 Says:

    John King

  12. kathi14 Says:

    John King

  13. Jane Skinner. She’s not only the most beautiful woman in cable news, but she’s super smart and comes across as interesting and incredibly likable.

  14. cole3346 Says:

    No question, Jane Skinner

  15. bigred08 Says:

    Sweet Jane

  16. crp2008 Says:

    Jane Skinner for me.

  17. newsjunkie07 Says:

    Jane Skinner without a doubt.

  18. John King

  19. eyecantspel Says:

    king, one of the nicest guys on tv, and the only one i have met in person.

  20. sundaysilence89 Says:

    John King

  21. laural1 Says:


  22. banzaibid Says:

    Jane Skinner……one more time!!!

  23. cole3346 Says:

    Jane Skinner

  24. eyecantspel Says:


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