Anchor Wars: 05/22/09

Today, the end of Round Three with a matchup that’s coming two rounds too early. But that’s the luck of the draw…

FNC’s Shepard Smith and MSNBC’s Brian Williams…

Final Tally: Smith…

27 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 05/22/09”

  1. bahairus Says:


    This hurts.. Love them both.

  2. smh3477 Says:

    Surprisingly (even to myself), I gotta go with Shepard Smith. When he passionately denounced torture, I completely changed my opinion about the man.

  3. joeremi Says:

    Wow, this DOES hurt.


  4. eyecantspel Says:

    Shep Smith.

  5. minderrr Says:

    Shepard Smith.

  6. Shep

  7. mcmollymc Says:

    There is only one choice for me!!!


  8. Shepard Smith.

  9. chipsohio Says:

    Shepard Smith

  10. Shepard Smith

  11. grandpadave Says:

    Shepard Smith

  12. nyview57 Says:

    Brian Williams

  13. Smith

  14. crp2008 Says:

    Wow, this is a tough one since I like both, but I’ll go with Shep.

  15. bigred08 Says:

    Shep. He’s the best.

  16. Shep.

  17. cole3346 Says:


  18. Easy pick Sheppard Smith

  19. I’m a fan of both…

    I’m going with SHEP.

  20. abbynormal24 Says:


  21. missy5537 Says:

    I’m late to the vote, but anyway: Shep, of course.

  22. I vote Brian Williams, but then again, i never really thought he fit in this in the first place being overwhelmingly on NBC.

  23. sundaysilence89 Says:

    Brian Williams

  24. ruger1022 Says:


  25. banzaibid Says:

    Brian……not even close

  26. daubermaus Says:


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