Anchor Wars: 05/27/09


MSNBC’s Lester Holt and MSNBC’s Brian Williams…

Final Tally: Holt in a bit of an upset…

14 Responses to “Anchor Wars: 05/27/09”

  1. daubermaus Says:


  2. joeremi Says:


  3. eyecantspel Says:


    i saw where skinner “won” the other semi, but of the 25 comments shep was ahead 20-5. It may be time to count hanging chads.

  4. chipsohio Says:

    Lester Holt

  5. grandpadave Says:

    Lester Holt

  6. crp2008 Says:


  7. cole3346 Says:


  8. franklyn4 Says:

    Lester Holt.

    When Brokaw left the anchor chair i really thought Holt was going to get it but it seemed like Williams was Brokaw’s hand picked successor.

  9. kathi14 Says:


  10. Lester Holt

  11. bigred08 Says:

    Wow. I’ll keep it unanimous. Holt.

    Since we already know Shep cleaned Williams’ clock in the accidental poll, the finals should be interesting between Shep & Holt.

  12. bahairus Says:


    Looks pretty likely he is out, but I’ll give him a sympathy vote.

  13. sundaysilence89 Says:

    Brian Williams

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