Cramer Talks Stewart…

The Ohio State University Lantern’s Dan McKeever interviews CNBC’s Jim Cramer…

“Was it a fair fight? No, it wasn’t even a fight. I came on with the idea of taking a high road approach and discussing the issues, obviously [Stewart] came on strictly to try to humiliate me,” Cramer said. “It was brutal. Was he stand-up? Absolutely not. Did he comport himself as a gentleman? Hardly. It was a deposition; he wants to be a prosecutor.”

Cramer was also critical of Stewart’s conduct off-camera.

“He had an animus toward me. At the conclusion of the interview, not on the mic, he said, ‘I picked the wrong guy, I’m sorry,’ but that’s not gonna get out there,” Cramer said. “He just said it to me as just a throwaway. His goal was just to humiliate and destroy me and probably get me fired, and last I looked, I still have a show.”


3 Responses to “Cramer Talks Stewart…”

  1. bushleaguer Says:

    It wasn’t a fair fight – but Cramer could have done more than sit there like an apologetic punching bag.

  2. Cramer should have been better prepared.

  3. missy5537 Says:

    Agreed. His silence was as if he concurred w/Stewart.

    I have lost a lot of $ in the market, but I certainly can’t blame Cramer. He always tells the audience to “do their homework”, and not just take his advice blindly.

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