We have a winner…

…in the “Who gets Campbell Brown” first derby and it’s TVN’s Steve Krakauer

The show has dropped “No Bias, No Bull” from the title. “It was a way to emphasize the distinction between us and the partisan programs at 8pm, and we feel like we accomplished that and don’t need to continue to spell it out,” Brown tells TVNewser.

Oh really?

Brown also says she wanted to do more hard news and that was a factor in all the new segments.

Brown says she came up with the changes while away on maternity leave. “There is plenty of opinion out there,” she says. “When I had the opportunity to step away and to try to look what was on at 8pm as a viewer, what I was craving was more straight news, and hard news especially. That’s what we want to be able to deliver.”

But the “new segments” move away from the direction that “No Bias, No Bull” tried to emphasize, which, despite what Brown or Jonathan Klein have said, was an opinion based one where the host’s opinions are the selling point.

So on the one hand Brown is saying “Mission Accomplished” on the opinion angle while her show is, in effect, taking on a different mission away from opinion and towards more news. So what we have here are what appear to me to be conflicting Brown statements. Or, put another way, one statement looks like spin, the other looks like fact.

My read: Brown was never comfortable with the Opinion label. She once said in an interview that she didn’t do Opinion. But there was a little buzz early on regarding a statement Brown made early on regarding freeing Sarah Palin and someone decided to try and seize on that so we got “No Bias, No Bull”. But having time off during maternity leave to think things over Brown decided that really wasn’t how she wanted to position herself or her show. The fact that the show hadn’t done much more in the ratings since being branded “No Bias, No Bull” with the “new” opinionated Brown probably played a factor as well.

2 Responses to “We have a winner…”

  1. twitterbird54 Says:

    What is all of CNN now using the no opinion excuse for their change in programming.

  2. […] happen. It’s not primetime when opinion takes over (though apparently that concept is being downplayed at CNN these […]

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