Anchor Wars: 05/20/09


FNC’s Jane Skinner and MSNBC’s Chris Jansing…

Final Tally: Skinner…

34 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 05/20/09”

  1. joeremi Says:


  2. laural1 Says:


  3. Jansing

  4. scrapmetal233 Says:

    Jane Jane Jane

  5. Chris Jansing

  6. jansing

  7. banzaibid Says:

    Chris Chris Chris

  8. chipsohio Says:

    Jane Skinner…

    Laural, please don’t apologize as this song was one of my favorites of my youth. 🙂

  9. crp2008 Says:


  10. sundaysilence89 Says:

    Chris Jansing

  11. Chris Jansing

  12. motownman Says:

    Chris Jansing

  13. scottshiv Says:

    Chris Jansing

  14. biznews247 Says:


  15. grandpadave Says:

    Skinner-ville! (Jane Skinner)

  16. Jane Skinner

    and thanks for the video Laural1

  17. newsfan Says:

    Chris Jansing

  18. cole3346 Says:

    Jane Skinner

  19. kathi14 Says:


  20. bigred08 Says:

    Sweet Jane.

    Laural, can you link to that song too??? The Cowboy Junkies version, preferably, though the Velvet Underground’s isn’t bad.

  21. sviscusi Says:


  22. Ok, knock off the OT posts. It makes it harder for me to count the votes. So I wiped them out. If you want to talk Starship do it in Free for All…

  23. Jane Skinner

  24. Skinner, by a mile! Gorgeous, witty, sweet, smart.

  25. starbroker Says:


  26. foxywatcher Says:

    Skinny all the way!

  27. eyecantspel Says:

    Jansing. (skinner is overrated)

  28. newsjunkie99 Says:


  29. lesnessmanwkrp Says:

    Jane Skinner easily.

    She has a show that beats anything MSNBC has in prime time. Jansing doesn’t even have a show.

  30. Too bad Nessman isn’t in the running… his pig reports were tops.

    I’m glad to see these two are running close.

    Jane Skinner, by a smidgen

  31. Chris Jansing

  32. daubermaus Says:

    Jane Skinner

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